Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sirius - The Movie. Disinfo Warning...

About to go viral online in the new-age and conspiratorial realms, is the new movie; Sirius - The Movie.

This movie is led by the weird looking Steven Greer.

I really try and stay away from these types of blogs, but as I know a little about Greer,  I feel compelled.

I was involved with some stuff a few years ago, and I know someone that was funded and playing with a free energy project.  He got a death threat from Steven Greer at the Exopolitics in Barcelona.   My associate and his friends went on stage to disrupt the event and tell the audience about Greer, alas, this is no longer on youtube.

Also this Project Camelot (which I am really not a fan of) interview also put Greer into a corner in an old interview.

I really really recommend watching this and feeling him out before watching Siruis - The Movie.

More claims of Greer by others as disinfo are here.


The movie works quite smart.

It first goes into the banks and corps, then nuclear bombs, making the viewer feel helpless, then puts nice spiritual music on and promotes the EVOCATION of Inter Dimensional UFO's.   It smokes over this fact by showing nice groups of people meditating and studying 'physical' UFO's but in reality they are doing evocation.

The movie promotes the nonsense of Three Dimensional UFO's coming from far away 
places.    The fact is that all physical UFO's are from the military, and any 'real' UFO is interdimensional, and pretty much to be avoided.

The movie then makes out advanced propulsion systems can travel 300 light years to hover about in the sky of a planet that is all on its own for a long long way.....heheh.

Look how much meat and how many steroids Greer must be on to have such big arms and upper body, meditation and spirituality - don't be fooled.

Evocation of ufo energies will eat your own energy and put negative thoughts into your mind.  

For me, Stuie Wilde has it right when the UFO subject comes up, and these are well worth a read if you are keen to watch 'Sirius - The Movie.'  Link1 Link2 Link3 Link4.

At 39 mins Greer admits he worked with the Government, aids of the President, Congress, the Rockafellas, and the CIA.   That's enough to switch it off there and then.

They then throw in a bunch of science that really comes to nothing, but to make it look serious - with constant buzzwords of PHD and Stanford.

For all the yabba about free energy suppression, anti gravity, blah blah, did the movie come up with anything solid and tangible for the near future?  Nope.   We know free energy has been quashed - and?    So the little magnet system they showed - if that just got to 1000mph it would fall apart....and?

We know about the corporates, the terror false flags, the black projects.....and?

There is also a little blurb on consciousness to make viewers feel they are on the right team.....and?

All through the movie there is a little toy alien.....shown as a real alien, this is most probably a talismanic image to fire into the subconscious so ones energy gets eaten when they are asleep.   

Many viewers will watch this and end up believing in physical 3D UFO's, and this may help the elite to prepare for a possible fake UFO invasion....others will get bad dreams and negative thoughts.

I won't place some of the experiences I personally know about here, but after one Inter 
Dimensional UFO experience I know of, a person woke with a really bad back and another had really bad dreams.

Intuition alone should keep one well away from S.Greer.....just look at the guy.

Stay alert people, be vigilant.

Right, I can get back to my cup of tea now.....