Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Earth Intelligence

Much of our species is sadly disconnected from the Earth; its authenticity, nature, and its amazing intelligence.     This is proven in that all other animals know instinctively what to eat and and what not to eat, whereas humans can have their minds manipulated from an electric screen presenting images, peer groups, and by parents and teachers repeating toxic belief systems.

Do you know how big the brain of an ant is?    Even a slave worker drone ant?    I know....its officially teeny-tiny.

We call plants and trees 'different names' solely to differentiate them, but in our minds this creates a perception that these 'plants' and 'trees' are separate to 'earth.'

Maybe all of the plant life are like nerves and limbs for the earth consciousness so it can feel and express more?   The words we use to label often seem to create more disconnection to the planet.

Science always wants to sit at the front of nature, stating it knows the most, but is becoming increasingly more toxic.  If i asked a scientist how and why many new wild flowers, vegetation, and plants appeared around the mountain this spring they wouldn't have any tangible answer.  Mine is simple and in two words.  Gaia Magic :-)  

The only living being on this planet (including algae) that does not instinctively know what to eat and not eat, and when to fast, is the human.   But I firmly believe that if a child was trained and educated to see plants much like a holistic herbalist does from a young age, using intuition, meditation, and sight of aura, the connection to the earth would improve for our species in just one generation.

For anyone thinking this is new age idealistic nonsense, I present some education in the matter of earth intelligence (or plant intelligence - however you choose to label it).

I have a collection of Wachuma Cactus plants, and one of which was inside my home with me all last winter (to test to see if it was better away from the frost and light).    Recently I took some of this very cactus, and this particular one knew me more than any other one I had taken before....and the plant knew me so well because it had spent hundreds of hours with me, observing me.

If you think this is nonsense you can do one of two things, do the experiment yourself, or see what these dudes did with some Cactus in the video below.

"In Nature there are no right angles, but in a man-made city all there is are right angles.  Right angles are restriction energy, just as a Square aspect creates restriction energy in the Stars."

"Plants will, if genuinely asked, respond to you. They will teach you their medicine, as plants have always taught human beings. And though human beings may lose the knowledge of the medicinal uses of a plant, the plant always remembers what its medicine is. And they will tell you…if you ask. If you approach them with an open heart, open your senses and truly allow yourself to perceive them, they will always respond. If you fail the first time, go again. For you may go to the sea as often as you wish." -Stephen Harrod Buhner

"We may force no explanation from (Nature), wrest no gift from her, if she does not give it freely…Nature becomes mute under torture. Its true answer to an honest question is: "Yea, yea; Nay, nay." Whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil."-Goethe

Some people have had enough it seems.  

On another note, the other week after a meditative walk around the Louvre, I said that many ancient Egyptian objects in museums held allot of energy and where talismanic, and that ancient Egypt hosted allot of magic.  Check this out!

Here is some nice music for sunny June.