Friday, 29 November 2013

The Third Net.

Matthew Delooze recently wrote about the second net, explaining that many who have escaped the first net of media and system lies (the matrix as some call it), have just jumped into a second net of control within the truth movement.

This can be summarised and exaggerated in a short clip here:

There's for sure an unhealthy amount of new agers who spend allot of time shaming others for 'projecting fear' and 'being negative' about objective truths in the world, but then seem to be afraid of things like wifi, white rice, tobacco, and foods etc.   It's a paradox;   "Oh, a corporate elite you fund just bombed a school with drone planes and lied in the media, and will collect more tax due to a new dodgy policy,"  "Don't be so negative man, but hey, drink 5L of lemon water before breakfast or you might die."

"...In the face of catastrophe, mass culture continues to assure us that if we close our eyes, if we visualise what we want, if we have faith in ourselves, if we tell God that we believe in miracles, if we tap into our inner strength, if we grasp that we are truly exceptional, if we focus on happiness, our lives will be harmonious and complete. This cultural retreat into illusion... turns alienation and anxiety into a cheerful conformity... And it keeps us from fighting back."
Chris Hedges

"The New Age Religion was a product of the Macy Conferences (1946 - 1953) held in New York City and including some of the worlds foremost scientists and anthropologists (incl. Margaret Mead). Using a study conducted by the International Institute for Social Research on "The Authoritarian Personality" they conducted the largest ever social profile of an entire nation, the US, trying to understand racial and religious prejudice, in an attempt to explain and then prevent another Holocaust from happening. They tasked themselves with developing a science to predict human behaviour, and to control the subconscious. The CIA was heavily involved in these studies and conferences. Their concern was Fascism, and the Existential malaise caused by the loss of God in the Modern scientific era. What Gestalt psychiatrist Kurt Lewin and his team discovered was:   "To stop fascism it is necessary to alter the nature of man & his underlying cultural patterns so that the authoritarian matrix would be eradicated forever." In other words, to create "anti-Authoritarian people" (in this case, they mean creating non Authoritarians). 
Their conclusion, and goal, was to transform the world into a "New World Order," a post-national, multi-ethnic global society with no borders. To implement it they needed two things 1) a global interconnected communication network (the Internet) and 2) a global culture/religion, which became the New Age Religion (hence it's name). This was to be the first global religion with elements taken from all previously existing religions. They knew that historical empires always changed their State Religion to whatever at the time was best suited towards pacifying the masses.
It gets waaaaaay deeper, but this is the basic outline. Later, these results were handed off to places like Esalen, the Tavistock Institute (UK), the Rockefeller Foundation and the RAND Corporation to discover ways of defining the new religions and cultures. Two other examples of products of this work were the new American forms of Evangelical Christianity and the Hippie Counterculture. 
These studies were paired with the psychological mapping and profiling work of Henry A Murray and the scientists working in the MKULTRA and Artichoke programs to determine ways of controlling the human subconscious. One of their products was Cult Psychology.
They are all interconnected."
Charles Shaw

"We must always remember to thank the CIA and the Army for LSD. That's what people forget. Everything is the opposite of what it is, isn't it, Harry?"
John Lennon

"Maybe the CIA created the LSD flower power, backed off for a bit to get some social modelling and social engineering statistics, and has recently launched it's second net." Matthew Dalooze 

One could go further into the CIA's links to the creation of the Hippy Movement, but there is not much need, Kris Northern's humerous tounge in cheek glossary below shows us that any humans seriously living within this, won't change much on this planet.

Family – A circle of Hippie friends who are so far out on a fringe-tangent of fashion and ideology that they could never actually interact with any one’s real family.

Festival – A party; usually dressed up to have some kind of socio-political or spiritual significance. This of course has little impact on the number of bad trips, fights, and misuse of the land that takes place. Often doesn’t change anything but gives revellers the impression that it has.

Goddess – A worshipful term used for the highest echelon of female hippies by Spiritual Guides. Therefore the “goddess” is usually young, pretty, dreadlocked and impeccably dressed. The goddess however fully plays into the role and usually embodies a multi-dimensional stare, extremely rigid and controlled movement to give rise to the illusion they float on air and 100% fluent in galactic lingo. Don’t attempt to communicate with them if you don’t wish to be shot down with laser beams from their eyes

Goddess Worship – ogling or stalking goddesses.

Intergalactic – Taking place within the confines of the industrialised western society.

Mercury in Retrograde – Why you called your girlfriend a bitch last night.

