Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sirius - The Movie. Disinfo Warning...

About to go viral online in the new-age and conspiratorial realms, is the new movie; Sirius - The Movie.

This movie is led by the weird looking Steven Greer.

I really try and stay away from these types of blogs, but as I know a little about Greer,  I feel compelled.

I was involved with some stuff a few years ago, and I know someone that was funded and playing with a free energy project.  He got a death threat from Steven Greer at the Exopolitics in Barcelona.   My associate and his friends went on stage to disrupt the event and tell the audience about Greer, alas, this is no longer on youtube.

Also this Project Camelot (which I am really not a fan of) interview also put Greer into a corner in an old interview.

I really really recommend watching this and feeling him out before watching Siruis - The Movie.

More claims of Greer by others as disinfo are here.


The movie works quite smart.

It first goes into the banks and corps, then nuclear bombs, making the viewer feel helpless, then puts nice spiritual music on and promotes the EVOCATION of Inter Dimensional UFO's.   It smokes over this fact by showing nice groups of people meditating and studying 'physical' UFO's but in reality they are doing evocation.

The movie promotes the nonsense of Three Dimensional UFO's coming from far away 
places.    The fact is that all physical UFO's are from the military, and any 'real' UFO is interdimensional, and pretty much to be avoided.

The movie then makes out advanced propulsion systems can travel 300 light years to hover about in the sky of a planet that is all on its own for a long long way.....heheh.

Look how much meat and how many steroids Greer must be on to have such big arms and upper body, meditation and spirituality - don't be fooled.

Evocation of ufo energies will eat your own energy and put negative thoughts into your mind.  

For me, Stuie Wilde has it right when the UFO subject comes up, and these are well worth a read if you are keen to watch 'Sirius - The Movie.'  Link1 Link2 Link3 Link4.

At 39 mins Greer admits he worked with the Government, aids of the President, Congress, the Rockafellas, and the CIA.   That's enough to switch it off there and then.

They then throw in a bunch of science that really comes to nothing, but to make it look serious - with constant buzzwords of PHD and Stanford.

For all the yabba about free energy suppression, anti gravity, blah blah, did the movie come up with anything solid and tangible for the near future?  Nope.   We know free energy has been quashed - and?    So the little magnet system they showed - if that just got to 1000mph it would fall apart....and?

We know about the corporates, the terror false flags, the black projects.....and?

There is also a little blurb on consciousness to make viewers feel they are on the right team.....and?

All through the movie there is a little toy alien.....shown as a real alien, this is most probably a talismanic image to fire into the subconscious so ones energy gets eaten when they are asleep.   

Many viewers will watch this and end up believing in physical 3D UFO's, and this may help the elite to prepare for a possible fake UFO invasion....others will get bad dreams and negative thoughts.

I won't place some of the experiences I personally know about here, but after one Inter 
Dimensional UFO experience I know of, a person woke with a really bad back and another had really bad dreams.

Intuition alone should keep one well away from S.Greer.....just look at the guy.

Stay alert people, be vigilant.

Right, I can get back to my cup of tea now.....



Thursday, 18 April 2013

Inner World Gym

Many humans are very stuck in the external.  

In the internal one has:
experiences (memories).
perceptions on stories and information.
current state of energy.
future projections.
...and much more.

In the external there is:

The illusion of form.

There are these places called gyms that are mainly for the external  - muscles, thighs, bum, - "look at me, I look good and appealing to the opposite sex" (well the truth is ones aura checks out a potential mates aura and it's all about energy).   

So one goes to the office, then runs on a hamster wheel watching tv and calls it healthy.....heheh.

Even the lights in the room above are toxic - why not go outside and run in nature?   Where its free?   I know why - it does not feed the desire of "seeking observers."   Maybe?
Running on a hamster wheel and watching the news, and paying for the privilege.....I tried not to do a little wee from so much laughter.

Grown men who sit in call centres and in insurance offices on a computer all day, now have massive strong arms.....heheh - why?   Is the space bar a little too tough?    It's so weird.

I went to a gym once or twice in my 20's, and I worked out - and was pouring with sweat - a real mess, then the other men looked at me like I was pathetic and the females looked at me like I was pathetic - "err" I thought, "Is this not the point of such a place?"   The people there were all preening and in the external.

So I recently had comical visions of a new Gym......something like this....

Inner World Gym, containing:

Workouts for the imagination.

Workouts for intention and will.

Workouts for knowing what is a projection from the subconscious and what is coming from the astral.

You see, all of these inner muscles also need taking to the gym,  then ones inner world is improved, then ones energy is improved, then one can 'see' more, therefore live more, and the external is enhanced much more than having big arms or a rock bum.


This got me thinking about the amount of people that clean their cars and houses allot but never clean the mind - e.g. meditation.   We all live in our state of mind, but humans seem to prefer to clean the external.......tip, if the inner is cleaned the outer is cleaned - it does not work the other way around.

Here's a nice song that takes the throat chakra to the inner world gym too.

On another note, today thousands of news stories appeared reporting the explosion at a Fertiliser plant in Texas - killing many.  Not one of them questions why humanity is using chemical explosives in the process of food and crops.    Humanity has a long way to go.   The key and the objective truth is this; the earth is happier without these process plants.


I got stopped by the fascist mafia known as the Guardia Civil recently - they fined me for eating an apple.   I explained I was eating an apple as it was late and apples wake one up more than caffiene (which I don't drink).    I also asked if it was a fine to scratch ones balls or change gears using the gearstick - both were perfectly ok.   Very strange, but my bin now has an extra piece of paper in it, and I prayed for the poor tree that was cut to make traffic fines.     I made a rule in my life a while ago, "I don't accept paperwork."



