Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The War on Ignorance.

 This year the war on ignorance will continue.   I don't want to go into any fear porn, but not even have the TV-class finished the buying of new sofas in the sales, and already we see the elite class (rulers of the banking-corporate class) pushing for more ignorance.

This week the UK Government said they would cut £25bn from the youth's welfare, then a programme started the very same day in the evening, 'Benefit Street.' Aiming to showing a street in England to be full of low-lives who claim benfits.   Note:  During the adverts were adverts for RAF recruitment, so no cuts there.  Below is the advert for 'Benefits Street.'

But the people in the programme where conned by some sick people at Channel 4.  This programme is nothing more than social engineering to support the cutting of £25bn in welfare, nothing less than a government advert.  But the programme has done it's job as the ignorant have already been conditioned.

I find it funny how nobody picks up on the fact that the UK gov spend a large proportion of tax on paying interest to the Bank of England for interest upon their loans.  The Bank of England is a central bank and not owned by the people or the government - there is a media black out on this, plus the fact that welfare is not even the real problem.

The people in 'Benefits Street' are victims of capitalism, for one example, the ex-drug addict on the street was first given his first drug, Tmazipan, from his Doctor when he was 16!  Capitalism is the problem.

On another ignorance meme, it was recently admitted and proven that HSBC accepted the tainted money of rogue states and drug lords. "HSBC, Britain's biggest bank, said it was "profoundly sorry" for what it called "past mistakes" that allowed terrorists and narcotics traffickers to move billions around the financial system and circumvent US banking laws." Breuer said Mexican drug traffickers deposited hundreds of thousands of dollars each day in HSBC accounts.   And here is the kicker, instead of anyone being prosecuted, HSBC paid a $1.9bn fine, instead of facing ANY prosecution.
The $1.9bn fine for a litany of offences was preferable to the "collateral consequences" of taking the bank to court, it was deemed.
HSBC Bank paid only a half of a quarter's profits, and no executive was criminally charged.
So, one of the worlds biggest banks is investing "your money"  into toxic things, and when they are caught, they use "your money" to pay the báckhander to keep the minnows quiet.  Here are the HSBC dudes in court looking all heart chakra'd up and honest.....pffff.

Others within the Banking class are also more corrupt than any of those on Benefits Street. But it's always those in the underclass, or those emigrating to England repeated to be the problem, and the masses believe it.

More ignorance was delivered when the English media acted as if Typhoon Haiyan has rolled through, when in fact some winter wind and rain has created some small floods in low lying meadows near rivers.....err, which is actually the natural job of a low lying meadow next to a river.      If someone plonked a village there, then nature is not the problem, it's the humans that chose to live there based on synthetic reasons (price, shops, schools, house size, post code etc).  The press should really report, "Disconnected from Nature Humans Living in Silly Area Warning."

I had an experience with the ignorance of Green Party this week, they didn't like me explaining two paradoxes to them: 1) Them wanting to help humanity but having no policy against multi-national corporations or central banks, and  2) Supporting and playing a role in the mass centralisation of power by aiming to get more members into the EU government, is as far from green as possible.   They said as I don't vote I have no say.  I sent them this.

In England they are aiming to bulldoze ancient sacred woods to build houses.  They say it's ok as they will replant trees somewhere else.   They are ignorant to the energy of an ancient wood due to being so disconnected.    An organic tree living in its wood for decades is far different from a planted tree in a designated new area.

Even those seeking escape from all this craziness and via music can be kept in ignorance. Here is the ignorant and coked up Jamie Cullum singing  about being famous
But those that wake up from ignorance, there's a net awaiting.

But don't stress, the game might be up sooner than we think.  Plus an earth-facing X-flare just went off a few minutes ago.  One thing's for sure, this is not the answer, it's another manufactured trap - another net

If the war on ignorance is lost, paradise will be lost.  But I remain fully optimistic :-)  It's just the old ways trying to cling on when the new ways are first appearing.

"We live in a time of transition in which many things separate the present and above all the future, from the past. Such times are always difficult, but we rejoice when we see the light dawning beyond the clouds, clouds which have been piled up by ways of speaking, ways of judging, ways of acting, which are no longer those which the need of souls imperiously demands."    Letters of Direction, Abbé de Tourville, Mowbray, London, 1982