Thursday, 6 June 2013


There are a few things I'm confused a humorous and giggly sort of way.

I'm confused, there are many that preach talk of acceptance and that we are all one, but many of these people spoke out against Monsanto last week, that they shouldn't be tolerated, and that THEY (separate) are BAD (judgement/unaccepting).  For the record, I just calmly do a big fat judgement on Monsanto  -  they are an evil.  

The solutions are easy though; don't buy anything from them, and spray paint their logos to say Moneysatan- and sooner or later it falls down :)  Moneysatan and the like are probably just a gasket from a part of our collective karma - coming from the greed in the collective subconscious.....that, I truly do accept.  


I'm confused....It was a friends birthday recently, and on facebook it asked if I wanted to give him a gift....from Starbucks of the new Fast and Furious movie.   Heheh, now my mate would not be keen on either.

   And as for Fast and Furious, the viewers must be "Slow and Sedated".....apart from the tough men, bling, and the "me bitches" style throughout, there is a 15 minute scene where cars are chasing and playing with a cargo plane - which is taking off and doing some low flying, all on a single runway.....errr?   The plane to do this has to be going at least at 170 mph for that makes the least 45 miles long....heheh.   We could digress and talk about th pro Transhumanism subliminals in Iron Man 3 and Total Recall but best to leave all that Hollywood nonsense alone for the dumbed down.


I'm confused.  Recently I visited central Paris.   I noticed everyone looked like a supermodel or some sort of mega rich mogul....well, in the streets and cafes anyway. Because when I got though the wafer thin surface, I saw most of these types lived in tiny cupboard sized apartments living in some sort of squalor.....for massive rental costs.    I call this 'Parisian Fake Chic Emptiness.'    I was also confused as many where all rushing around, needing to be somewhere, "~Why were they not happy where they woke up" -  I thought - then realised that the squalor cupboard sized apartment was only to do pit stops and to store chic magazines of what to wear.  


It was all about getting seen out in certain places.    Most of the females in Paris wore massive square handbags, that went from below their waists to their armpit - i asked one, "Are you all going away for the week?" - It seemed the bags where as empty as their heads.


I'm confused.  At the Louvre Museum in Paris - most people walk the whole museum at the same pace, just studying names, years, dates, and statistics, and then matching art to these "mind logic handles."     I tried something more fun;  Take no map or information and walk around in an open meditation, feeling for resonance, seeing for beauty, feeling, opening the imagination.     This resulted in rushing through spaces where i felt no resonance, but being pulled to FEEL art from Greece, Mesopotamia, and ancient Egypt.  I noticed the energy of many ancient Egyptian artifacts were linked to black magic too.  
I saw this and felt Isis energy.....

...I went back to 4000BC, it was a talisman bursting with energy......but if one was with the statistical boring information, it was Mary in the year blah, and the artists life was ladeeda blah blah - but I went back to 4000bc with its energy.....much more fun.


I'm confused, I saw this poster below and it seems to want people to pay to watch people ride motorbikes with no legs on the bike?   Very silly.   

If people saw someone doing this on the road, they would call the police, but if they pay money to see it, they can all buy some smile I guess.....I don't really know, I'm just confused with it.  Surely people are not that empty of things to do in their spare time?

But whenever we find confusion, forgiveness and acceptance are key.

Luckily others see things similar to me - this amazing documentary was launched this week is the best I've seen for a long while......and resonates with much of this site. 

I find nature much less confusing.