Open Minded – Not able to entertain any opposing viewpoints.

Open Relationship – A fuck-buddy situation for anyone too selfish or immature for a real relationship.

Rasta - Consists of white kids who love smoking pot, so they talk like a Jamaican Rastafarian – completely missing the point that the main precepts of Rastafarianism are about black people returning to pride, power and Africa.

Soulmate - Will be single again in 4 months.

Unconditional Love – Open affection for anyone within your close knit group of like-minded and similarly-dressed friends.

So what's the 3rd net?


The third net can actually catch people that have no idea of the first and/or second net.  A human can jump straight into the 3rd net, but it is really there to cater for those who fall through first and second nets.

The third net is to catch many of those who spend time in the spirit worlds / the astral / the inner worlds (choose a wording).   Usually those who attain this ability come from either deep mediation practises, magical orders, channelling, being mega empathic, grimoires, a crazy ego, seeking escapism, an overactive imagination, or having the gift of seership.

The third net is in the astral, it attempts to trick many of those who believer they are working with their HGA, Elementals, nature spirits, plant spirits, Sigiled planetary beings, deity, or the more new age; paladien entities, or ascended masters.

The trick in the third net is for dark astral parasites (archons, jinn, demons - word not important) to attach to a human, feed off the human, and place thoughts into the human, but all the while appearing as the being/entity/energy/spirit (word not important) that the human thinks it's working with.

There are many hungry energies waiting in the 3rd net masquerading as something else.

My advice if working in the inner worlds is to find some solid theory before diving in - knocking on and opening doors; A Qabalistic framework will help, as will works from Franz Bardon, Josephine McCarthy, and others.  Also a Shamanic experience can bring some inner world knowledge too.

But the thought of these more trodden routes make many automatically cower behind the sofa, or run to the nearest organic shop with their mates, as this seems to be the 'new spiritual' -  Clothes and food.

If you want a springboard to the astral:  If your energy is quite fast, on a waxing moon refrain from eating for some hours, then take a herb or salt bath, lay down and listen to this with earphones.


Beware each net!   How?    Know Thyself deeply, and know Thy reality deeply.  Get to a place where your individual  experience teaches you how to know, a place beyond the realms of belief.

Catechism for a Witch’s Child

When they ask to see your gods
your book of prayers
show them lines
drawn delicately with veins
on the underside of a bird’s wing
tell them you believe
in giant sycamores mottled
and stark against a winter sky
and in nights so frozen
stars crack open spilling
streams of molten ice to earth
and tell them how you drink
a holy wine of honeysuckle
on a warm spring day
and of the softness
of your mother who never taught you
death was life’s reward
but who believed in the earth
and the sun
and a million, million light years
of being
1986 J.L.Stanley

Sunday, 24 November 2013

A Christmas Gift Message

Three years have past since I wrote the Festive Robots article.   After seeing the presents on sale this Christmas I thought to add to this meme.

I contemplated humans planning to give their smiling and excited little children a gift this Christmas from the high street corporations.   From this I think It's worth reminding oneself....

1)  All the adverts one sees on TV are for corporate profit.   If one is fooled by the tinsel, know even Toys R Us only care for profit too.  "Oh no, they only made £6m, it's just not good enough!"   Not the sort of outfit to give money to really.   Why?  Greedy for more money is hardly a trait of a caring outfit that loves to give.

Toys R Us toys are mainly based on TV too.  So lets get this straight, the TV advertises toys, and then the toys advertise ensures locking children into a strange synthetic world with little way out.

2) Christmas is great for the central banks, it gathers key retail figures and consumer confidence sentiment, and these are key in deciding inflation and interest rates (basically, the economy).  Oh and look at the chart below, just who would want Joe Public to spend a fortune in the shops this winter to boost growth?

3)  The act of placing plastic into more plastic, to buy plastic, is not a gauge of love.

The Credit Card outfits make billions from interest, and you can be sure the credit card bosses overlords will be buying each other presents.

4) Giving the likes of Amazon money to behave like this is no way to make a child smile.

.....but many will listen to the TV adverts and the cultural conditioning, for the hypnosis is deep.


