Sunday, 10 November 2013

The Fall of America & The 'Revolution' Meme

First off, on Armistice Day, it's good to go straight to the horses mouth and listen to those who suffered most at the hands of the 'Banking and Corporate' war-creators, and not to go any deeper.

Most people across the world have a deeply conditioned notion that the good old US of A is full of wealth, comfort, power, opportunity, and freedom.   But this is the spin from the corporate controlled media (including Hollywood).  A complete illusion sold to animal desires of potential consumers.  


But for those who look at things a bit deeper, we can see that American society's falling apart.  We don't even need to step anywhere near the USA's toxic recent history on foreign soil, we just look at the USA itsself, and step directly into the present paradigm.




And now It's illegal to feed homeless people, and if you think this is some sort of  conspiracy, watch the following:

The USA Cops are becoming more brutal, almost like aggressive deranged robots.

It's even got to a stage where many of us can't rule out the video below.....

....or rule out that the coming GridEx drill isn't something more sinister than it appears - due to Solar Flares or ISON (though goverment data on the most recent X-flare has been blanked).  We would be smart to remember that  9/11, 7/7, Boston, and Sandy Hook false flag events each had drills going on at the same time.

America is in a mess, and the recent Obamacare policy is one of the final nails in the coffin for the middle class, and will push even more people into poor health and poverty.

But one could argue whether or not the current carry-on is of a communist or fascist nature, both extremes actually end up looking very similar, and the labels aren't too important.


But one thing I've noticed in the past ten days is the Revolution meme gaining pace - with the 'R' word being banded around virally via social network sites and alternative news sites.  Even the mainstream are in on the revolution gig, with puppets like Brand (whether he knows he is a puppet or not), and 'hacking group' Anonymous.


We should contemplate how the masks are all made.

And also know that it's Time Warner that make profits from the sale of the masks.  If one knows not about Time Warner then this may help.

We are told desperate people may soon get read to take to the streets, But this is looking very coerced, for we know that revolution is business.

I would also beware any groups using the fist logo.

One thing's for sure, this sort of craziness on worldwide TV is a when, not an if. 

My advice is none, one has to figure this puzzle out for oneself, and work out what to do, or not to do, all on ones own.....because that's the law - free will.

But personally i'll stroll the other way from any pied piper's calling for any marches, creating solutions is much more harmonious than any revolt(ing).  And marches, stone throwing, and shouting "You are bad" just hold an authority up  - live as though 'a toxic authority' doesn't exist is more my flow.

....But one thing's for sure, America's falling, what's not so sure is whether it will get back up again.    It depends on how many good people can stand up and get creative, and whether certain people in high places will allow them to.