Saturday, 11 May 2013

Flat Earth Astrology (Luminology) Consultations....

The name has been changed to Luminology from Astrology, as the word 'Astro' means "taking place outside the earth's atmosphere."   E.g Astrophysics, fake space etc.

Clients are emailed an in depth manually created (and weighted) PDF file (13-18 pages) that will have taken around six hours of analysis, and also I offer a free follow up email, plus an extra skype service.

The cost of this service is only £75, or $90, or €85 (via paypal).

More Information:

I aim to show clients the best possible environment for their continued evolution and growth in this lifetime, empowering one in many areas of their life, including patterns, strengths, and potential blockages and challenges.  Including accurate aspects, asteriods, and upcoming transits.

I can also look at relationships (couples, parent-child etc) using each persons chart, using synastry,  and can also look at major vents via transits  e.g. when to launch a new project, move home, make a big decision, get married etc.

I've been studying astrology for many years, most notably, study in a mystery school, and also the works of the late Marc Edmund Jones, Stephen Arroyo.  I've done about fifty free readings, and over seventy professional readings.

The luminaries (stars) and wandering luminaries (known to most as planets) are akin to a complex mega clockwork mechanism, one that allows different soul types with different karma to incarnate.  A celestial mirror, as above, so below.  The signs and wandering stars are inner-world archetypes, internal forces that influence the psyche.

The chart is really a non static evolving blueprint, a deep language of the soul.

Note that near all 'horoscopes' you see in magazines and online are pretty silly, as ones sun sign does not tell anywhere near the whole story.

Also, computerised readings online only look at a few of the building blocks, and not the whole, they do not link the blocks or equate heavy energies with, and to, lighter ones, nor so they look at opposite energies.  They are just too flat and two dimensional.