Monday, 28 October 2013

Halloween, Catholics, and Children......

Much is back to front in today's world, and especially for children - the planets next generation.   

There are many examples to choose from, but in this blog I'll scoot through three things many parents see as beneficial, safe, and 'positive' for their children.....

1.  Halloween    2. The Catholic Church  3. Maddie Mcann

Samhain is really a Celtic, Druid, Wicca tradition going back to before 500BC, originally related to harvesting and death. It's also one of the major Druidic / pagan dates.

When one looks at the Black Magic and Satanists Calendars, one sees that Samhain is one of the most important dates on their calendars.  

The following is taken from three sources:

  • Oct 28-30 Satanist High   (Holy Day related to Halloween) blood ritual human sacrifice each day any age (male or female)
  • Oct 30-31 All Hallows Eve and Halloween Night blood and sexual sexual climax,association with the demons, animal and/or human sacrifice any age (male or female and/or animal)
  • Oct 31 All Hollow's Blood Feast of the dead M or F Sacrifice Human Child to Adult 7-18yrs
  • Oct 31 ~ ALL HALLOWS EVE (Halloween or Samhain) (Sexual and Blood Rituals)   Sexual association with demons called up, and animal and/or human sacrifice.
I believe that dressing your children up as demons, ghouls, vampires, and black witches on this night will attract crappy energy to their auras - think about it, sacrifice and black 
magic is going on, as is energy harvesting, and if we look at it from a pagan point of view - the dark has overpowered the light (past the autumn equinox), and the crops are now 

The Gnostics, Rosicrucians, Shaman would all agree, where there is dark energy on mass, the ghouls come out and sink into the lower astral to reach down, and the purer the soul (children), the more the feast.

It's all to easy to say "It's just fun" as the west has turned it into a commercial carnival, but even that is all focused fear, gore, violence, and mutilation.   Nice.

Even the Catholics still celebrate this 'festival' as 'All Saints day' on the 1st November, which leads us on to The Catholics.


I explained in my second book much of the dark history of Catholicism, and this below is one of the best documentaries I have seen in recent years, it really moved me.

It shows clearly that there are child molesting Priests globally, how the Vatican accepts and protects them, and that $80 million was spent on an order called 'The Servants of the Paracletes' that looked after over 2000 paedophile Priests.   The Vatican and the Priests themselves see Priests as above the law, society, and other humans.  

The reality is more like this:

It's as if The Vatican is a Satanic Paedophile sect, opening dark portals to feed on the death of a child's innocence, and the twisting of a child's soul.   

As the movie shows, The Vatican is a power structure that look after eachother, just look at this Bishop here, only placed on a 'short leave' for spending $42million of peoples money on.....decadence!

I've let my feelings known about the Madeleine McCann ritual in my first book and in a couple of previous blogs.   Recently she has been in the news allot more than usual (another gain 'emotional energy' spike).   I just wanted to share two photos over-used by the main stream media in recent weeks.    Both have occult connotations.

It is up to us adults to keep the innocence of our children protected.    Not the Goverments, not the Religeons, not any power structure, each of us as individuals.


On another note, I enjoy these sorts of things - here is a guy the new film 'The Wolf of Wall Street' is based upon.  A great case of definitely not being locked into his "white shadow" (were one believes they are purer than pure, perfect, and elevated) - he was ripping people off in Wall Street, was addicted to everything, spiralled out of control, ended up in jail, then transmuted himself, and then came out and now spreads some wisdom, and is paying back all those he ripped off.  It's really an alchemical story.   Shame this cannot be said of The Vatican or the Satantists. 

For if one seeks to transform, the cave needs first to be searched for, and second it needs to be deep.

PS.  Keep your guards up regarding R.Brand, as one said, "A homeopathic pill for the pi***d off," much like wikileaks is.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Acceptance Trap

Hi all,

First a couple of recent observations...

The BBC again, sigh.  They have a children's programme about "Getting Well," with a theme tune showing dancing SYRINGES (vaccinations), and lyrics about "Your doctor will tell you what to do" - in white coats (they are the experts) and all aimed at 2-5 year olds. 

