Thursday, 18 April 2013

Inner World Gym

Many humans are very stuck in the external.  

In the internal one has:
experiences (memories).
perceptions on stories and information.
current state of energy.
future projections.
...and much more.

In the external there is:

The illusion of form.

There are these places called gyms that are mainly for the external  - muscles, thighs, bum, - "look at me, I look good and appealing to the opposite sex" (well the truth is ones aura checks out a potential mates aura and it's all about energy).   

So one goes to the office, then runs on a hamster wheel watching tv and calls it healthy.....heheh.

Even the lights in the room above are toxic - why not go outside and run in nature?   Where its free?   I know why - it does not feed the desire of "seeking observers."   Maybe?
Running on a hamster wheel and watching the news, and paying for the privilege.....I tried not to do a little wee from so much laughter.

Grown men who sit in call centres and in insurance offices on a computer all day, now have massive strong arms.....heheh - why?   Is the space bar a little too tough?    It's so weird.

I went to a gym once or twice in my 20's, and I worked out - and was pouring with sweat - a real mess, then the other men looked at me like I was pathetic and the females looked at me like I was pathetic - "err" I thought, "Is this not the point of such a place?"   The people there were all preening and in the external.

So I recently had comical visions of a new Gym......something like this....

Inner World Gym, containing:

Workouts for the imagination.

Workouts for intention and will.

Workouts for knowing what is a projection from the subconscious and what is coming from the astral.

You see, all of these inner muscles also need taking to the gym,  then ones inner world is improved, then ones energy is improved, then one can 'see' more, therefore live more, and the external is enhanced much more than having big arms or a rock bum.


This got me thinking about the amount of people that clean their cars and houses allot but never clean the mind - e.g. meditation.   We all live in our state of mind, but humans seem to prefer to clean the external.......tip, if the inner is cleaned the outer is cleaned - it does not work the other way around.

Here's a nice song that takes the throat chakra to the inner world gym too.

On another note, today thousands of news stories appeared reporting the explosion at a Fertiliser plant in Texas - killing many.  Not one of them questions why humanity is using chemical explosives in the process of food and crops.    Humanity has a long way to go.   The key and the objective truth is this; the earth is happier without these process plants.


I got stopped by the fascist mafia known as the Guardia Civil recently - they fined me for eating an apple.   I explained I was eating an apple as it was late and apples wake one up more than caffiene (which I don't drink).    I also asked if it was a fine to scratch ones balls or change gears using the gearstick - both were perfectly ok.   Very strange, but my bin now has an extra piece of paper in it, and I prayed for the poor tree that was cut to make traffic fines.     I made a rule in my life a while ago, "I don't accept paperwork."