Saturday, 6 April 2013

Do you see what I see?

It's like there are two planets when one plugs into the Internet - the fluff machine of good quotes on facebook, and the reality of dark psychopaths in the world dishing out mass oppression and control - through greed, the desire for power, and dark entity possession...........I don't think posting good quotes is actually helping too much in the big scheme of things......but its nice and easy hey?     Pop a nice quote on facebook, then pay tax, live in decadence, and serve the self.....ding dong (ok, a bit cynical I admit).

Motivation for this blog came from some things I saw on facebook.  Someone posted about 'forgetting all the ills in the world and concentrating only on the things one loves,' and another was creating a 'good news only group.'


There seems to be more and more new age types that think it's better to ignore the ills of the world and live in a subjective bubble believing there is a mass awakening and all is rosy......in a "Give me kittens and healthy food recipes and close the door behind you" type vibe.   The so called global awakening is not really about food or yoga, it is for me these three increasing.
  • A speeding up of thought/imagination to manifestation.
  • Easier to tap into the inner worlds as each day passes.
  • More dark energies feeding off people's energy - mainly the main courses of helplessness and fear.

Some objective experiences on this planet in the past few days include;
And the constant lies like...

Do you see what I see?

What I find strange is that many with their heads in the sand regarding the polarity of our reality is that they honestly believe if you focus on OBJECTIVE TRUTH EXPERIENCES that have ALREADY OCCURRED, it creates more of these experiences.   
Heheh - very narcissistic - so these people think they are so powerful they can change patterns in the plane of causality on a global scale ....heheh.  Alas, this is nonsense for one person to think this.   100 adepts trained and in sync - maybe - but one individual living in service to self - nope, unfortunately not.   We need to all look at the shadow of the planet as well as the shadow of the self.....this is the crux of the egg.

We can fractal this new age thought stream down -  So, if one of these new age types has a lover cheating on them or someone stealing money from them, would they ignore it then?  Would they then wave the silly placard of "If I focus on it, I create it" and let the cheat or thief do what they wanted?    Unless these new age types are using the same principles in their own lives as to the world, then they are living in service to self.....this is a fact, and it's not the best karma.  This may require some mediation or contemplation to fully understand.

It just seems to me many people go crazy, snap, and melt when something toxic enters their own life, but millions suffering on the planet is not to be focused on, looked at, or even acknowledged.

Yes, If you 'fight' the negative eggs and get angry, then you feed it, and more importantly is that avoiding the darkness (usually out of fear) is also what actually feeds it.

How can one be balanced if they are polarising their focus to one extreme?

To completely understand the light, one needs to have some understanding of the dark.  Yin and Yang, pillar on the Tree of Life, day and night - it's part of our reality.   One does not need to dive into the Abyss and find demons and ghouls, one can just be open to "what is happening on the planet." 

The unbalanced things happening in the world are linked to what is in the collective subconscious in individuals.   

Maybe the unbalance and destruction in the world are actually gifts to help us change our ways?  To give us a little kick?   Divinity wrapped up in a costume?  

Hanging out with others who also refuse to look or talk about these inbalanced experiences is also service to self - "Lets only talk about nice things, food, yoga, love" - it creates a suppression gasket, it is not the way, i am sorry.   Many skilled healers never work with mass trauma, drug addictions, or dark energy issues - only seeking white linen floaty love healing circles - again, a kop out.

It's human karma, part of the reality construct, and part of the current epoch to witness the dark experiences in this reality - if one shys away from it all, they will only have to come back and be more or less forced to witness it all with more of a ring side seat.  I can assure you from some terrifying shamanic journeys - this, and other dimensions have polarised darkness inherent within them - we pull to the light but never forgetting the dark exists......to sit in the light in a fake way and pretend it's all there is - well, that's white shadow.

We can still raise vibration and walk in a loving way while not walking in ignorance - and this path seems to hard for the soft hearted types.  If one is in immovable awareness then any information or experience can be looked at deep in the eye.  We need strong people in the coming years as its going to get bumpy  - then people will have to focus on the bumps as it will affect the self.

“If you only walk on sunny days, you will never reach your destination.” ~Paulo Coelho 

The dark is where the light is most useful.

Do we all move in evolution together as a species, or as individual souls?  Is rushing ahead narcissistic?  Do we need to look to the stragglers regarding evolution?

The stars are forever watching, and experiences, paradigms, and social ills are all part of the grand scheme........watch, learn, love, grow, laugh, but also, be aware and rounded....especially if it's hard, hurts, or scares you.

The stars from the mountain:

"The ability to hold Light is directly proportional to the courage to see darkness. Choosing to see just one creates distortions and illusions. It amazes me that something so simple and common sense can be so difficult to even discuss with 'spiritual' people who insist on remaining 'positive'. Actually, this avoidance is based on unacknowledged fear that their inner light might be somewhat 'dispersed' by seeing darkness and therefore not giving the light much credit at all. I think there's also fear that they might somehow become 'tainted' or the darkness might 'manifest' in some form in their lives. But the opposite is true; it is the fear, especially unacknowledged, that has much more chance to manifest than darkness exposed to daylight and investigation. Just like we must be fearless about our own inner shadow, we must also be fearless about seeing this huge shadow of humanity. Or we will have the power to transform precisely nothing, within or without." ~ Anis Springate