Sunday, 24 November 2013

A Christmas Gift Message

Three years have past since I wrote the Festive Robots article.   After seeing the presents on sale this Christmas I thought to add to this meme.

I contemplated humans planning to give their smiling and excited little children a gift this Christmas from the high street corporations.   From this I think It's worth reminding oneself....

1)  All the adverts one sees on TV are for corporate profit.   If one is fooled by the tinsel, know even Toys R Us only care for profit too.  "Oh no, they only made £6m, it's just not good enough!"   Not the sort of outfit to give money to really.   Why?  Greedy for more money is hardly a trait of a caring outfit that loves to give.

Toys R Us toys are mainly based on TV too.  So lets get this straight, the TV advertises toys, and then the toys advertise ensures locking children into a strange synthetic world with little way out.

2) Christmas is great for the central banks, it gathers key retail figures and consumer confidence sentiment, and these are key in deciding inflation and interest rates (basically, the economy).  Oh and look at the chart below, just who would want Joe Public to spend a fortune in the shops this winter to boost growth?

3)  The act of placing plastic into more plastic, to buy plastic, is not a gauge of love.

The Credit Card outfits make billions from interest, and you can be sure the credit card bosses overlords will be buying each other presents.

4) Giving the likes of Amazon money to behave like this is no way to make a child smile.

.....but many will listen to the TV adverts and the cultural conditioning, for the hypnosis is deep.


After some contemplation, and after seeing  children up the mountain with nature to play with, and also seeing children in houses with plastic toys becoming more disconnected -  I have come to a new conclusion and idea;

Give children the present of value this Christmas, by not buying them any high street presents. Don't do nothing, but actually take some corporate plastic toys away from them in their sleep - dress up as Santa if you want to.  So when they wake up Christmas day they see their toy box with less toys in it!   But then give them tons of love all day and share your full time and attention.  Maybe gift a book, or make them a gift, they could even help too. Maybe make it a symbol of the deep winter coming that you will share together....something, somehow, with just a smidgen of some meaning.  

This new present of value teaches many things:

All is impermanent.
Don't have too many material expectations.
How to create space in ones life.
Adding more material items reduces ones internal value of things external.
What other children do or have is not compulsory - it's ok to be different.
Saves money for real things like heating and food.
Identity is not from what one has or what one looks like.

......but most will ignorantly feed the central banks instead - here is a photo from the Rothschild's Christmas doo last year ;-)   This year they can also harvest the energy of the Americans turning ThanksGiving into Black Friday at places like WalMart.   How low can humanity sink preparing for its festival of gluttony?