Thursday, 30 May 2013

How to 'create' a synchroni-city.

hi all,

I've been wanting to do this blog for a while - but I wanted it fine tuned before sharing - and now I know it's repeatable.

First off, and on a sidenote, I was going to write about the new Xbox having a constantly ON microphone and ON camera - both feeding some cybernetic meme modelling database,  but do you know what?  I don't really care anymore - if parents are that switched off (unlike the mic and cam), its pretty much their karmic story -  and water pistols of awareness, information, and cuddling won't help.    Obviously, If you give Microsoft money - you are part of the problem.

I wouldn't mind so much, but the games on the new Xbox will be linked to the arms corps too........talking of which, the media in the UK this week said the government were "calming their embargo to Syria" - which in real words, means - "we are selling weapons to kill people for profit."


Ok, enough from the material world of folly.

In my second book I wrote about syncronicities - the Jungian roots, plus what they are and how to see them.   

Many people today notice syncros; hunt them down, meditate on them, and follow them - getting onto the treadmill of the souls path and trajectory.   It seems especially travellers can pick into this fabric more than those rooted in one place.

I've been pretty much rooted up the mountain for near 3 years now, and many travelling come with tales of syncros, and this got me thinking in the inner laboratory.    I tried a couple of things (linked to my time up the volcano - see second book) - then I cracked it.   

Here is the formula:
  • Spend at least four days in solitude in nature - eat light - raise your vibration.
  • You must be remembering your dreams - and able to pick out people, symbols, signs, emotions, and links to your outer world - not lots, but one or two.
  • Goto a town or city (somewhere with bustle)....ALONE - do not text or talk to anyone you know - it will harm the whole gig.
  • Goto a town/city you have never been to before, or only once - this will mean there is no energetic residue there from your being - you need to be anonymous, energetically too.
  • 72 hours is best - book a place to stay.

  • Treat the trip to this place as a DREAM - be soft, innocent, away from hard edges - soft, dreamy.  Let it flow seamlessly from the 4 days solitude and dream work.
  • Once in the town, be in the intuition, soft, walking meditation stylee (but not too zen - you need to blend in) - and let your intuition take you for a walk here or there - be in the subconscious and intuition as much as possible - soft and gliding.
  • Your intuition / inner guidance system (pick any words, it matters not - as long as its not desire based "i want a donut and a pint") will take you to somewhere;  a cafe,  a bench, a park, a crowd,  do not push and do not pull.   Do not get edgy or frustrated as nothing may come for the first 24 hours.
  • Sooner or later the motors will start the spin - people will come to you and talk to you, you will overhear a conversation, you will see a certain number a silly amount of times, a van will drive past with words on it - all syncronicstically linked to something in your inner world. 
  • When this first starts - stay with the rules - as the syncros will layer up more and more until the universe is using the outer world to tell your inner world something  - as if the whole town is sending signals to you.
  • Learn the language the fabric of reality is talking to you - it will be slightly different for each person.   
  • Its pretty fun, but probably not something to discuss with your nan over Sunday dinner - as she might keel over due to your craziness.

Note: You can fall off this etheric tightrope - don't get drunk, don't get jiggy with the opposite sex (or the same sex if you're into that), don't goto toxic places (rock music, tubes etc), don't get into desire (it's a town/city, desire is everywhere) - but be super passive - like a leaf in the wind - let the energy move you and pull you where it wants - keep your eyes and inner eyes, your ears, and inner ears, all open.

After some fine tuning, I've done this twice and it really works.

If anyone has a big life decision to make or has a niggling syncro / sign / number hammering at them that they cannot work out - I really recommend this "wayki wayki syncro cruncher creater"  - it's not patented like many seeds and viruses are, so go wild.

The key is that ALL these signs are around us all the time, but at a higher and more subtle 
frequency - it's not enough to do a meditation or drink a smoothie and go out - we need to really spin up and serve the first ball over the net.

This is one thing that I have developed from a 100 day work with the Emerald Tablet - that Thoth / Hermes dude really knew some stuff.

Let me know how you get on :)