Friday, 14 March 2014

Trajectory of the corrupt-paedo-transhumanists.

Because things happen slowly over time people don't raise an eyebrow to certain madness taking place on the planet.  Things become the norm because peoples consciousness is mainly in the self, their day, and their week, and certainly not in the evolutionary trajectory of humankind - try bringing up the evolutionary trajectory of humankind at the pub or at a family dinner and see the looks you get.....take a photo or video and send it to me ;-)

For instance world politics is now one massive sham, completely controlled by the corporate and finance billionaires that hide in the shadows.  Many still don't know this, or claim it is conspiracy talk.

In the 1960's people went crazy because Nixon wiretapped just one hotel room,  he even received impeachment proceedings, but now the whole internet and world is tapped by the NSA and CIA and nobody really cares.

Israel have been occupying Palestine for over 60 years and nobody really cares, even when this week fighter jets launched a strike on civilians, but the western media have currently lost their mind because Russia have occupied Crimea (where Russian speakers live) for a few days, and not one person has been injured.

This image can show what the Ukraine, West, Russia gig is all about......Pushing Russian military out of the Med, and the IMF / ECB gaining fifty million workers that they can convert into cash through austerity, tax, and interest.

The UK politicians know people are ignorant, and recently showed their psychopathic traits.

Even the Transhumanism agenda is increasing, with few even knowing what it is.  This dude is telling 8 year olds about the positives of desiring synthetic life extension.

Even the former DARPA Director and current Google Executive has come out in support of Beast Tech.

We are not far from GMO babies, and right now, as I predicted in my last "speculative fiction" book - Black market Biotech DIY Cyborg dudes are popping up.

I wrote in waykiwayki 8 years ago about British Politics being the centre of a paedo ring - and I was laughed at, but recent information has surfaced supporting this even more.

Suspects and evidence
Hollie Greig
British Gov funded paedo ring in the 70's
Cameron aide arrested over child abuse images
Former Labor minister backed age of consent to be reduced to 10
Hollywood actor speaks out of times in his youth, links to Disney.

Even Max Clifford, the vile mogul king of tabloid stories and PR for decades is in court at the moment.....for abusing young girls.

But the elite know some people are working it out - hence they are tightening their grip - the power of the unions have been killed, anti-protest laws are being made weekly, and police brutality is on the rise.

So why don't people care?  They are too busy living like this after a busy day at work or with the kids:


So what are the answers?

Spread awareness, be with like minded people, become more self reliant, pursue passions, work on ones energy, align with higher wisdom, ....and seek nature.

For the ghouls are running rampant on earth at the moment.....

......and these dudes seem to be on holiday...