Saturday, 3 August 2013

Wayki News, and Monsters Inc revisited.....

I wanted to blog about some other things I have lined up, but some real objective events are going on that I feel need to be shared.  

In news this week....

Spain are looking to privatise the sun, by charging tax on sunlight for those with solar panels.  For those gaining free sunlight for energy, they will impose a.....drumroll.....sit down......hold on to something...........30 million euros fine!   (I am in Spain with solar panels, and I would love to film the footage of the Gardia Civil turning up and chatting to me).

As my last book predicted over a year ago, human-animal hybrids are now being created by corporate funded scientists.

A former top Goldman Sachs Economist for twenty years is now adviser to the UK Government board of education.  When you know these are the people creating the curriculum, you can join a few dots.

Phones will replaced wallet in the matrix soon.  Every year people use their cell phones to buy $172 billion worth of items, and that number is expected to increase an amazing 249% by 2016.   There is talk Apple are soon to create a new currency called iCash and become the largest bank in America.   Apple has already acquired biometrics security firm AuthenTec.  Why?  Because the single most important part of mobile payments is security.

A month ago 1 million people in Brazil protested against elitist corruption, things on the up there one thought,  then this week 3 million came out to see one man who is head of the paedophile ridden, money laundering, fear and guilt peddling, Vatican........sigh.   

ps Anyone with a bread and fish stall would have made a killing ;-)   Not sure on swimming in the yellow sea the next day though.

Talking of Catholicism (which sits on over $300m, gained from thieving from Latin America, plus donations to pedo Priests pretending they are closer to godforce-ness) has attacked loans company Wonga (who also prey on the vulnerable)......even funnier is that this made front page (distraction) news in the UK.   All nonsense, all distraction.
'Support our heroes' military men in the States have raped nearly a third of all women in the military.....way to go freedom fighting heroes!

A court last week quietly confirmed vaccines cause autism.  Shhhh.

Cameron is talking about blocking internet porn, but is ok with nuclear missile projects, fraking, blowing up civilian children, arms dealing, taking donations from big corps, and poverty.    What a stand up guy!   Anyone half smart knows this is the first step towards blocking alternative news and esoteric knowledge sites.  

Robots are to be patrolling the cities by 2040.  If this happens i'm going to create a bladerunner project :-)

But in all of this, do not moan to anyone or complain to your MP, focus energy on solutions for yourself, and this will set an example, and create a vibration that broadcasts out like an antenna.

Some tell me some of my blogs are "negative."   If you need your Internet experience to stay away from objective truth, and to ;just make your energy go up'  - then maybe you are plonking more fuel into the collective suppressed shadow......which creates much of the evil on the planet in the first place.

With objective information of what is - it just is, it is you who goes up or down, the information does not force you to go up or down.  
Remain grounded....find gravity to what is real and objective.....or float off in subjectivity.

Things have come full circle, in 2007 I wrote the first chapter of Wayki Wayki which presented the esoteric symbolism in the movie, Monsters Inc.

In June 2013, Disney released the sequel 'Monster University,' grossing $255.5M from what I can only see as humans channelling the forces of stupidity and ignorance.

This is a movie about dark entities that travel into the dimension of earth, to gain energy from fear, especially the fear from children, often in their gain energy.

This is a movie rated 'U' meaning a 1 year old can watch this in the cinema, a movie riddled with occult and demonic symbolism.

Banishings and exorcisms often containing the words, "begone and return whence you came from," and they play with this too....

Do you want your tiny children seeing these images fired into their subconscious?

The occult powers behind Hollywood also continue their pro-Transhumanism advertising this year.

But what sort of people gain any fulfilment from these movies?  I don't know....maybe....


If looking at this sort of information makes people question my acceptance levels, and how peaceful i am.... my answer to that is, If you want to be accepted, accept yourself, if you want peace, be peaceful yourself.

What is the action of these blogs I was asked?    None.   It is up to the reader to decide what to do.   Go for a walk, build tree houses, throw a frisbee, access your multi-dimensional potential, connect to animal spirits in the shamanic inner worlds, you choose, follow inner passions and's up to each individual.

To allow oneself to be carried away by a multitude of conflicting concerns, to surrender to too many demands, to commit to too many projects, to want to help everyone in everything is itself to succumb to the violence of our times. Frenzy destroys our inner capacity for peace. It destroys the fruitfulness of our work, because it kills the root of inner wisdom which makes work fruitful. 
~Thomas Merton

Breath and chill...