Toxic mind control goes to a new level.   I am in disbelief.  Maybe the children will one day be taught critical thinking lessons.  Probably not.  If children can have thoughts shaped, just think what sort of adults they could become?
Quite sad that so many in Australia (even the interviewer) are glorifying and paying attribute to the murdering psychopath Chopper, who died this week. The interviewer in Chopper's last ever interview seems to even respect and promote him.    Etherically I can see that when he was raped as a child some very dark energy got into him - but masses admiring the monster he became?  And finding comedy in it?    All in all a very sad, toxic, and strange paradigm.   Humanity is one people say, but as far as evolution goes, we are only as evolved as the densest and most evil human on the planet.   For those who are sensitive to energy watch the last interview with Chopper and observe the sensations around the crown chakra....let me know what happened and I'll explain what I feel is going on.
For me the acceptance trap is most dangerous one coming out of the new-age arena these days.    Of course we need to accept the reality we live in and it's metaphysical laws, plus any individual turmoil is to be met with balance, but this doctrine is being taken too far, and probably even co-opted.

I've said to many people I believe Eckhart Tolle has a big "pushing hand" behind him to get so "worldwide."  His overall doctrine is very tangible and palatable, bit if we take a big view of the philosophy, it states that people should do nothing, never deal with the past, the shadow, never look at the future, never try and change anything, and never look at any toxicity - it all 'just is' and people should 'just be' ......It's the elites dream, and many new agers watch a bit on tube and as it feels kinda nice, many swallow it up.

Many these days are afraid of making objective observations, or criticising anything - as they think they are "judgements."  This is the ultimate danger of the "accept everything" trap.   This acceptance philosophy never tackles issues, it hugs or denies them.  It kills passion for humanity, and that passion for humanity is a fire one should not extinguish.

So do you accept:

Living in a reality where rape takes place?
Living in a reality where paedophilia takes place?
Living in a reality where mass corruption takes place?
Living in a reality where mass oppression takes place?
Living in a reality where torture takes place?
Living in a reality where controlled and created poverty takes place?
Living in a reality with toxic technology?
Living in a reality where the oceans  are becoming dead?   

Living in a reality where all of the above can be removed quite easily?

I feel that If you are in "complete acceptance" with these things AND plan to do nothing at all to help improve these in any way, then you are a strange human being with some serious issues, especially if you are under the illusion you are on some sort of path of evolution.

One could reword things and say that those in complete acceptance with the above list are "OK with evil."    Since when did it become evolved to turn a blind eye to evil in the world?

Luckily there are some people who do not accept this, and even get angry at those with no empathy or compassion.

note: Brand could be a controlled pied piper, a homeopathic pill for those pissed off....i don't know yet...but his anger comment fits in this article.

For those in complete acceptance that don't even seek to look into the ills of the world, know of the arrogance of ignorance.

I could go into other things in the new age arena like certain gurus, spiritual bypassing, COINTELPRO, food cults, and other weird related paradigms, but I don't seek to dilute this article.

So just ask yourself why Hinduism (Kali), Buddhism (wrathful deities), and Christianity (Mikael, Uriel) all have archetypes that are fierce and striking when dark energy is present, but the new age has conjured some sort of astral-acceptance-deity?

More people are working it all out - that there is crazy toxicity within Banks, Spying, Corps, Pharma, Food, and the Media, so who do you think would would benefit the most from an "accept everything" and "be in the now" philosophy?

Be balanced, accept reality, but don't accept toxic energy being created by other people or by dark parasites.   That is strength.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Vultures last meal?

So the vultures in Washington (cough, Wall Street)  kicked the can down the road.

Before we get into it, first a short round up of some recent unrelated observations.

With everyone supposed to be skint, Transhumanism has taken some leaps recently; in a new Terminator type robot, a Pentagon funded robot,  a new wildcat military robot, drones that can kill on their own, and a host of biotech firms getting ready to float on the markets as PLC's.

Fireballs are still increasing too, but some good tools are now available for monitoring them in the sky. 

Almost daily Africans are drowning in the Med sea after sinking in their boats trying to get to Europe.  The MSM tell us about better security patrols and how they drown (boat size and construction etc), but nobody seems to ask what they are running from or what their problems are.   Europe is a little Nazi like that - sad really.....better to run from really, not towards.

Someone strange last week spent $30.6 million on one diamond, maybe for a future proposal?  But alas, not all women end up as princesses.    I don't think the buyer was this dude that's for sure.       

