Friday, 20 September 2013

Grand Mindtheft Auto

One thing that seems to have gone unnoticed recently is the new Internet censorship laws (cough, experiment) in Vietnam - meaning one cannot be critical of the Government or any current affairs.  Research Decree 72 and how bloggers are going to jail in large numbers.     The funny thing is that even the USA embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam, said it was "deeply concerned by the decree's provisions.".....those in glass houses huh?

It's now over a year since I wrote about elements of TED (science chats) being a controlled trap, I then got slammed for such "negative" views by some 'alternative' humans.  Now some others seem to have worked it out too....well done Natural News.....I hope you don't get too many new agers calling you negative and then running for the ostrich pillows....

........but I think the ostrich pillows have all been brought by the new iphone users.

Many mothers last week posted images online of their five year old children going to school for the first time, sweet, but then I noticed each looked like they were going to some business meeting in the city, ties, suits, smart hair, uncomfortable pointy black shoes, the very odd.....aspiring to be corporate executives?   We will come full circle to this later, but It seems like the TV quick magazine and X-factor don't educate one about the worlds true state.

In a few years maybe Facebook and Apple will become two of the largest Banks in the world, both are buying biotech and security firms like a child buying sweets (in suits), and are now even starting to test payment devices, ready for cashless societies.  But hey, this is a BBC article, and we know how pro-transhumanism they are; are we evolving, will the net become conscious, and will man merge with machines.  I wouldn't mind but the people pay for every single aspect of the BBC - to mind control their own kids (in suits).  

So forget all that, one can turn off the TV and take their child (in a suit) to the Cinema for something real.  Wrong - the new Pixar film, Planes, is pro-GMO's - get this - the main character is a crop duster - a plane that sprays crops with chemicals.


Soon McDonald's will give away toys of Dusty, so while the child eats GMO and chemically sprayed food, it will play with a toy of the machine that sprays couldn't make it's some sick joke and some evil people are laughing....but hardly anyone sees it.

It's ok, forget the TV and movies, one can simply help their child smell nice, and also give them a nice hair their suit.

A better idea to tv, cinema, or corporate controlled schools, is to get the young ones on some of this pure goodness
So this week the worlds most popular computer game, GTA5, went on sale, with 125 million copies ordered by the first release day, and $1bn made in the first 3 days!!  

A game where one becomes a gangster, murders people, steals cars, beats up pedestrians, owns a violent dog, runs drugs and guns, buys stocks, wins over and crushes gangs, owns strip bars, performs drive by shootings, and "gets to the top."  It is promoted in main stream media as 5/5, a top game....the ultimate in toxicity.   

 If you think this is only a game, then just see how low it goes here.  Note: Sex with CGI is a part of the Transhuman agenda, and young fools are walking right into it.

Here are some comments I found on a forum from some 'real' human beings....that probably look like this in real life.


"OMG. "You can even create and reserve custom license plates for both Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online - order your personalised plates before they're gone!"  This is like real life I'm gonna quit my job."

"Oh and still no sign, never buying a game online again - this is a joke now. Yodel have said it might not be here for another 5 hours yet !!"

"OK, after much soul searching I have convinced myself that what I am going to buy is not so much a 'game' but more of one of life's essential experiences."

Look at this picture, is this from the game GTA 5?  

Similar, but no.  It's from another "lone nutter shooting spree" in America this week - at a Naval base in Washington.   The press on the day said three people were shooting, then they said it was only one, and also police were ordered to stand down......yawn.

Anyway, away from the mind control / agent wars stuff etc......what I picked up on was when Obama called it a cowardly act.    Err, he didn't mention anything being cowardly about what happens at the base -  Surely the building of military missile launchers that hide under the sea (submarines) is the king of cowardly?.......He called these submarine builders' patriots.     Murder is murder, aiming a missile or aiming a bullet is the same egg. But as this was an ex-serviceman and not a Muslim, it was only in the media for a quick day.   So selling 1300 cluster bombs is an act of bravery Obama?   Psychopath.   

The key here is that the media tell us the shootings in America are bad with a frown, and also tell us that spending 200 hours in front of a screen shooting people is good with a smile.   Both are the same images, both have the same intent.  This creates massive fragmentation in the subconscious mind for those that are living as sponges for the system-society around them.

People have even been stabbed and bricked in the head by robbers for the game....err, anyone link the pattern?


So this week one of the biggest Banks on the planet, JP Morgan,  actually came clean for market rigging.  The official term in this case: "Artificially increase[d] the market value of securities to hide the true extent of hundreds of millions of dollars of losses".

The even more funny thing is that they were rigging a market which was a mega-toxic index based upon the gambling of corporations failing.

On top of this they were not "open and co-operative" with the FSA (regulators), and the FSA was "deliberately misled" by Morgan on one occasion about the extent of the losses and other serious lapses.

So, were JP Morgan shut down?   Nope.  Where any Top Executives sacked or jailed?  Nope.  Did they disclose how much they stole from rigging the markets?   Nope?  What happened then?  They had to give $920m to banking regulators - their mates - and have this presented in the media as "a fine," and send a couple of junior, toilet cleaning, low level traders to the can.  $920m is probably less than one of their traders have to play with in a mornings trading, it's nothing to them.

So these top executives are what mothers are dressing their five year old children up as, what other things can we look up to from these suits?

HSBC $1.92bn fine - Money laundering.
UBS $780m fine - Tax evasion.
JP Morgan - $700m Misstating financial results.
Standard Chartered - $667m Violating US sanctions.
ING - $619m Violating US sanctions.

It seems ironic that the people who have caused so much harm to the economy seem to be walking free, whilst the government in the UK is vowing to prosecute benefit cheats with fraud laws carrying up to ten years' in jail, and the public are into it because the Daily Mail and The Sun back this on the front pages.

Also regarding the economy, the FED this week surprised analysts by not starting their expected Taper - basically meaning they are not cutting down on Quantitative Easing of $85bn a month (from printing money.   This makes the economy even more broken, and shows that they have no solutions.   Watch the $ drop against other currencies in coming months. 

All of the above is just silly theatre really - and all within a very narrow reality tunnel, if you ever actually feel down about any of this...learn to love yourself....

...or go to some other location where it's less this guy.

....or go spend time in nature....