Saturday, 20 July 2013

News, Stock Market, Gnosticism, and Pole Shift.

We will somehow weave a link between the subjects in the title  ;-)

Main News today in the United Kingdom, an island of 70 million people; On the front cover of the papers and the leading headline on other"kids get more sunburn when it is hotter" couldn't make it up, no wonder people are so dumbed down.....but then maybe there is a reason for this sort of headline?

In other news, a Man was sentenced to jail for collecting rain water.

A western women in Dubai was sentenced to jail for reporting she was raped, apparently her crime was extra marital sex.

Many Americans seem very ok with the current status quo, but put a patsy on the front cover of Time magazine, or get a lenient jury verdict and all hell breaks loose.

North Pakistan have deemed it illegal for a woman to go shopping alone during Ramadan, as apparently "They spread vulgarity."    I am not sure whether to feel more sorry for the persecuted women, or for the men who have to escort them shopping ;-)

All week the UK media have had leading headlines of the faults and failings of the NHS, so that as they start selling it off to their profit making corporate mates, the sleepy public will see it as a good thing.  Clever, but transparent.

For those that don't think they are spied on, get yourself 125Kbps speed Internet, and time the difference it takes to load Gmail V Hushmail, and Google V is about a 600% difference in both tests.

A Monsanto Executive has been awarded the Noble Peace prize for food.  But after Obama received the other Noble Peace prize, it should really be named the "Carrying out demonic possession to manifestation on earth prize."

Michael Jackson's daugher has been got to just as she managed to join the dots.....yep, best keep her quiet.

Buddhists and Islamists are blowing each other up over which religion is more peaceful and more connected to God.....doh.  Boom1  Boom2 Boom3   

....All the above we will come back to later, and remember it's all just a natural harmonic in this reality at the moment, nothing to fight against or shout just is......and from a different angle of consciousness one can find it even amusing as it is all so absurd.

Recently from some synchronicities,  I have been doing an unorthodox study of the supremely toxic Stock Market and how it functions and works (I used to programme chart software so find it easy to grasp) - it appears to me it's not based on the moving of money or commodities, but that it's all based upon the emotions of fear and greed (the emotive energy behind every 'selling, buying, and holding of position').   The large Hedge Funds (gambling pots) stomp into the market twice a day or so and move the market up or down a few points to eat up everyones "stop losses" like a hungry greedy beast.....they are the large cat, and everyone else is a mouse scrapping for cheese.  It's not serious, more like a silly game.

I find it all quite interesting as the stock market beast is alive, and pretty much the first AI these days, and I want a ringside seat to watch it wobble, crumble, and crash - as it will most definitely do so in my lifetime.     Note: one can even make some cash upon its crumble if they are that way inclined, each major riot (that will soon increase to the west) that occurs, will knock the market down.

Nearly everyone involved is toxic from top to bottom, market commentators and analysts give "positive news," but they mean positive for the market trends to go up (more buyers), with no care if it is negative for the planet or poor people.  For example, Monsanto or Wal Mart making more profit is good for the market, as is the FED printing money backed by nothing and giving it to banks to loan out at interest.

Weird huh?

The game is to find a stock or index or currency that you know will go up or down using news or technical indicators, searching for volatile stock in an uptrend, or in a whiplash, or in a head n shoulders, or in a Fibonacci sequence, or in divergence, and BUY or SELL......but there is nothing in the material I researched about the ethics of what the stock is, or what the stock gives to humanity or the planet.

Check out this dude, a man who made millions, and used to control a Hedge Fund of £500 million (to use as power to manipulate the markets) for Goldman Sachs.  He is giving a talk to a group of students at Oxford who idolise him, who want to be him, who want a piece of the pie.      

Even much of the information on the Internet for new traders tells them the wrong things to do, as the market movers put this information there, and want to eat their money.

They have even manipulated the price of Gold to much lower than it is currently worth so that the central banks can buy it all up on the cheap before it sky rockets.

At the top of the Market Manipulation one finds the usual suspects.....

All playing a greedy game of Monopoly...with lives, nations, arms, and wealth (zoom in).

It's all toxic, and has to go.....and will go :)   The first signs are already here as Detroit this week became the largest city EVER to declare itself bankrupt - maybe the last Batman films knew something?     Many of these types of cities were built upon mass industry for large corporations - another old paradigm that will one day become a silly notion.

Detroit is a casualty, but a natural result of a system built on debt and greed, local councils will soon go the same way too.  People often say that economics runs the world but that is what propaganda will have us believe.  But ENERGY is the real engine that transforms our world. 

But in all this, most of the rich and powerful don't care, they are still in decadence.   For anyone spending £34k on one night out they must have no values for IS psychophatic. No ifs or buts, no opinions, this is an objective truth.
Most of the planet live on less than $5 a day, and this behaviour is toxic.

But a party is going on, all the cash and bungs from selling off of the Post Office, NHS, ambulances, fire engines, and all the money gained from Hedge Funds for the super is party time for the rich, hence they are bashing the party drugs.

"Let anything up to no good be revealed, rendered harmless, and an occasion for mirth." 
"May all those abusing power, be moved to a place they can no longer harm themselves by harming others."
"Let lie-ability become a liability." 
Caroline Casey

Don't get too involved in the above, especially don't give any emotive energy, take a break, do something epic, improve yourself.

But always be aware of this old energy holding on, scared to let go........

But there is much hope, as all this crumbles away, so much goodness and new thought is coming through, even new souls with different DNA are coming through!

Gnosticism would look at the news above as being the work of the Archeons, astral critters in a nearby dimension that we cannot see with our eyes.   Sentient energy wanting to feed off of fear and helplessness, wanting to pull man back from his evolution.

In Gnostic terms, John Lash states,  "The problem is the goddess Sophia as the myth tells us' conceived that there could be a divine experiment with humanity, our species. She had a particular idea of how this experiment would go. The way we are living now, the place that we find ourselves on earth currently is a place in which this divine experiment has gone badly wrong.  Something is very wrong about the way we do business and the way we treat each other and the tremendous degree of secrecy and manipulation that permeates our world." 

For more of John Lash and his deep study of the Gnostic texts and the Archeons Solution, check out his amazing recent interview here.


But maybe the crumbling of the sillyness will be quicker than many think?