Sunday, 7 July 2013

Quick Weather Report....

A quick weather report, as you won't see this information on the televisions or in the newspapers.

After a crazy June in world weather,  a couple of days ago a Boeing 777 crash landed in San Fransisco, with the Airline today stating it was not mechanical or pilot error.

Suspicious Observors has today shown that at about the same time, another of the same Airlines' same model of plane (Boeing 777) had a dodgy landing in Greece, and that also at the same time there was a blast/anomaly to Earths weakening electromagnetic shield (proof it is weakening was explained in blogs last autumn).

Worth noting is that from 6th July through to 9th July (now), Bradford University is forecasting a 69% chance of X class from 1785 Sunspot....with any possible affects carrying on  through to July 12  (Sunspot 1785 is currently Beta Gamma Delta configuration).

We are still in Solar Maximum of this current Sunspot Cycle.

Ok, that has been the you were.........and if flying about, might be wise to check the space weather....especially if some more fall out of the sky with no mechanical or pilot error.  :-)