Friday, 6 September 2013

Wayki Wayki Interviews Berty the Badger.

Hello Berty, thanks for taking the time to do a small interview.  Before we get into it, could you please let the readers know what you are?

~Hi wayki, love the site by the way.   We are short-legged omnivores from the Mustelidae family, so otters, polecats, and wolverines are our cousins.    Many of us live in the English countryside, mainly in large, extensive, organic, underground burrows we dig.   There is no council tax, and we all learn to build our burrows when we are young.   Some of us live in clans, and some of us are solitary nomads moving from home to home.   We only come out at night, and can run at 20mph!

Wow, that sounds really cool Berty,  I like Badgers, and want to know more - what do you eat?   Do you eat processed food from the mega-corps? 

~Heheh, you're a bit of a joker I think.  My favourite is worms, roots, and fruit - we get intoxicated on fruit, there is a rotten-apple rave some friends goto at weekends.
We also eat small mammals and birds if we get lucky, and the hedgehog is our arch enemy  - we eat them if they come into our territory. 

So are you aggressive?

~We can be fierce animals, raaaaa, check these claws out...we are shamanic in that we have strong traits of virtue, that of protection and persistence.

Wow Berty, you guys are incredible.

~We protect our young at all costs, unlike some of you humans who place yours in front of a TV and give them sweets.  We are capable of fighting off dog-packs and even wolves and bears.   But we have a soft spirit, and can be tamed and kept if the human is nice. We are a bit like cuddly ninjas, we only come out at night and we are elusive.  We have been here for centuries.

So what is going on at the moment, why are you being murdered in badger genocide?  I heard they plan to shoot 5,300 of you in the next 6 weeks, in west Somerset and west Gloucestershire.

~I know wayki, it is so sad...sob sob.....we are being blamed for bTB in Cows.....isn't that ridiculous.   And why are cows so important?

Berty, humans like to kill cows en-masse, tens of thousands a day, mostly after injected them with chemicals, so then thousands of Tescos and Asda stores have beef mince on the shelves.   It is a multi million pound industry and the government have stepped in to protect it - they have all blamed the's really sad.

~ We are victims, bTB can be carried by virtually any warm-blooded animal, including hedgehogs, rats, domestic cats, rabbits and so on. The vast majority of us badgers in England are bTB-free.  And maybe it is karma for the farmers - everything flows in natural harmony.

You are wise Berty, also surely shooting a badger cleanly with a rifle in the dark is extremely difficult?  

~ Yes, most have been maimed, and go underground to die slowly in front of their set....sob...sob.  Do you know why we solely are being blamed?  

The science does not add up Berty,  Lord (John) Krebs, the president of the of the British Science Association and the former chairman of the British Food Standards Agency, ran a well-designed 10-year trial into badger culling. "The science is as clear-cut as it can be," he told Radio 4's The Life Scientific earlier this year, "and it shows that culling badgers is not a very effective way of reducing TB in cattle."
In 1996, the government set up a large field experiment, with several regions randomly assigned to one of three treatments: either leaving the badgers alone, culling them as much as possible, or culling them whenever there was a TB outbreak. It found that, if you spend huge amounts of money killing lots of badgers in an area, you will find a modest drop in TB outbreaks – at most 16 per cent. "It's a lot of effort for a relatively modest gain," said Lord Krebs. What's more, that drop is not evenly distributed......on the edges of the cull area, it's even less of a percentage drop.

~ sob...sob.....we are territorial, If they kill one of us, there's another badger next door, that badger or its offspring will move into the dead badger's area. And if they're trying to reduce the spread of an infectious disease, the last thing they want is disease-carrying animals leaving their territories and moving into other ones.  This will increase the disease.

Berty, I think they must be doing this to keep the farmers happy.  I have never met a poor industry farmer, and I have never met one who didn’t plead poverty.   Many receive colossal amounts of public money, more than enough to finance a vaccination 10 times over.   For some reason governments are traditionally scared of annoying farmers. So they're killing badgers to please them.  As Lord Krebs says, "this is about politics, not science."

~Is there not a human in England who is in charge of the environment, we know you humans are hierarchical.

I'm sorry to tell you this Berty, but the Environmental secretary for England, Owen Paterson, a few days ago told MPs that the cull was "proceeding to plan and those involved are pleased with progress so far."   He should be renamed the mental secretary, alas, he shows many of the psychopathic tendencies evident with many politicians.

~ It's all so dark Wayki.......what has happened to humanity.

I know Berty....I could say more....

~Please do wayki.....I am strong enough to hear it.....we are desperate.

Well, there are some dark people behind the Government, and they use the sacrifice of children, and of animals for their rituals.....this could be an issue here, especially when ex-Eton countryside politicians are involved.   For instance, if the pilot is successful, they are rolling it out to 33 zones......maybe a coincidence, maybe not.  

These people care not for life, whether human, vegetable, mineral, or animal.  Some are so psychopathic and cold they would probably bring you into their transhuman agenda if they could.

~ sob, sob.....I would not be able to take this anymore save for some of you humans helping us, this gives us hope.

Yes Berty, some amazing people are out there at night, sabotaging the murderers, and letting you badgers know if its not good to go on a nightime stroll.   Unfortunately now the police drones who have been wiped of any free-thinking are protecting the murderers, so maybe awareness can tip the balance.

~ That's why some of us are doing interviews now wayki.

Hang in there Berty, some of us have your back.

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