Saturday, 11 May 2013

Geocentric Astrology (Luminology) Consultations....

15 years experience and over 300 charts done.

The Luminaries configuration at your moment of birth is a powerful indicator of your motivations, drives, strengths, preferences, tendencies, and psychological / emotional makeup. It doesn't seal your fate, but does show the potential you were born with. 

Clients are emailed an in depth manually created (and weighted) PDF file (14-18 pages) that will have taken around 5-6 hours of analysis and contemplation.  I include a free follow up email, plus an optional add-on skype service.

The cost of this service is donation / gift -  up to the client... gifts are average around £125 (via paypal) on average, but this is no way what is requested.  Free is ok too.
Mini-reads are available too.  Gifting is currently averaging around £60.

Astrology Predictions that came / coming true Video from September 2019

More Information:

I aim to show clients their best possible environment for their continued evolution and growth in this lifetime, empowering one in many areas of their life, including patterns, strengths, and potential blockages and challenges.  Including accurate aspects, smaller Luminaries (known as asteroids in the mainstream), and upcoming transits.

I can also look at relationships (couples, parent-child etc) using each persons chart, via the synastry method,  and can also look at major events and dates via transits  e.g. when to launch a new project, move home, make a big decision, get married etc.

I've been studying astrology for many years, most notably, study in a mystery school, and also the works of the late Marc Edmund Jones and Stephen Arroyo.  I've done about fifty free readings, and over a hundred professional readings.

The luminaries (stars) and wandering luminaries (known to most as planets) are akin to a complex mega clockwork mechanism, one that allows different soul types with different karma to incarnate.  A celestial mirror, as above, so below.  The signs and wandering stars are inner-world archetypes, internal forces that influence the psyche.

The chart is really a non static evolving blueprint, a deep language of the soul.

Note that near all 'horoscopes' you see in magazines and online are childish and silly, as ones sun sign does not tell anywhere near the whole story.

Also, computerised readings online only look at a few of the building blocks, and not the whole, they do not link the blocks or equate heavy energies with, and to, lighter ones, nor so they look at opposite energies.  They are just too flat, and result in a dull two dimensional script.


Mark aka waykiwayki

Join the facebook group, and enjoy The Luminaries Mysterium Documentary I published early 2019 (originally had 200k views).

A selection of testimonials from over 300 clients:

"Wow! Thank you so much for this reading Mark! It is frighteningly accurate, and it sure does explain a lot. I enjoyed reading it."   Katherine.

"Thank you so much Mark. Everything was on point and very illuminating. I will be re-reading my ‘reading’ whenever I falter, I had a hunch about many of my personal obstacles and aspects; but now put together so concisely I will have a much easier time identifying and overcoming them. This information comes far to cheap (…not that I am complaining haha)." Lean

"Thank you so much. I'm blown away at the depth you've gone in to and the accuracy!"    Kirsty.

"This is excellent thank you, I've recognised so much about myself and learnt what to look out for in the future."  Peter

"Having had my chart done by Mark, i have to say it was absolutely spot on. If you really want to know yourself, this will be of great help."  Laura

"Hi Mark, Thank you for all the work you did on the charts. Really in-depth work!"  Seven

"The whole exercise has been educational and useful. Previously I had only spent a little time with astrology. Up until this point I hadn't thought of it as a tool to help optimize self and work on relationships. Thanks for all the work."   Tim

"Wow!  Tremendous job, so accurate and comprehensive.  Jung, a believer in astrology could not given a more accurate analysis of what and how I am. "  Tom

"Thanks for the chart. Helped to remember me better. And to understand the building blocks.  Thank's again for bringing good words."    Paulius

"Thank you Mark! I read through it but I’m on the road. Fascinating amazing how the sky holds all this knowledge...Spot on sometimes freaks me out. The stars know me better than I know myself ;) "  Ondine

"I have found this to be very helpful, thank you Mark. What a wonderful place this plane is, thank you for helping me see the magic :)"  Zero Tolerance

"Thank you so much for this very precise work of yours.  It is amazing how precise and true it is, reading it was like looking at a green light for many different things, and yes it activated me in many ways, so I am very grateful to you." Aurore

"Thank you Mark - really enjoying this. Keep up the great work that you do"  Adam

"Loved what you sent and thank you brother. Keep up all the great work in this realm and on youtube."   Douglas

"Hey Mark, thank you! Very interesting! "  Jonny

"I just read it and it is spot on, especially the areas of intuition and imagination. The section on North Node was very interesting as well. I would like to thank you once again for the time and effort i very much appreciate it!" Justin

"Thanks so much!  This is great!"  Amy

"My chart really nailed my personality.  I am quite amazed."  Philippe

"I was very shocked at how you knew very specific aspects of my personality/life and even things I didn't really know about myself." Adrian

"I am super impressed with the "dates of importance” you did for my natal chart. So far they’ve been bang on give or take a day." Liam

"Love my report. Personal, simple and elegant. Just lovely.  It will take me a while to digest it...I'm so used to things being complicated and convoluted - I am in full "de-program" mode, so this report is just what I needed!"  Sherry

"Just wanted to say thank you for the natal chart readout you gave me. I've been studying up on astrology and reading many books to get the basics down and have been doing interpretations for my friends. It's even a bit addictive, wanting to know a person's ascendant and aspects to see the subtle psychological inclinations people have.  You definitely let me perceive intricate subconscious characteristics in my mind and I appreciate it. You are really a good role model for me and I watch all of your videos on youtube. I think your intuition is very strong and you bring forth very thought provoking and original interpretations to occult research."  Jean Michael