Thursday, 26 September 2013

Elysium - Social Engineering.

The new movie Elysium is an interesting piece of social engineering,  and as the big movies often do, it implants images into the subconscious deliberately.   This is so that minds are more accepting when these images really come to pass in the physical world.

First off, here is the trailer of the future based movie.

Early on we can see who is behind the movie with the usual red/black for the baddies (in this case, a "controlling elite"), inverted pentagrams, occult jewelry, and an unparallelled amount of sigils in the background (hiding as Graffiti).

                           (The one below looks very 'Hod' for the kabbalists out there)            

Then we see images and concepts such as:

Strict Robot police for Homeland security and administration.

A hard to see unless your looking, "Chemrail" gun.

Uploading and Downloading code and systems to and from the brain - with cerebral security using transnhuman style logos.  (note: I've no idea what this means on his cheek in this still).

Many concept from this Scifi movie are already real, though kept quiet - such as military exo-skeletons with the likes of the Military supplier, Lockhead Martin.

But on top of all these things in the movie, plus the DNA based human database, the main social engineering delivered deep into the subconscious from Elysium, behind the circus of action and guns, are these two points:
  • Transhumanised technology is really cool, as it is worn by the hero to win the battle/s.

  • Super Healing technology (anti-ageing) should be for everyone - and not just the rich.

The second of these is the most dangerous.   We are on a planet where illness and disease is a feedback message - telling us something is wrong with the environment, or social system, or diet, or lifestyle.  To forget the cause and just deal with the symptom with technology will be the most toxic thing man can do - and this film delivers this transhuman message as its final core grandioso meaning.

Be careful when watching movies amigos, especially big budget ones for worldwide release.

Maybe we need to obtain resonance digestion from elsewhere, and keep viewing habits to things more authentic and less programming.