After some contemplation, and after seeing  children up the mountain with nature to play with, and also seeing children in houses with plastic toys becoming more disconnected -  I have come to a new conclusion and idea;

Give children the present of value this Christmas, by not buying them any high street presents. Don't do nothing, but actually take some corporate plastic toys away from them in their sleep - dress up as Santa if you want to.  So when they wake up Christmas day they see their toy box with less toys in it!   But then give them tons of love all day and share your full time and attention.  Maybe gift a book, or make them a gift, they could even help too. Maybe make it a symbol of the deep winter coming that you will share together....something, somehow, with just a smidgen of some meaning.  

This new present of value teaches many things:

All is impermanent.
Don't have too many material expectations.
How to create space in ones life.
Adding more material items reduces ones internal value of things external.
What other children do or have is not compulsory - it's ok to be different.
Saves money for real things like heating and food.
Identity is not from what one has or what one looks like.

......but most will ignorantly feed the central banks instead - here is a photo from the Rothschild's Christmas doo last year ;-)   This year they can also harvest the energy of the Americans turning ThanksGiving into Black Friday at places like WalMart.   How low can humanity sink preparing for its festival of gluttony?


Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Real Masters....

Many of the new-age fluffy-fluff crews  spout that no master can guide one along the path, plus those solely within thoughts, mind, logic, and matter, spout there is no path.   But I disagree.

Yes, ultimately the true master is deep in the self (deep enough to have to really dig about a bit though), but from my experiences someone with 'true Gnosis' can certainly guide.

I have come across a true master recently, known simply as Matt, a traveller.  He has such cosmic consciousness he sees the earth plane as outer space.  Matt seeks no money, adorns no strange clothes or any strange titles.   Matt simply burns through all labels and conditioning; simply by observing pure truth in day to day life.


Matt experiences many avenues of our reality, including going to a barbecue, going fishing, and dancing.  Also observing lawnmowers, scary rides, and food paint.

Not all masters come clothed in cloth, charge money, or even call themselves masters, but some like Matt are just true masters of the earth plane......and guess what?  HE IS A actual playground insult from my school days, and guess what?   And here's the kicker -  and the key to the whole article - he has more wisdom than most of humanity.

Happy Satur(n)day, I leave with a photo of comet ISON.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

The Fall of America & The 'Revolution' Meme

First off, on Armistice Day, it's good to go straight to the horses mouth and listen to those who suffered most at the hands of the 'Banking and Corporate' war-creators, and not to go any deeper.

Most people across the world have a deeply conditioned notion that the good old US of A is full of wealth, comfort, power, opportunity, and freedom.   But this is the spin from the corporate controlled media (including Hollywood).  A complete illusion sold to animal desires of potential consumers.  


But for those who look at things a bit deeper, we can see that American society's falling apart.  We don't even need to step anywhere near the USA's toxic recent history on foreign soil, we just look at the USA itsself, and step directly into the present paradigm.




And now It's illegal to feed homeless people, and if you think this is some sort of  conspiracy, watch the following:

The USA Cops are becoming more brutal, almost like aggressive deranged robots.

It's even got to a stage where many of us can't rule out the video below.....

....or rule out that the coming GridEx drill isn't something more sinister than it appears - due to Solar Flares or ISON (though goverment data on the most recent X-flare has been blanked).  We would be smart to remember that  9/11, 7/7, Boston, and Sandy Hook false flag events each had drills going on at the same time.

America is in a mess, and the recent Obamacare policy is one of the final nails in the coffin for the middle class, and will push even more people into poor health and poverty.

But one could argue whether or not the current carry-on is of a communist or fascist nature, both extremes actually end up looking very similar, and the labels aren't too important.


But one thing I've noticed in the past ten days is the Revolution meme gaining pace - with the 'R' word being banded around virally via social network sites and alternative news sites.  Even the mainstream are in on the revolution gig, with puppets like Brand (whether he knows he is a puppet or not), and 'hacking group' Anonymous.


We should contemplate how the masks are all made.

And also know that it's Time Warner that make profits from the sale of the masks.  If one knows not about Time Warner then this may help.

We are told desperate people may soon get read to take to the streets, But this is looking very coerced, for we know that revolution is business.

I would also beware any groups using the fist logo.

One thing's for sure, this sort of craziness on worldwide TV is a when, not an if. 

My advice is none, one has to figure this puzzle out for oneself, and work out what to do, or not to do, all on ones own.....because that's the law - free will.

But personally i'll stroll the other way from any pied piper's calling for any marches, creating solutions is much more harmonious than any revolt(ing).  And marches, stone throwing, and shouting "You are bad" just hold an authority up  - live as though 'a toxic authority' doesn't exist is more my flow.

