Saturday, 28 December 2013

2014 Precog Predictions Popcorn

I see the following trajectories coming to pass in 2014:
  • Stock Market reversal / collapse by at least 32%, led by a correction in the American S&P500 index - before May.
  • Gold to rise over 40% to above $1600, starting to spike upwards post March (good for CFDs if you want cash).
  • China to become the main world power, as the USA falls into more control, lies, and poverty.   A lesser Evil?     
  • The UK to have more people falling into the growing poverty class.    
  • The value of the USD to fall against British, Swiss, and Swedish currencies before May.
  • Bitcoin to be quashed by the central banks, or taken-in and used for a potential replacement to the dollar.
  • Large (7.8+) Quake or Volcano, most probably near NZ.
  • Mega Corporations to outwardly show their power even more (oil, gas, tech, and central banking sectors).
  • More riots to pop up worldwide due to banks, oppression, and corruption.
  • Saudi Arabia to act against Syria and/or Iran, with or without American help.
  • Transhumanism to be more desired by the youth due to fierce promotion by the likes of coming movies, TED (ala MIT), and Google. 
  • The rise of idiotic behavior online being deemed normal.
  • Two personal projects coming to fruituion :-)

Also, but less than 20% probable:
  • Hyperinflation in America.
  • Solar event between mid January and the end of February.
  • Tens of millions of humans moving away from the ignorance disease, through wisdom and gnosis.
Happy perihelion on the 4th January, when the sun is closest to the earth in the whole year.

Thanks for the tens of thousands of views this year, here is a gift of the Kuji-In practise, known as the Taoist Seals that may help with the turbulence coming;  Nine mantras, nine mudras, and nine states of being. I recently got hold of the Sanskrit translations after a long time hunting these down, and created this 'all in one' image.  It shows below the mudra; the state (power), the location of focus, the benefit, then the this for just ten mins a day with focus for a week, and I guarantee you'll notice some mystical differences in day to day life. 


Sunday, 22 December 2013

Real Christmas Cards.

After some further contemplation, I now finally feel a little festive, and share these messages from the heart.


Sunday, 15 December 2013

Homeless Policies, and Transhumanism Update

This Christmas most will cherish the self....


....and forget to.....

...and fall for many corporate and media distractions, not to different to how this amazing and ingenious trick worked. 

At Xmas, people forget about many others who have suffered at the hands of capitalism; for example, the homeless, and for a better example, the oppressed homeless:

Those in Hawaii.  South Carolina.  The man arrested for feeding himself.  

A new law in many US states banning the feeding of the homeless.
A Kansas women ordered to stop housing the homeless.
A US homeless shelter ordered to close on the coldest day of the year. 
Spanish cave dwellers in Granada (near me, and they have been there for decades causing no harm), ordered to leave.  And no, they cannot protest.

The ideas of eco-tree houses and nature homes (below) for humanity is light years away unfortunately. Humanity is not ready, it lacks the compassion and connection to earth, animals, and humans.

You see, things are not as they seem.

Even in Gaza, close to where the fictitious birth of Jesus was, the Palestinians are being forced into homelessness due to Israel creating a deliberate Sewerage problem.   


But the capitalistic, stock-market-led-lie, is that one is better off than the above, and that's ok.  I even know of some people who are buying an 8 year old a Playstation 4 for Christmas, around $500 with a couple of games.   So people want to pay for their 8 year olds to get social engineered by games like this?

Note: check the billboard advert in the above video at 2.06.

These parents are under a spell, being led a merry dance.

These 'games' are purely helping to programme a transhumanised future that is nearly upon us.  Don't believe me?

Google are starting to use your faces in ads

Google have also just brought a leading military robot corporation linked to DARPA 
Monsanto have just spent near $1b on a weather manipulation corporation
The Oculus Rift will be in the homes next year.  

Amazon are looking into and experimenting with delivery drones.

TED, as I explained two years ago in blogs, is fully aligned with the transhumanists

HSBC even tell us how it is going to be, and they invest billions into certain NASDAQ (tech) stock company's  growths - so it's their business to know the future trajectory.

