Tuesday, 8 October 2013

An American Jigsaw Puzzle

Ooh, exciting, we haven't had a conspiratorial article for a while, but after stumbling upon the following jigsaw pieces, a picture is forming through the haze.

Jigsaw Piece 1)   Agenda 21 is real, the corporate, industrial, and military elite want to control people and the population numbers.

Jigsaw Piece 2)  Retired South Dakota Senator, Sheldon Songstad, who represented  Sioux Falls from 1975-1988, has gone public to discuss his memo about FEMA Region 3. Below is what was on the Memo. (Source,  Second Part of a recent Rick Wiles Show).

Forced Home Inspections Will Implemented sometime in 2013.
FEMA purchase orders for over $14.2 million for MREs and heater meals to be delivered to Region III by October 1st.
FEMA purchase orders for 22 million pouches of emergency water to be delivered to region III by October 1st.
FEMA purchase orders for $13.6 million for MREs and heater meals to be delivered to Austin by October 1st.
Nine-week training course for UN Peacekeepers in CONUS to learn Urban Warfare, English, and US weapons systems beginning 4th week of July for 386,000 troops to be completed by October 1st. $11 million in antibiotics to be delivered to FEMA region III by October 1st ordered by CDC.
World Health Organization held second emergency meeting in its history to discuss MERS Coronavirus. Determined a vaccine MUST be in place by October 1st.
2800 MRAPs must be delivered to DHS by October 1st. No leave will be allowed for US military from September 28th thru November 5th. NORCOMM yearly training for civil unrest suspended until September 27th. To be performed in northeast coastal areas. Date for release of QE3 report moved to October 16th.
All DHS agents MUST qualify with sidearm, shotgun and AR 15 by September 28th. No mention of yearly less lethal qualification. Sporadic testing of GPS and Communications satellites is coordinated for the first time with a testing date of September 29th.
POTUS mandates to FEMA and DHS concerning support for metropolitan communities dealing with the extreme climate change MUST be complete by October 1st. These mandates were issued during the last three weeks. Over 300 school systems in the US have determined they need three-day kits for each school AND three-day kits for each student to take with them. All deliveries are scheduled for the month of September.
All National Guard units will complete riot control and disaster assistance training during this years annual two-week training. All units MUST have their training complete by September 30th.
Daily testing of the Emergency Broadcast System to begin on September 25th and run thru October 2nd.
Eastern-based Coast Guard units to perform massive group training, usually performed in the Gulf, in the Virginia and Delaware areas. This is a 10-day training mission to begin September 26th.

Jigsaw Piece 3)  

Why would Homeland Security buy over a billion rounds of ammo in February 2013?

Jigsaw Piece 4)

Jigsaw Piece 5)

Jigsaw Piece 6)   On 17th October American congress will decide whether to raise the nations debt ceiling, or default on their massive debt and payment obligations.  Note:  in 1980, the U.S. national debt was less than one trillion dollars.  Today, it is rapidly approaching 17 trillion dollars.
All main analysts and media outlets are advertising that they'll raise the debt ceiling, as they've done before.  
Author Michael Snyder today stated, "If the debt ceiling deadline (October 17th) passes without an agreement that would be extremely dangerous.  And if the U.S. government is eventually forced to start delaying interest payments on U.S. debt (which could potentially happen as soon as November), that would be absolutely catastrophic.  Once again, just don't take my word for it.  The following are 12 very ominous warnings about what a U.S. debt default would mean for the global economy...

#1 Gerald Epstein, a professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst: "If the US does default, that will make the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy look like a cakewalk"

#2 Tim Bitsberger, a former Treasury official under President George W. Bush: "If we miss an interest payment, that would blow Lehman out of the water"

#3 Peter Tchir, founder of New York-based TF Market Advisors: "Once the system starts to break down related to settlement and payments, then liquidity disappears, as we saw after Lehman."

#4 Bill Isaac, chairman of Cincinnati-based Fifth Third Bancorp: "We can’t even imagine all the things that might happen, just like Henry Paulson couldn’t imagine all the bad things that might happen if he let Lehman go down."

#5 Jim Grant, founder of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer: "Financial markets are all confidence-based. If that confidence is shaken, you have disaster."

#6 Richard Bove, VP of research at Rafferty Capital Markets: "If they seriously default on the debt, what we're really talking about is a depression."

#7 Chinese vice finance minister Zhu Guangyao: "The U.S. is clearly aware of China's concerns about the financial stalemate [in Washington] and China's request for the US to ensure the safety of Chinese investments."

#8 The U.S. Treasury Department: "A default would be unprecedented and has the potential to be catastrophic: credit markets could freeze, the value of the dollar could plummet, U.S. interest rates could skyrocket, the negative spillovers could reverberate around the world, and there might be a financial crisis and recession that could echo the events of 2008 or worse."

#9 Goldman Sachs: "We estimate that the fiscal pull-back would amount to 9pc of GDP. If this were allowed to occur, it could lead to a rapid downturn in economic activity if not reversed quickly."

#10 Simon Johnson, former chief economist for the IMF: "It would be insane to default, but it’s no longer a zero-percent probability."

#11 Warren Buffett about the potential of a debt default: "It should be like nuclear bombs, basically too horrible to use."

#12 Bloomberg: "Anyone who remembers the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. little more than five years ago knows what a global financial disaster is. A U.S. government default, just weeks away if Congress fails to raise the debt ceiling as it now threatens to do, will be an economic calamity like none the world has ever seen."

Jigsaw piece number 7)   On the markets; the S&P, Dow, and $ currency pair charts are all starting to show (through technical indicators) some bearish signs - e.g ready for a drop. 

What images do you get from the jigsaw pieces?     Would you like another jigsaw piece or two?

If a US debt default does occur this month, then get ready for a massive spike in US interest rates, then welcome to hyper inflation, then welcome to hungry children, then welcome to rioting parents, then welcome to Martial Law.

For those in need of some money as they have been hammered by the corrupt system for years, get on the markets with some leverage, and get ready to click the mouse on a dollar fall, an S&P fall, and a gold rise when the tip comes.
. The tip will come at some point, it's inevitable, and this October 17th is just a sign to see if they want to pull the plug now, or make it worse in the future (kick the can down the road).   One thing is for sure, the knees are starting to buckle.

Two solid long term keys; Fertile land and physical gold (currently undervalued)- hard assets.

If this Jigsaw puzzle does come to fruition, then it will be a big part of the Sophia correction.