At least some people are looking at some of the toxicity from a place of humour, whether it be animal cruelty, or energy price hikes
So, the elite in Wall Street (overlords of Obama and congress) have kicked the can down the road.   The Government parks have reopened and the "debt ceiling" is raised until early February.  The debt ceiling is a mental construct - it has no form - so this just means the ceiling is not enforced, and America can print free money to add to the $17 Trillion debt ($2300 each for every human on a 7.1 billion person planet).  A Trillion dollars most people have no concept of, let me help.   

I watched the market charts during the last week, and when the Wall Street overlords told the puppets in Government to say the word "meeting" = then wall street hedge funds brought like mad........a few hours later the puppets said there was a  "stall in talks" = then there was a selloff like mad.....but the markets moved minutes before the news came out - so for sure market manipulation.   Think this doesn't happen then see here and here.

Did anyone besides me wonder how they got all those signs printed and distributed far and wide, including to all the national parks and cemeteries overseas only eight to ten hours after the government shut down?  Take a look at this below from someone who wanted to remain anonymous:

"I have worked in the government on and off for 40 years. During that time I became quite familiar with requisitions, bidding, awarding contracts etc. It is a time consuming process with bean-counters and pencil-necked bureaucrats every step of the way. The simplest request takes months not days or hours. In less than 8 hours of the shutdown, miraculously, professionally printed 3X4 foot signs appeared all over the country in the tens of thousands saying-"this [park, facility, etc. with custom logos] closed due to government shutdown.
 There has not been a government shutdown in 17 years. These signs were designed, specifications were determined, signs were then requisitioned, bids were posted and vetted, government contracts were awarded. The materials were then ordered and the signs manufactured then distributed U.S. Mails or freight companies. 
 This shutdown was orchestrated and planned well in advance at least 6-8 months ago. Millions of tax dollars were appropriated and spent in this process. There is a paper trail a mile long leading directly to the White House."
There are a few things that we now see more clearly.
  •  The collective consciousness on the planet no longer sees the United States as rich / as the big guys.   They are in massive debt, have 100 million on benefits, and are still printing 85b a month.  
  • The first thing to go will be the food stamps.  People are in the way of paying banks back loans.  Welfare and Healthcare will be top of the list.
  • Chase (massive US bank) is no longer allowing wire transfers out of the country, and has reduced transaction limits.  Capitol limits are coming.  See letter below.


The only thing backing the dollar is the military (research countries trying to get out of the dollar matrix and what happens to them).

This psycho mafia born in the late 1800s are not going to go quietly, a big bang will come. They are living on borrowed time that has been purchased by stealing money from future generations.

Many think this is all planned, and that last week was a dry run ......something hard to argue with when you dig a bit further.


Now finally the debate is heading in the right direction. This is all by design. Smoke and mirrors folks. Another fraud. Another scam. Planned for eons. "If that mischievous financial policy which had its origin in the North American Republic [debt-free money] should become indurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without a debt to the International Bankers. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of the civilized governments of the world. The brains and wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe!"                                Times of London newspaper, 1865

It's getting more obvious why nobody really comes from tribal living toward the west.

The weird thing is, as this subject of economy is pretty boring, people distract themselves in nonsense.   If last week was a dry run, it went well - nobody really cared or paid much attention; no bank runs occurred, no pitchforks on the street, no traffic jams as people left the cities with furniture on their roof.....people carried on and took in the normal distractions.  

Get some gold and seeds if in'll get messy.


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

An American Jigsaw Puzzle

Ooh, exciting, we haven't had a conspiratorial article for a while, but after stumbling upon the following jigsaw pieces, a picture is forming through the haze.

Jigsaw Piece 1)   Agenda 21 is real, the corporate, industrial, and military elite want to control people and the population numbers.

Jigsaw Piece 2)  Retired South Dakota Senator, Sheldon Songstad, who represented  Sioux Falls from 1975-1988, has gone public to discuss his memo about FEMA Region 3. Below is what was on the Memo. (Source,  Second Part of a recent Rick Wiles Show).