And as my last "conceptual fiction" book presented, brain chips and eye implants will not be far off, google and research groups are both already progressing.

Nobody really cares about the above,  "Rooney scored, X-factor is on, I'm going here," etc....and there are just too many of these about.  

Use the winter solstice, let something go, and try to stay authentic.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Protect your children; watch the eyes

A quick disclaimer first, if objective reality comes across to you as negativity, I request that you go somewhere else on the internet, maybe shopping?  Here are some gift ideas.


From time to time, I watch an evening of English TV to get a feel for what's going on - and what I found in my last sitting was most unsettling.   It's easy to shout "just don't watch it" but millions do, and would you walk past these people if they were dying on the side of the road?

Firstly, X-factor. A show that receives around nine million viewers.  This is a large amount of viewers so do know that everything is thought about. Also, because it's aired at the weekends, most viewers are in a more relaxed and passive.

We all know about the product of emptying a human soul based on their desire for fame, then dressing them, telling them what to sing, molding them, creating an archetype, selling them for an Xmas no.1, then dumping them into the London drug scene.    We also know that most children cannot truly be amazing songwriters or song artists as they have so few life experiences to draw upon.   So we won't go into all that.....that's to easy.

What I want to go into is the humanoids who are on the show, the ones the viewers look up to, adore, and copy (subconsciously mostly).

First, Sharon Osborne.  I'm not so bothered about her marriage problems, the cosmetic surgery on her face and genitals, or her old close links to Black Sabbath.  I am more concerned with the cold hearted evil within her.  Look at the eyes and let your intuition arise feelings, and remove the eye makeup.

Then we have Nicole.  Oftentimes dressed as a lady of the night, in some sort of vanity-witch-type-vibe, and appears to have a manic clamber for more fame and self obsession.   Again, look at the eyes and let your intuition arise feelings.   


For me she is the most demonic of the group.  A cold, calculating, and manipulative actress.  Open your third eye up and you will see the black fractals and ghouls spinning within her aura.    That Pepsi won't help either.

Then we have Louis Walsh.  I don't know about you, but I would (speculatively) 100% not leave my sons alone with him.  Again, look at the eyes and feel with your intuition.

Then we have Gary Barlow.  The new Philip Schofield or Ant and Dec.  The housewives favourite.   Mr Nice, Butter wouldn't melt, wouldn't say boo to a goose,squeaky clean,  Mr England. The Anchor.  The Hero archetype. 

He covers so much radio, TV, newspaper and magazine time, I am left wondering if he has a 'special friend' high up, or whether someone has something on him? There was even a Gary Barlow day on radio 2 this year!    Maybe he just sold out?  His personal wealth is sixty million pounds no less.   Look at the eyes.  This is a man driven and focused.


Here is a mega rich man clambering for more media coverage. Dripping with greed.   Barlow is now as he was when he was a boy, manufactured.  An actor.  Promoting nationalism, toxic TV, limp music, and the Royals.

Even though publicly married with children, many still mull over his sexuality due to many rumours.   One thing's for sure, he's made allot of money from being a gay pin up. It's obviously ok if he's gay, but it helps for viewing parents (and his wife) to know if he is pretending to be someone he's not  e.g Is he honest?

But we know the answer to that question about his honesty.   Barlow was found out for tax evading but was protected by his mate, David Cameron.  I won't bother to go into how many snaps there are of him being friendly with his royal buddies too.

What else I just could not believe is that Harry Potter movies are on in the afternoons.  A movie about black magic aimed at children.     Here is the main character.


My personal opinion is that Voldemort is Barlow without the shapeshifting ;-)

Seriously though, the Voldemort archetype presents unhealthy images for your child.   Pure archeon aura hacking.  

Parents in the UK are being led a merry dance. This xmas most will buy plastic from mega-corporations, watch toxic TV (see above), drink too much booze, and be gluttonous.....and think they are celebrating in festivities......ho ho ho.

...Maybe some of us are just on the wrong planet at the wrong time.

Rise above all this toxic cultural nonsense, be the eagle; in nature, wise and free.