Sunday, 26 January 2014

Children and the Current Paradigm.

There has been increasing toxicity surrounding 'young humans' recently, whether it be teaching methods, societal norms, or related umbrella authorities.  It's high time this is looked at as a summarised whole, instead of focusing upon one particular meme in depth.

Lets start at the womb stage and work through to late teen years.

Gender choosing clinics are now a growing business, with parents queueing to select their babies gender for around £20k-£30k.  Toxic clinics like this one in LA even provide payment plans, a travel agent, a list of restaurants and hotels, and a babysitting service.

From birth there is now increasing demand and enquiry into microchipping ones baby from weird parents, with corps like Veriteq the main players.
Professor Kevin Warwick Reading University's cybernetics department and designer of the 'tracker microchip' said "We are going to get people saying it won't work, but we are confident it will and time will prove that.  The technology is not much of an infringement on the individual. A lot of children have their ears pierced and different body piercings. This does not amount to much more than that. And if it saves just one life, then it would be worth it.

Then we reach toddler stage, where at pre-school, even at the age of 3 years, children are told to sit down, be quiet, listen, repeat, pay attention, and do lots of concentrated left-brain learning of information.  Bombarding the idea that the nouns of Apple, Ball, and Cat are really important things one must know first.  The UK are even starting to make noises of getting 2 year olds into school.

Also at this age,  many parents start to deliver strange diets full of sugar, additives, and processed salt, only to then claim "he doesn't like vegetables," and also the social engineering from TV begins.

By the age of 5 many children would have had up to 10 vaccines.   I would say 95% of parents who vaccinate their children don't research the ingredients, but they don't with food, so a pattern is formed - one of trusting authorities and corporations complicity.   Nice adverts and campaign even make many parents attack venomously those parents who don't vaccinate their children.

At the ages between 5-9 things ramp up with schooling, and unless Steiner or Montessori, one has to question the imbalance of left and right brained activities.  Also one can quickly see the pro capitalism stance already being delivered.

Between 5 and 9 if the household has a TV on allot, the commercialisation of children will kick in, straight to the child and parent's subconscious.

By 9, many children will don make up, smartphones, tablets computers, and have little care for walks or play in nature.

Ones innocent looking 9 year old may by now be sitting upon a big corporate, media and system created ghoul-troll.

From 9 to 12 children start to develop their unique creativity and opinions, and this is where school steps up it's game a little more.  "Sit down, be quiet and listen, or you are naughty, unlikable, and unintelligent" is a delivered daily message.  But how many adults can keep their focus through even an hour of a boring lecture or course?  Watch this from 34 minutes.

Around 9 to 12 one can see fingerprints in schools increasing, also electronic payment cards. Parents are now getting fined or even jailed for taking their child on a trip overseas - the king of true learning and development.  Parents cannot choose to have their child in school a couple of days a week, or for a few lessons they like - They have to go ALL the time, or face fines and jail.  Some countries even place insane adverts on TV to stop children skipping school too.

Children are not meant to be taught in big groups.   But one would question who would or should teach them then to help the numbers?    The parents and parents friends is the answer to this, but due to inflation and a greedy and corrupt banking elite, both parents goto work in most households.

Children at this age really just want to play,  copy, and help adults they respect, not to be given an unbalanced amount of reading, numbers, dates, times, facts.

Longer hours, more homework, and an increase in  pressured tests for this age group are all evident, eradicating time for curiosity or wondrous questioning.

If anyone doesn't conform to this model or fit the mold at this age, or starts to look elsewhere....

.....then drugs and medical labels are given, because something is deemed wrong with them.

Here is a 13 year old who got out, and is a product of homeschooling.


Teen years come next, and one could ask why parents would want their children spending more time with 'strangers' than themselves?

A new programme on BBC3 shows young teachers in schools after only 6 weeks training.
Episode 2 here can raise some eyebrows for sure (note: may need expat shield or  other vpn if out of UK).

How can a bunch of young posh public school types "teach" young black kids from Croydon?   1) They have not lived themselves.  2) Their backgrounds, accent, and demeanours' alone are condescending.
In episode 3 here, one of the young new teachers even takes one of children out to shoot pheasants!  The Asian teacher has massive self issues with confidence and holding space, and should be nowhere near "teaching" children.

These teachers aren't really 'teachers' - they 'repeat' what they are told to via the curriculum,  a curriculum that contains lies about history, hides truths about economy, supports capitalism unquestionably, and places a complete unbalance between left and right brain stimulation.  How many teachers do you know that have travelled the planet, lived a variety of amazing experiences, are wealthy in self knowledge, and have freedom to encourage and share their long sought for wisdom' with kids many teachers do you know under the age of 27, read the Guardian, like the odd white wine while spouting lite socialist crap?

You cant make socialists out of individualists.  Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming, where everyone is interdependent. 
John Dewey

At this age the schools deliver the fear loaded pressure stance of "You need a good job," "You need to be a success in capitalism,"  "What are you going to be?"
Maybe a 14 year old wants to do different things with his life, maybe he doesn't yet care, maybe he just likes being creative and expressing himself.   The thing is they are given little time to wonder about what is actually important to them, nor much time to progress their creativity.

Then as puberty starts, MTV and films such as the Hunger Games start to mess with their auras and mental thought streams, in a very dark way.

The corporations then target the late teenagers egos and materialistic tendencies, and here it can be near game over for many souls.    And anyone slipping through this net can often get caught in another.


Then it's time to sit more exams, then pay for uni or college....... to get a then pay for uni or college.    Then one is ready to enter the capitalistic rat-race model that currently sits upon central bank and corporate gain...........and hundreds of millions of parents support this whole framework.

To summarise.

Western education is out of balance, with over emphasis on left brain over right brain, and external world over internal world.   It promotes success within a toxic capitalistic structure run by central banks, and looks down on introverts as needing medication.

"When you take the free-will out of education, that turns it into schooling."  John Taylor Gatto

"All the time you are in school, you learn through experience how to live in a dictatorship." Grace Lewllyn

"Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing it has taken in."  Leonardo De Vinci

The education system either hides, or doesn't know that:

"Unstructured play, conversation, thought, and interaction with others are all essential to both moral and ethical development."

"The Teaching of critical thinking, feeling, emotion, self power, compassion, empathy, and how to ride the energy of ones unique spirit, are non-evident in all schooling years."

"Real knowledge is to know the extent of ones own ignorance."

"Kids in nature play with care free abandon, and collaborate naturally, instead of synthetically competing."


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