Forced Home Inspections Will Implemented sometime in 2013.
FEMA purchase orders for over $14.2 million for MREs and heater meals to be delivered to Region III by October 1st.
FEMA purchase orders for 22 million pouches of emergency water to be delivered to region III by October 1st.
FEMA purchase orders for $13.6 million for MREs and heater meals to be delivered to Austin by October 1st.
Nine-week training course for UN Peacekeepers in CONUS to learn Urban Warfare, English, and US weapons systems beginning 4th week of July for 386,000 troops to be completed by October 1st. $11 million in antibiotics to be delivered to FEMA region III by October 1st ordered by CDC.
World Health Organization held second emergency meeting in its history to discuss MERS Coronavirus. Determined a vaccine MUST be in place by October 1st.
2800 MRAPs must be delivered to DHS by October 1st. No leave will be allowed for US military from September 28th thru November 5th. NORCOMM yearly training for civil unrest suspended until September 27th. To be performed in northeast coastal areas. Date for release of QE3 report moved to October 16th.
All DHS agents MUST qualify with sidearm, shotgun and AR 15 by September 28th. No mention of yearly less lethal qualification. Sporadic testing of GPS and Communications satellites is coordinated for the first time with a testing date of September 29th.
POTUS mandates to FEMA and DHS concerning support for metropolitan communities dealing with the extreme climate change MUST be complete by October 1st. These mandates were issued during the last three weeks. Over 300 school systems in the US have determined they need three-day kits for each school AND three-day kits for each student to take with them. All deliveries are scheduled for the month of September.
All National Guard units will complete riot control and disaster assistance training during this years annual two-week training. All units MUST have their training complete by September 30th.
Daily testing of the Emergency Broadcast System to begin on September 25th and run thru October 2nd.
Eastern-based Coast Guard units to perform massive group training, usually performed in the Gulf, in the Virginia and Delaware areas. This is a 10-day training mission to begin September 26th.

Jigsaw Piece 3)  

Why would Homeland Security buy over a billion rounds of ammo in February 2013?

Jigsaw Piece 4)

Jigsaw Piece 5)

Jigsaw Piece 6)   On 17th October American congress will decide whether to raise the nations debt ceiling, or default on their massive debt and payment obligations.  Note:  in 1980, the U.S. national debt was less than one trillion dollars.  Today, it is rapidly approaching 17 trillion dollars.
All main analysts and media outlets are advertising that they'll raise the debt ceiling, as they've done before.  
Author Michael Snyder today stated, "If the debt ceiling deadline (October 17th) passes without an agreement that would be extremely dangerous.  And if the U.S. government is eventually forced to start delaying interest payments on U.S. debt (which could potentially happen as soon as November), that would be absolutely catastrophic.  Once again, just don't take my word for it.  The following are 12 very ominous warnings about what a U.S. debt default would mean for the global economy...

#1 Gerald Epstein, a professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst: "If the US does default, that will make the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy look like a cakewalk"

#2 Tim Bitsberger, a former Treasury official under President George W. Bush: "If we miss an interest payment, that would blow Lehman out of the water"

#3 Peter Tchir, founder of New York-based TF Market Advisors: "Once the system starts to break down related to settlement and payments, then liquidity disappears, as we saw after Lehman."

#4 Bill Isaac, chairman of Cincinnati-based Fifth Third Bancorp: "We can’t even imagine all the things that might happen, just like Henry Paulson couldn’t imagine all the bad things that might happen if he let Lehman go down."

#5 Jim Grant, founder of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer: "Financial markets are all confidence-based. If that confidence is shaken, you have disaster."

#6 Richard Bove, VP of research at Rafferty Capital Markets: "If they seriously default on the debt, what we're really talking about is a depression."

#7 Chinese vice finance minister Zhu Guangyao: "The U.S. is clearly aware of China's concerns about the financial stalemate [in Washington] and China's request for the US to ensure the safety of Chinese investments."

#8 The U.S. Treasury Department: "A default would be unprecedented and has the potential to be catastrophic: credit markets could freeze, the value of the dollar could plummet, U.S. interest rates could skyrocket, the negative spillovers could reverberate around the world, and there might be a financial crisis and recession that could echo the events of 2008 or worse."

#9 Goldman Sachs: "We estimate that the fiscal pull-back would amount to 9pc of GDP. If this were allowed to occur, it could lead to a rapid downturn in economic activity if not reversed quickly."

