Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Acceptance Trap

Hi all,

First a couple of recent observations...

The BBC again, sigh.  They have a children's programme about "Getting Well," with a theme tune showing dancing SYRINGES (vaccinations), and lyrics about "Your doctor will tell you what to do" - in white coats (they are the experts) and all aimed at 2-5 year olds. 

Toxic mind control goes to a new level.   I am in disbelief.  Maybe the children will one day be taught critical thinking lessons.  Probably not.  If children can have thoughts shaped, just think what sort of adults they could become?
Quite sad that so many in Australia (even the interviewer) are glorifying and paying attribute to the murdering psychopath Chopper, who died this week. The interviewer in Chopper's last ever interview seems to even respect and promote him.    Etherically I can see that when he was raped as a child some very dark energy got into him - but masses admiring the monster he became?  And finding comedy in it?    All in all a very sad, toxic, and strange paradigm.   Humanity is one people say, but as far as evolution goes, we are only as evolved as the densest and most evil human on the planet.   For those who are sensitive to energy watch the last interview with Chopper and observe the sensations around the crown chakra....let me know what happened and I'll explain what I feel is going on.
For me the acceptance trap is most dangerous one coming out of the new-age arena these days.    Of course we need to accept the reality we live in and it's metaphysical laws, plus any individual turmoil is to be met with balance, but this doctrine is being taken too far, and probably even co-opted.

I've said to many people I believe Eckhart Tolle has a big "pushing hand" behind him to get so "worldwide."  His overall doctrine is very tangible and palatable, bit if we take a big view of the philosophy, it states that people should do nothing, never deal with the past, the shadow, never look at the future, never try and change anything, and never look at any toxicity - it all 'just is' and people should 'just be' ......It's the elites dream, and many new agers watch a bit on tube and as it feels kinda nice, many swallow it up.

Many these days are afraid of making objective observations, or criticising anything - as they think they are "judgements."  This is the ultimate danger of the "accept everything" trap.   This acceptance philosophy never tackles issues, it hugs or denies them.  It kills passion for humanity, and that passion for humanity is a fire one should not extinguish.

So do you accept:

Living in a reality where rape takes place?
Living in a reality where paedophilia takes place?
Living in a reality where mass corruption takes place?
Living in a reality where mass oppression takes place?
Living in a reality where torture takes place?
Living in a reality where controlled and created poverty takes place?
Living in a reality with toxic technology?
Living in a reality where the oceans  are becoming dead?   

Living in a reality where all of the above can be removed quite easily?

I feel that If you are in "complete acceptance" with these things AND plan to do nothing at all to help improve these in any way, then you are a strange human being with some serious issues, especially if you are under the illusion you are on some sort of path of evolution.

One could reword things and say that those in complete acceptance with the above list are "OK with evil."    Since when did it become evolved to turn a blind eye to evil in the world?

Luckily there are some people who do not accept this, and even get angry at those with no empathy or compassion.

note: Brand could be a controlled pied piper, a homeopathic pill for those pissed off....i don't know yet...but his anger comment fits in this article.

For those in complete acceptance that don't even seek to look into the ills of the world, know of the arrogance of ignorance.

I could go into other things in the new age arena like certain gurus, spiritual bypassing, COINTELPRO, food cults, and other weird related paradigms, but I don't seek to dilute this article.

So just ask yourself why Hinduism (Kali), Buddhism (wrathful deities), and Christianity (Mikael, Uriel) all have archetypes that are fierce and striking when dark energy is present, but the new age has conjured some sort of astral-acceptance-deity?

More people are working it all out - that there is crazy toxicity within Banks, Spying, Corps, Pharma, Food, and the Media, so who do you think would would benefit the most from an "accept everything" and "be in the now" philosophy?

Be balanced, accept reality, but don't accept toxic energy being created by other people or by dark parasites.   That is strength.