Monday, 9 September 2013

All the fun of the (arms) fair.

NOTE: Blogger has a technical issue with formatting on certain templates at the moment so all the formatting has been shiftted (I have not touched the code).   This is still a blog I want to get out today.

In England today starts a fair.   Fair's are usually nice - usually the family goes, or a group of people into something that's nice and interesting.   For instance, a fair with rides, or a camping fair, or a motorcycle fair.  Usually it is a place of enjoyment, or a place to gain more understanding of a hobby or interest, to meet and network with other like minded people.   Nice.

Well, London seems to have got the meaning of Fair a little mixed up, for today starts the Worlds Biggest Arms Dealing Fair hidden away at the Excel in the docklands with a near press blackout.

Come to the 'machines of murder' summer fair.  Check out the DSEI site to see how proud of their fair they are, complete with "see our unmanned systems demonstrations."  

Wayki wayki translation reads, "See our transumanism agenda control, mame, and scare human life."

The site repeatedly uses the term, "the global defence community."   Wayki Wayki translation, "The Industrial Military Corporatocracy."

The fair includes:
  • It doesn't matter if you are from Russia, The Middle East, or even some random man in a suit - we will call you "a prospective client."
  • We will wear suits to make us look like business men while we do deals and shake hands selling machines of murder.
  • Some of our technology is for transhumanised soldiers.
  • Some people at the fair come from countries who are enemies, and when they buy machines of murder, they will use them against eachother - here at the fair we care not who buys what, and who kills who.  We don't even care if schools and orphanages are blown up, we just want the business (profit).
  • Some people will come spending nations tax money.

"Can I help you?"
"No Thank you, just browsing really."
"Ok, well if you need help with what you want to kill, and how you want to kill it, ill be standing just over here."

"Give me 5000 of these, I have some riots starting up soon, and want the rioters killed."
"No problem, Sir, if you buy 10,000 I can give you a special nerve gas too."

"Sir, you look so manly testing out our new DNA recognition link to facebook murder weapon,  how many do you want?"
"I'll take 500 for my client, and am also interested in any heat seeking satellite lock GPS launch from a smartphone Cruise Missiles please."
"Certainly, anything esle sir?"
"Ohh, ill have a packed of scatter bombs and a few grenades please."
"Of course, anything else I can help you with?"
"Well yes, I seek some advice for a purchase, I have a plan to kill some children living near a gas pipeline in an area without a western central bank ......what weapons would suit my client, a team of 20 mercenaries."

What if one of these arms fairs went on in your village?  Are people so droned out they wouldn't say anything?

This is all so toxic, then the toxic kicker came with the news that the Church has invested near £10m in arms through GE Systems.

At least some others care.

And is this below a coincidence, synchromsysticism, or outright conspiracy?  Up to you to decide.


Disclaimer:  I apologise if this blog brings objective reality to any spiritual fluffies who think the world is all wonderful for everyone all the time.  This is often due to have fallen into a narcissistic self mind control of ignorance that blocks out any objective imbalance that is occurring in our reality construct.  This repression and denial of external shadow needs a gasket and actually (in my opinion) helps feed the imbalance in the world.

"New Agers claim, but do not demonstrate, that improvement of self will lead to improvement of the world. Without denying the desirability of self-improvement, we might ask, does there exist a two-step process: first, I reform myself, then the world around me? Do devotees ever feel sufficiently enlightened, energized, and self-empowered to do battle with the injustices of the larger world? Most New Age enthusiasms do not bestow a more developed ethical commitment. The goal is self-gain not moral advancement. A New Age ideology that says only you, not the world, needs fixing is not likely to produce dedicated reformers. One personal growth practitioner noted, "People have taken est, and now they want a business plan"; now they seek classes in "prosperity training and creative financing techniques." They become careerists within the system, not crusaders against it." 

- Michael Parenti