Friday, 28 March 2014

Know What is Coming

There's some really juicy items in this blog that deserve a whole blog each really, but I'm so busy with two projects that they have to weave under the one umbrella of "Know What is Coming."

It's always good to know what's coming or the rough trajectory - in any instance - then simply one can be more prepared, and have more time to make the right choices. the UK system may use somebody you knows' dead baby for central heating.

...or like knowing water will be a problem in a couple of decades

Or some near-future craziness from Google that much of the world's youth will love.

Also 2045 is the year when many Transhumanists think humans will merge with technology in a biotech cyborg type of way, in what is known as the singularity movement.

Recently the 2045 website (cult)  released some startling information.

Run by Dmitry Itskov, who has strong links to MIT, Oxford, and Harvard (surprise surprise) - source1, source2, their highly funded Avatar project has the following timeline.....

Sound crazy?  Well, even the New Scientist announced in July of last year a significant step in merging reality with virtual reality were the model avatar took the body of a four-year-old child, and suggested that the mind can begin to merge with any body it wishes inside the digital landscape.

Here is the 2045 cult's PR gets more interesting towards the end.

Toxic huh?

Probably enough to have people running to the Buddhist retreats.....

Well, I exposed the Dalia Lama's CIA wages a year or so ago, and then I come across the smiling CIA asset with the 2045 cult's leader himself!

Want the full Lama loves Cyborg source article?   Of course you do.

"Auuuummmmm I wanna be a cyborg" x 100,000


The BBC this week published probably their most toxic pro-Transhumanism article to date too.

But hey, its the bbc......I can't stop the odd snigger that people actually pay an annual fee so they can mind control them.  They even tell you now too.


Bill Gates (Monsanto and Vaccine lover, plus Mega-Corp funder) recently also said robots will take many jobs away by 2035, and in his annual letter he made it clear the former poor will become part of the control system of banking, governments, corporations and technology.

Pick your own choice quotes out from the annual letter, but this is one of my favourites, "Countries will learn from their most productive neighbours and benefit from innovations like new vaccines, better seeds, and the digital revolution."

The way I see the people who have fallen for the Transhumanism PR is like this:


A man who actually knows his stuff said last week from a different angle that Many EU and British workers will soon not be needed, or at the least, will be cared about by the government (swap for banks and corps) even less.  Watch here.


Also what is coming is a rare Cardinal Cross in the sky in mid April while the sun is in Aries.  Leading up to this we have a nasty T-Square too. expect a some sort of war (modern war is usually economic nowadays) on a world scale, and watch for volatility and irrational conflict on a micro level.


Ignorance or know what is coming?   Only you can decide.   Some change the word ignorance for "only focusing on positive,"  and some queue up here below, and some pretend to be in the now to really dive into the ignorance basket.  Remember:  High Awareness knows the past, present, and future possibles.


With knowing what is coming, there is even more of a need for insight.


PS, this Easter - stay out of the churches!