....But one thing's for sure, America's falling, what's not so sure is whether it will get back up again.    It depends on how many good people can stand up and get creative, and whether certain people in high places will allow them to.


Monday, 4 November 2013

Orcas & Introverts.

First a few recent observations.

The  Brand 'gone-viral-meme' will run and run, but after some contemplation I've come to the following conclusion.

One thing nobody is talking about yet is that in UK Parliament the National Service bill is currently at the stage of a "second reading debate."   So for those who are naturally creative or introverted, it's not allowed, you have to search for a boss, or learn to kill, no other choice will exist if this passes through next year......unless one thinks for themself of course.

I had a dream with an Orca whale last week, it was beautiful, intelligent, empathic, and pure; super evolved, and linked with grace to the earth.  

The next day I was sent this amazing movie that shows how capitalism sinks to extreme lows.  If you plan to entertained your children by watching these perform like clowns in a pool, then please know that...

Moving on,the transhuman agenda is gaining pace as always....drones, genome projects, and GM babies.....nice.

Food is getting crazier, one can't save seeds, labelling is corrupt, and GMOs are still a major issue.

I will move onto the main blog in a second, but a few recently have been calling this site negative....angrily too....heheh.  Maybe they think waking up is all rosy and nice?   Maybe these people just don't want to care?  Or life is too cosy?   Or maybe they think there is nothing to see?   Yep, nothing to see here.....nothing is back to front, and Walt Disney is nice.

For those that do care, remember that all this real terror that's going on, it's just a feeling.......remain grounded.

The many that don't care about topics like the above ("oy, stop being negative, I want my internet time to entertain me") are usually extroverts; in their groups, massively social, in the TV-land reality, and pushing energy outward (generally speaking).   Conversely, it's more often the introverts who work things out and care about things. 


This suits the Status Quo as it's only in lone time that the depths of the imagination and contemplation can really be found.   Creativity, selfhood, and out of the box thinking all are quashed too without time alone.

This is why massive organisations try to replace the words for being in solitude, or being  introverted, with 'loneliness', and make out that being alone is an illness:

For decades "introverted personality" and "introverted disorder of childhood" have been in the WHO's (World Health Organisation) manual—the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-9 CM).

The BBC are at it too - thanks License payers:
Why does being lonely (introverted) make you ill?
Loneliness (solitude) is a major health issue.
Adults 'experience' loneliness.
Plight of the chronically lonely.

They really don't want anyone doing any of that being alone stuff do they?   Even children are ALL thrust into classes of up to 30 other children in the UK.  What if a human is more creative and thoughtful?  Naturally more introverted?   Stuff him in a room with 30 others for his whole childhood.   It's toxic.

What we need to realise is some people are loud, some quiet, some tall, some short, some practical, some thoughtful, some extroverted, and some introverted, and this is in harmony, and that the introvert holds much power that certain powers really don't like.

note: nice to see TED not being used for pro-Transhuman talks....maybe this slipped through the net.

Near all empaths are introverts too, and the status quo doesn't want too many of them wandering about talking to people and doing any of that feeling energy or emotions stuff.   The more people that are in groups and in mainstream TV-reality social circles, the better for the powers that be.

No introvert is easily hypnotised, and not introvert easily takes to a life of nonsense, so it's time we let go of the myths about introverts.

The key is that Solitude is not Loneliness.
Loneliness is a feeling, while solitude transcends the feeling-only state and reaches deeper into the architecture of the soul and, if fully embraced, serves as a confirmation of the individual’s eternal and sufficient nature.

One reason why the reading of books has dropped so much is that being alone or introverted is being vilified, whereas most are led to believe it's all down to social media.

Another thing with the introvert is that it reads books, another no no from the status quo.  Most are now getting their knowledge from the odd sentence or quote on facebook, and the reading of books is dropping dramatically.

Books have the power to empower, to talk directly to our soul, to only our awareness in a unique way nobody else can ever truly understand.

But many are now coaxed away from much lone time, Facebook is here to save the day; titbits, quotes, ironing, etc.


 "Only those people who are capable of being alone are capable of love, of sharing, of going into the deepest core into the other person without possessing the other, without becoming dependent on the other, without creating 'the other,' reducing the other into a thing, and without becoming addicted with the other. They allow the other absolute freedom, because they know if the other leaves, they will be as happy as they are now.  Their happiness cannot be taken by the other,
because it is not given by the other."

P.S Any more emails about negativity will be bounced to this site, where everyone is happy, having fun, and where no introverts are present.