Monday, 28 October 2013

Halloween, Catholics, and Children......

Much is back to front in today's world, and especially for children - the planets next generation.   

There are many examples to choose from, but in this blog I'll scoot through three things many parents see as beneficial, safe, and 'positive' for their children.....

1.  Halloween    2. The Catholic Church  3. Maddie Mcann

Samhain is really a Celtic, Druid, Wicca tradition going back to before 500BC, originally related to harvesting and death. It's also one of the major Druidic / pagan dates.

When one looks at the Black Magic and Satanists Calendars, one sees that Samhain is one of the most important dates on their calendars.  

The following is taken from three sources:

  • Oct 28-30 Satanist High   (Holy Day related to Halloween) blood ritual human sacrifice each day any age (male or female)
  • Oct 30-31 All Hallows Eve and Halloween Night blood and sexual sexual climax,association with the demons, animal and/or human sacrifice any age (male or female and/or animal)
  • Oct 31 All Hollow's Blood Feast of the dead M or F Sacrifice Human Child to Adult 7-18yrs
  • Oct 31 ~ ALL HALLOWS EVE (Halloween or Samhain) (Sexual and Blood Rituals)   Sexual association with demons called up, and animal and/or human sacrifice.
I believe that dressing your children up as demons, ghouls, vampires, and black witches on this night will attract crappy energy to their auras - think about it, sacrifice and black 
magic is going on, as is energy harvesting, and if we look at it from a pagan point of view - the dark has overpowered the light (past the autumn equinox), and the crops are now 

The Gnostics, Rosicrucians, Shaman would all agree, where there is dark energy on mass, the ghouls come out and sink into the lower astral to reach down, and the purer the soul (children), the more the feast.

It's all to easy to say "It's just fun" as the west has turned it into a commercial carnival, but even that is all focused fear, gore, violence, and mutilation.   Nice.

Even the Catholics still celebrate this 'festival' as 'All Saints day' on the 1st November, which leads us on to The Catholics.


I explained in my second book much of the dark history of Catholicism, and this below is one of the best documentaries I have seen in recent years, it really moved me.

It shows clearly that there are child molesting Priests globally, how the Vatican accepts and protects them, and that $80 million was spent on an order called 'The Servants of the Paracletes' that looked after over 2000 paedophile Priests.   The Vatican and the Priests themselves see Priests as above the law, society, and other humans.  

The reality is more like this:

It's as if The Vatican is a Satanic Paedophile sect, opening dark portals to feed on the death of a child's innocence, and the twisting of a child's soul.   

As the movie shows, The Vatican is a power structure that look after eachother, just look at this Bishop here, only placed on a 'short leave' for spending $42million of peoples money on.....decadence!

I've let my feelings known about the Madeleine McCann ritual in my first book and in a couple of previous blogs.   Recently she has been in the news allot more than usual (another gain 'emotional energy' spike).   I just wanted to share two photos over-used by the main stream media in recent weeks.    Both have occult connotations.

It is up to us adults to keep the innocence of our children protected.    Not the Goverments, not the Religeons, not any power structure, each of us as individuals.


On another note, I enjoy these sorts of things - here is a guy the new film 'The Wolf of Wall Street' is based upon.  A great case of definitely not being locked into his "white shadow" (were one believes they are purer than pure, perfect, and elevated) - he was ripping people off in Wall Street, was addicted to everything, spiralled out of control, ended up in jail, then transmuted himself, and then came out and now spreads some wisdom, and is paying back all those he ripped off.  It's really an alchemical story.   Shame this cannot be said of The Vatican or the Satantists. 

For if one seeks to transform, the cave needs first to be searched for, and second it needs to be deep.

PS.  Keep your guards up regarding R.Brand, as one said, "A homeopathic pill for the pi***d off," much like wikileaks is.