Saturday, 28 December 2013

2014 Precog Predictions Popcorn

I see the following trajectories coming to pass in 2014:
  • Stock Market reversal / collapse by at least 32%, led by a correction in the American S&P500 index - before May.
  • Gold to rise over 40% to above $1600, starting to spike upwards post March (good for CFDs if you want cash).
  • China to become the main world power, as the USA falls into more control, lies, and poverty.   A lesser Evil?     
  • The UK to have more people falling into the growing poverty class.    
  • The value of the USD to fall against British, Swiss, and Swedish currencies before May.
  • Bitcoin to be quashed by the central banks, or taken-in and used for a potential replacement to the dollar.
  • Large (7.8+) Quake or Volcano, most probably near NZ.
  • Mega Corporations to outwardly show their power even more (oil, gas, tech, and central banking sectors).
  • More riots to pop up worldwide due to banks, oppression, and corruption.
  • Saudi Arabia to act against Syria and/or Iran, with or without American help.
  • Transhumanism to be more desired by the youth due to fierce promotion by the likes of coming movies, TED (ala MIT), and Google. 
  • The rise of idiotic behavior online being deemed normal.
  • Two personal projects coming to fruituion :-)

Also, but less than 20% probable:
  • Hyperinflation in America.
  • Solar event between mid January and the end of February.
  • Tens of millions of humans moving away from the ignorance disease, through wisdom and gnosis.
Happy perihelion on the 4th January, when the sun is closest to the earth in the whole year.

Thanks for the tens of thousands of views this year, here is a gift of the Kuji-In practise, known as the Taoist Seals that may help with the turbulence coming;  Nine mantras, nine mudras, and nine states of being. I recently got hold of the Sanskrit translations after a long time hunting these down, and created this 'all in one' image.  It shows below the mudra; the state (power), the location of focus, the benefit, then the this for just ten mins a day with focus for a week, and I guarantee you'll notice some mystical differences in day to day life.