Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Real Masters....

Many of the new-age fluffy-fluff crews  spout that no master can guide one along the path, plus those solely within thoughts, mind, logic, and matter, spout there is no path.   But I disagree.

Yes, ultimately the true master is deep in the self (deep enough to have to really dig about a bit though), but from my experiences someone with 'true Gnosis' can certainly guide.

I have come across a true master recently, known simply as Matt, a traveller.  He has such cosmic consciousness he sees the earth plane as outer space.  Matt seeks no money, adorns no strange clothes or any strange titles.   Matt simply burns through all labels and conditioning; simply by observing pure truth in day to day life.


Matt experiences many avenues of our reality, including going to a barbecue, going fishing, and dancing.  Also observing lawnmowers, scary rides, and food paint.

Not all masters come clothed in cloth, charge money, or even call themselves masters, but some like Matt are just true masters of the earth plane......and guess what?  HE IS A actual playground insult from my school days, and guess what?   And here's the kicker -  and the key to the whole article - he has more wisdom than most of humanity.

Happy Satur(n)day, I leave with a photo of comet ISON.