Saturday, 15 February 2014


Many people don't really think about the future climae, geographic, or social implications of the location where they live in.  Most just live somewhere now........and that's ok.

Many are busy with work and family, and have few spaces in time to project to the future and see what trajectory might be evident for their children in their current location.

But the days of buying into a location based upon post code and school snobbery, and how near the local Tesco Express is, will all come to an end.

Here is a very interesting video I saw this week that I seek to take a little further:

I would say to the viewers of the video:
  • With large crowds doing one thing (like moving to cities), it's always wise to be contrarian and do the opposite.
  • Nobody is able to fund any of these mega cities.  The nations, banks  (who would loan to the engineering corps), and the people (buyers of the space) each cannot afford it.   How can they afford it when the world economy is in such a declining mess?   

But let us say, for some incredible save of the economy (such as central banks go into peoples bánk accounts and take 20% as they did in the Cyprus experiment), that these mega cities actally do get
built, and that the artist's impressions of eco-cities actually do come true  (lets also say here and now that the word eco & city being put together is an oxymoron only created by fools).  Note: This is also under the hyperthetical impression that the current stream of high ranking bankers being killed slows down too.

  • It will be expensive to live there, as they will be within a capitalistic framework.
  • It will be a hemmed in - control grid - legoland - unorganic - electro-digital - my opinion.  
  • It will rely on many automated systems that need replacement parts, diagnostics, engineers, and monitoring.


So, what is one to do?

That is up to oneself, but it be wise to know that with most things in the world currently, especially with information and mass movements, Up is Down.


Personally, I like to swerve the coming crazyness, and set up land in raw nature near drinking water, good soil, and fruit trees, in a fairly low populous, with warm weather.

...I am now in a poistion where I can also help others do the same.