Saturday, 17 August 2013

Wobbly Economy, Wobbly Egypt......

Many people say they are not interested in the [decline of the] economy, or current affairs (aka events happening on the planet one inhabits), but these people strangely rely on cash machines (ATMs), banks, and the deliveries from supermarket lorries.    Many do not see how inherently inter-linked these all are.  

The economy is going to wobble and die, and some simple recent signs help display this even more clearly....but first a little soft wayki wayki advice from recent unrelated information....

.....Try not to upload photos from your Smartphones, try not to eat veggies from Japan,  try not to eat too many sweets, try and look at your doctor as a sales clerk, stay clear of neurotic transhumanised dating opportunities,  and enjoy water while you can.

The economy crashed in 2008, but the elite banking class (who control governments and link closely to corporate giants) have put a giant plaster on it called Quantitative Easing (QE), where they basically print money and give it to the banks to stimulate the economy.   
The description of QE from investopedia is; "Quantitative easing increases the money supply by flooding financial institutions with capital, in an effort to promote increased lending and liquidity.  Central banks tend to use quantitative easing when interest rates have already been lowered to near 0% levels and have failed to produce the desired effect."

In QE, The FED gives $85Billion EVERY month to banks.
In QE, The Bank of England has already given £375 billion to banks.

Strangely enough, the US, UK and other stock market Indexes (such as the FTSE100 or S&P500) keep going up, and some are near all time highs....this is a complete disconnection from reality, as some proof below shows:
  • The U.S. economy actually lost 240,000 full-time jobs last month, and the middle class continues to shrink.
  • Four out of five U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives. source.
  • Greece Youth unemployment approaches 65%  and up to 150,000 are projected to be sacked by year end 2014.
  • Growth rate of personal income in the United States has been on a huge downward trend since 2008.
  • The velocity of money is the lowest that it has been in modern times, and this indicates that economic activity should be slowing down.  But the Federal Reserve has enabled the bankers to thrive by pumping massive amounts of money into the financial system (QE).
  • It seems that the biggest banks in the world make allot of money from public tax money.
  • Bailouts are not helping Euro nations, their debts are rising.
  • There are many similarities right now to the big crash in 2008.
  • Many other warnings are flying around.
  • When the economy was super healthy there was no income tax and no FED.

Gladly, there are some good, honest, and smart people, who know and present that this whole economy-mafia-scam-ponzi-scheme is going to blow up. 

Dr Paul Craig Roberts, Former Assistant Treasury Secretary  has said interesting things recently - check out from minutes 10 to 13 here.   He also states mass hyper inflation will come in, and that it will be worse than the Great Depression.

And of course, Gerald Celente, and Max Kieser, who do regular interviews, are both right on the button for me.        

And as Marc Faber recently said, "one day, this financial bubble will have to adjust on the downside."

From research I have done, it seems credit will freeze up, economic activity will grind to a standstill, banks will close, millions will lose their jobs, food, oil, and gold will sky rocket, and ultimately the cash machines (ATMs) and delivery lorries will cease to function in their current ways.

This is not a negative projection, it just is, and I am not peddling fear, if anyone feels fearful then that is that persons inner sensation.   But most would not have got this far down the blog, as most are now finding more than one sentence too long due to their addictions to the "fast food info" on facebook.


So yesterday in Egypt, a few days after nearly 1,000 people were killed by a ruthless military coup (known in western media as an interim government), the opposing Muslim Brotherhood released a statement calling for a nationwide "march of anger"  after noon prayers......then nearly 100 people died in violent chaos and 1000 were detained. Religous people on a 'March of Anger?'   Someone needs to bring more meditation into Islam......vengeance is a low dark energy.  Just what were their prayers at Friday lunchtime?  "Allah, you are great, now I'm going to perform some violent vengeance, get the virgin angels ready for me?"    sigh.

This wisdom from "The Sacred Magic of the Qabbalah: The Science of the Divine Names," by Manly. P. Hall is cerainly not evident in most Egyptian Mosques.

But I'm not taking just seems like a large western controlled mess.  To know more about Egypt just follow the trail of who supplies weapons to the people doing the killing.....(cough, the UK and the USA).   Then today the UK government stated they have a 'deep concern' for the trouble in Egypt.....err, because they are using the weapons that they sold them?   Now that is deeply twisted.    "Here are some tastey new sweets little child, but if you eat them I will be deeply concerened."   

Others link the original issues in Egypt to......drumroll.....Quantitative Easing.

On Wednesday during the large troubles that have caused a month long curfew, the Egyptian Stock market index was shut down for a few days.......drumroll......because foreign investors would have taken their money out, and spikes would have occurred in markets around the world....not good for hedge funds or market algorithm robots gambling billions a day.

When turmoil like that in Egypt appears,  the main NY, London, and Japanese markets dip a percent or two, and gold, oil and food go up a percent or two, and with much similar turmoil can become a Riot-Hedge-Bear if they need some money for seeds and sensible will only be taking money from multi million dollar hedge funds so the karma is straight.

A regional war may soon be on the way. - this is because Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf states have promised some $12 billion in aid to the military/interim government that’s carrying out the bloody crackdown.   The U.S. has said it hasn’t decided whether to continue military and economic aid totalling about $1.5 billion.   

Talking of the U.S, can you believe the largest Islamic nation in the Middle East is on the verge of descending into civil war, the Syrian civil war is starting to spill over into Lebanon, and the worst violence in five years has just hit Iraq, but Barack Obama is on a golfing holiday?   Obama has "played 18 holes of golf every day but one this week." 
Obama is a psychopath - plain and simple....."Obama - mass chaos in Egypt, a country you fund and control with the CIA"....."Shhh, should I use a 4-iron or 5-iron to clear the bunker on the fairway?"

Maybe more people will see the links between world events, the stock market, riots, the economy, and the cash machines and supermarket lorries.....whether many realise this too late or not remains to be seen.

Amidst all this, Today's Daily Express helps share what is going on in the world....with news that the weather in the summer will be around 30 degrees.


note: The same Maddie pic is still being used to gain emotional energy from people to go into the child-sacrifice-satanic-ritual-pot (see earlier writings on this subject).

One things for sure, the new age awakening and era of positive change is not evident in the middle east at present, or in the governments, banks, or corporations of the where is it?   ah, on facebook, deluded (controlled?) double rainbow portal sites, some money making sites, and in groups that generally do not seek to look at any information that may appear (subjectively) negative.
Soon I will do a blog with nice images like this to make people happy so they can feel that all this evil does not exist.

The species is denying the shadow collectively and individually, suppressing and ignoring, and until this ceases, these events in the world (be it economy or civil war) will continue.

It might soon be time to choose a few of your prize possessions as the much needed events start to position themselves on the chess board......ready to force an awakening.

So what are the solutions one can focus energy into?  Become more responsible for your life:  water, value, skills, food, seeds,  collect some gold and gemstones......and stop feeding the toxicity with where your money and energy goes.........and feel connected to all that is....with a smile.