Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Ancient Civs and Oblivion

Hi all,

Sometimes I speak to somebody about there having been an advanced human civilisation on this planet before 10,000bc, and then they look at me like the men in white suits should come and take me away.  I wrote much about this stuff in my free to download first book.

We often need to remind outselves we are a race with amnesia deep in our collective subconscious.... we just don't fully know our history.    Surely this is one reason for the mess the planet is in today due to collective unconscious trauma.

If you ask someone in the street how this historical amnesia affects them, they won't care.....they will zip up, and probably be thinking about what entertainment they are next to digest.


It's like most of the population has turned their back to much of reality.

The View: A "Back-to-the-Camera Shot" Montage from Plot Point Productions on Vimeo.

This amnesia and denial is a little silly, and talking of silly, check this out!   


I recently saw the new movie Oblivion, and was quite shocked at what I saw.   

Very much a tale of the human essense deep within the human being, taking out the transhumanists - in their cybernetic future of control.  The transhumanists were depicted with a control centre which was a black (inverted) pyramid with an all seeing eye.   

Even the drones had one eye, and numerology of 13 (occult number).

It brought back feelings that are evident in my last book, and made me smile.

It seems this movie slipped through the net, hence why everywhere one looks, it gets bad reviews.   Don't be fooled, get on it, it's well worth a watch, I would say it is the second part of Space Osyssey 2001.

Big respect to Stuie Wilde who passed over recently, I feel that he is now like Obi Wan Kenobi; more powerful now he is the other side of the veil.   The old movie, "The Mists of Avalaon" I recommend to anyone who followed any of Stuie's humerous and relevant teachings.