#10 Simon Johnson, former chief economist for the IMF: "It would be insane to default, but it’s no longer a zero-percent probability."

#11 Warren Buffett about the potential of a debt default: "It should be like nuclear bombs, basically too horrible to use."

#12 Bloomberg: "Anyone who remembers the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. little more than five years ago knows what a global financial disaster is. A U.S. government default, just weeks away if Congress fails to raise the debt ceiling as it now threatens to do, will be an economic calamity like none the world has ever seen."

Jigsaw piece number 7)   On the markets; the S&P, Dow, and $ currency pair charts are all starting to show (through technical indicators) some bearish signs - e.g ready for a drop. 

What images do you get from the jigsaw pieces?     Would you like another jigsaw piece or two?

If a US debt default does occur this month, then get ready for a massive spike in US interest rates, then welcome to hyper inflation, then welcome to hungry children, then welcome to rioting parents, then welcome to Martial Law.

For those in need of some money as they have been hammered by the corrupt system for years, get on the markets with some leverage, and get ready to click the mouse on a dollar fall, an S&P fall, and a gold rise when the tip comes.
. The tip will come at some point, it's inevitable, and this October 17th is just a sign to see if they want to pull the plug now, or make it worse in the future (kick the can down the road).   One thing is for sure, the knees are starting to buckle.

Two solid long term keys; Fertile land and physical gold (currently undervalued)- hard assets.

If this Jigsaw puzzle does come to fruition, then it will be a big part of the Sophia correction.


Saturday, 5 October 2013

Fireballs & Gifts Within Sadness

First a quick round up from some recent observations.  

My last conceptual fiction book is now looking less like fiction each week,  but at least AI is miles away and fictitious? 

The uber cool burning man festival is not as conscious and moral as it self promotes,  nor seems to be the the new iPhone.

The cool fashion cats in Barcelona might be getting a bit shaky soon,  and more whistleblowers have come out to spread the truth about the banking elite, just a few weeks before a USA debt ceiling rise, or the alternative default on their debt.   All analysts state the debt limit will rise, but with the decision just hours after the full moon eclipse in October, anything could happen.

Whatever you many think regarding any of the above, don't protest, and don't drive around Washington too fast.
Many people have now heard of comet ISON,  a roughly 5 miles square celestial body, hurtling near Mars at the moment, towards its swing around the sun around late November (if it doesn't break up).    

Soon this could be seen with the naked eye, and the last time a comet of this size was seen in our solar system was in 1680, a time of tax revolts and the American Indian pueblo revolts (for those astrologically inclined).

If this thing breaks up, it could create even more meteorites into our atmosphere in early 2014, the NASA article is unreadable.....because....heheh.....the US government are up to something and telling people they are "shut down" due to a squabble over health and funding.   1) They don't care about health - research food, pharma, and war.  2)  They have zillions of dollars - research central banks, black ops, corps, tax, and...war.

Sorry to digress, back on track -  The possibility of this sungrazing comet giving the earth meteoroid showers is interesting because since early 2012 there has been a steady rise of meteors and "earth falling debris."    note: image below from a march 2013 fireball.

After the mega fireball in Russia in February, in September a biggie fireball was seen in the sky in Alabama, and another big one in late September in Ohio killing two people. All the above have been confirmed by NASA.....along with others in September.

One can also simply view the American Metoer society to witness the 1000's of recent sightings and witnesses.  

Ask yourself why is this not on the news.

On the earth changes front, for years I have had some metaphysical signs towards New Zealand seeing changes in my lifetime - we will see.


Not too long ago, someone sent me a book written by a woman who had experienced a troubled life.  Toxic marriages, pain, and but was now "living in permanent bliss."  I read the short book and it seemed she had a system of blocking things out, suppressing things, and repeatedly mind controlling herself that everything was wonderful and that she was wonderful.

The alarm bells started to ring....not Defcon 1, but you could call it Yellow alert.

"As long as he is happy,"  "Are you happy?"   "Does he make you happy?"   "If X then you will be happy."    How many times have we all heard these phrases?   It seems humanity is on a perpetual strive towards the sensation of 'happiness,' whether that comes from entertainment, foolishness, folly, career, money, lovers, or the inner world.

What if this is all wrong?    Well something is wrong as sadness is shunned and looked at like an illness, "Oh no, Jerry is sad, eeek, is he alright?  Oh my god, he's not happy, what can we do!!!"  .....sort of chaos ensues if someone dares admit they are experiencing some sadness.   Funny how "I'm pissed off" is much more socially accepted than a true, deep, "I feel so sad."

“We’ve all met people who seem too sticky and gooey. They are “too nice” and sickeningly sweet. We sense that they are somehow being fake when we are around them and we feel we never really know them. They are, as the saying goes, “too good to be true.” These people are barricaded behind their mask or persona. They will deliberately avoid any kind of negative reaction or emotion. They refuse to be real and suffer the acceptance of their own dark side and this can be a dangerous thing.”
- Rebeca Eigen

Some humans equate connection to source to how happy one is, but maybe the spiritual law is related to how many experiences of the infinite one has had.    Infinity and eternity laugh in the face of human happiness spikes based on TV, celebrity, or apps.

For me, the law is that we should feel ALL emotions to their entirety; happiness, sadness, euphoria, despair - any emotion that comes to us we need to feel to really live it.....but 
to remain in a BALANCED state, our core within the middle pillar, our essence in EQUILIBRIUM.    

If we for examples sake, create a scale of -10 for super sad, 0 for indifferent, and +10 for super happy, then most humans are scared to goto a -6, and are even more scared of admitting to anyone they are in a -3 state.   Maybe humans are so unbalanced that diving into a feeling of sadness at -7 may scare them as they feel they might lose their grip on 0.

This negation of sadness creates a negative shadow in the collective, which manifests as crappy events (e.g parking tickets, dodgy laws, corruption) - but let us not digress too much.

What isn't acknowledged is that one can be a warm, happy, connected person, who is feeling and expressing deep sadness.

"Real happiness does not require an absence of pain, but rather that we consciously enter our pain, and enter it not headfirst but heartfirst, employing our attention like a miner’s 
headlamp. Put another way, when we compassionately approach our pain and cultivate intimacy with it, we find ourselves settling into a sobering happiness, a happiness that does not necessarily disintegrate just because we’re having a bad day. Just as embracing — not fusing with, but compassionately holding — our insecurity secures us, embracing our unhappiness (or any other painful state or condition) brings us into the realm of authentic happiness."
- Robert Augustus Marcu

One can feel love, connection, and sadness at the same time.

In fact, some say negative emotions are the key to well being, and others say that feeling bad is actually good.

“Sorrow prepares you for joy. It violently sweeps everything out of your house, so that new joy can find space to enter. It shakes the yellow leaves from the bough of your heart, so that fresh, green leaves can grow in their place. It pulls up the rotten roots, so that new roots hidden beneath have room to grow. Whatever sorrow shakes from your heart, far better things will take their place.”

Emotions are like friends - we have to accept them or we won’t have any.    

The idea of what we’re supposed to feel like dominates what we actually feel like. We are ghosts in our own bodies.

There’s nothing wrong with a good struggle.

Doubt is great.  Fear is great.  It means we get to prove to ourselves why we matter. 

Challenge is growth. No challenge is stagnation.   Prozac, and hours of television every night. It’s miserable and it shrinks souls. 

We are not supposed to be happy all the time, in America and the UK many take tablets to be "happy" - they have no balance and are missing out on feelings and sensations that are NATURAL.    "...So someone robbed your nan and burned down your home?"   "Haha, I feel soooo happy, I am sooo connected, I accept this with my heart completely....hahaha."    Do you get my point?

The 20th century gave to us the "what are you doing, what are you going to do?"  But now the 21st century is giving us "How happy are you?" - it's a trap.

"You,’ he said, ‘are a terribly real thing in a terribly false world, and that, I believe, is why you are in so much pain.’
Emily Autumn

Sorrow prepares you for joy. It violently sweeps everything out of your house, so that new joy can find space to enter. It shakes the yellow leaves from the bough of your heart, so that fresh, green leaves can grow in their place. It pulls up the rotten roots, so that new roots hidden beneath have room to grow. Whatever sorrow shakes from your heart, far better things will take their place.”

Many pretend to be happy, others mind control themselves so that they actually feel happy.   So one in a slave type job, with no free time, unfriendly happy?    There is a thin line between being positive and accepting, and being a fool....and this is not debated enough.  For example, In a warzone walking to the grocers with bombs falling, and passing dead bodies.....all the while affirming "I am happy"  It's a bit silly.

Maybe depression is a strong feedback sign for the species?  Well, depression is up, suicides are up, but nobody cares - the species doesn't see these as important signs......just buy a glossy paint brush of fluffy happiness and it all goes away.   

If one is truly at a high vibration they would feel the pain of the earth, the animals, and collective humanity, if one cannot feel this and is dancing in "permanent bliss" - they are a charlatan.   

Maybe happiness is Irrelevant?  You can have tremendous presence when you are the saddest person in the world. When you have lost something close to you - you can feel that sadness with an exquisite kind of beauty. In these moments happiness and unhappiness are in many ways irrelevant. This is the fierce terrible beauty of Human Presence. We are told we should be everything except your courageous self.

Sadness gives depth. Happiness gives height. Sadness gives roots. Happiness gives branches. Happiness is like a tree going into the sky, and sadness is like the roots going down into the womb of the earth. Both are needed, and the higher a tree goes, the deeper it goes, simultaneously. The bigger the tree, the bigger will be its roots. In fact, it is always in proportion. That's its balance.”  

Life, for many, is a futile attempt to become secure in a dimension that is intrinsically insecure. ......its the security that gives them the contentment.

"I am not saying to move in darkness forever. Light has it's own beauty and its own reason. If the seed remains in the dark forever and ever, and never comes up to receive the sun in the morning, it will be dead.   It has to go into darkness to sprout, to gather strength, to become vital, to be reborn, and then it has to come out and face the world and the light and the storm and the rains. It has to accept the challenge of the outside. But that challenge can only be accepted if you are deeply rooted within. ?"   

If one suppress or hides from feelings of sadness (often done by jumping into the dilution of large groups) one can get ill.  Emotions are linked to our immune system.  
Even the ancient Chinese medicine healing system has this to say of joy (related to the heart); 

"When one is excessively joyful, the spirit scatters and can no longer be stored," states the Lingshu (The Vital Axis). However, in TCM, joy refers to a states of agitation or overexcitement, rather than the more passive notion of deep contentment. The organ most affected is the heart. Over-stimulation can lead to problems of heart fire connected with such symptoms as feelings of agitation, insomnia and palpitations."

This system relates grief (sadness) to the lungs.  "The lungs are more directly involved with this emotion. A normal and healthy expression of grief can be expressed as sobbing that originates in the depths of the lungs - deep breathes and the expulsion of air with the sob. However, grief that remains unresolved and becomes chronic can create disharmony in the lungs, weakening the lung qi (vital energy). This in turn can interfere with the lung's function of circulating qi (vital energy) around the body."

Transfiguration is The One Goal Of Humanity.
"It is not to 'get rich', or 'become famous', or 'obtain power', or 'fall in love', or 'be happy', or 'to enjoy life' (which is really a living death), or 'to make it to heaven' (which is really 
not an eternal heaven at all), or 'to make the world a better place' (which cannot be done in this dualistic universe). The One Goal of Humanity, the sole purpose for our repeated 
incarnations is to find the Key that will get us out of here!"
The Gate Of Choice blog

Contentment is the enemy of invention, innovation, and change.

"Nietzsche was the one who did the job for me. At a certain moment in his life, the idea came to him of what he called “the love of your fate.” Whatever your fate is, whatever the hell happens, you say, “This is what I need.” It may look like a wreck, but go at it as though it were an opportunity, a challenge. If you bring love to that moment-not discouragement-you will find the strength is there. Any disaster that you can survive is an improvement in your character, your stature, and your life. What a privilege! This is when the spontaneity of your own nature will have a chance to flow.
Then, when looking back at your life, you will see that the moments which seemed to be great failures followed by wreckage were the incidents that shaped the life you have now. You’l see that this is really true. Nothing can happen to you that is not positive. Even though it looks and feels at the moment like a negative crisis, it is not. The crisis throws you back, and when you are required to exhibit strength, it comes.”
- Joseph Campbell

There can be grace, love, and divinity in deep sadness, there is nothing of note in false happiness.