Saturday, 26 April 2014

The law of polarity and it's extremes.

Lets take the law of polarity from century-old Hermetic book, 'The Kybalion' a step further.

The basic principle is that opposites such as love and hate are not actually opposites but a state of polarity along one line of the same thing - in this example a specific emotional feeling.

The range of vibration along polarity is a long one, where does cold start?  Where does dislike start?  When does like become love?  Polar opposites are two degrees of the same thing.

Everything has poles, a pair of opposites.  Opposites are the same, and are only different in degree of vibration.

This principle of polarity can also be applied to things like;

Love       -   Hate
Brave      -   Cowardice
Hot         -   Freezing
Active       -   Lazy
Light        -   Dark
Harmony -   Chaos

Nice and simple.

But we can also apply it to humans actions and memes in toady's world;

Romance     -     Domestic abuse
Sharing        -     Greed
How things feel -  How things look
Decisions from intuition -  Fear based decisions made in the mind.
Truth     -      Ignorance
Understanding   -     Judgement
Individual thought    -   Group think
Allowance     -       Control
Caring for animals   -  Munching on GM animals at McDonald's.
Giving energy to ones passions    -  Working for capitalistic authority
Amicability     -    Vengeance
Playing football in the garden with the kids  -  Spending £50 to watch Chelsea or Man City.
Creativity  - Watching Soaps on TV.
Time alone in nature - Time in groups in cities.

In the above short list, at the extremes, lets say the 10% at either end, something happens.
At the toxic end, astral parasites are invoked / attracted, and at the more compassionate and softer end, helping energy is invoked / attracted.
This cannot be seen, and one would need to be at a seriously high vibration and/or with much training or dedication into inner-sight in the inner worlds - but it goes on whether one knows it or not.

These 10% extremes are when stuff happens - water starts to boil or freeze, making love or breaking up, dawn or twilight etc.

At the toxic end of these polarities, astral parasites will attempt to entice the human to stay locked into that 10% - for then it can feed on a host.  Tricks, temptations, and more dark thoughts will present themselves.

At the more compassionate and softer end of these polarities, astral helping energies will come - and help, create opportunities, harmonious flow, fortune, synchronicities.

The funny thing is, probably most of the humans on the planet are locked into the 10% on the toxic end within many polarities - and that means we live in one ghouled up world - this isn't negative- it just is - humans as a species just don't act, think, and feel in a destructive way and "get away with it" in the invisible.

On top of this, if a group of humans all ghouled up work within a group, e.g a toxic finance or multi-national corporation, then that whole group itself invokes with much more clout - like some mega ritual that nobody even knows about, believes, or sees.

Pledge to avoid this fate. Turn your back on the demons that plague mankind. You are this-close to Salvation. Take the necessary steps. You will not be travelling alone.

"Please don't think that I am talking harshly; I am not. But neither am I going to be sentimental or emotional in order to rouse you to action. In fact, I am not interested in rousing you to action; you will rouse yourself to action when you understand. I am interested in showing you what is happening in the world. I want to awaken you to the cruelty, to the appalling oppression, exploitation, that is about you. Religion, politics, society are exploiting you, and you are being conditioned by them; you are being forced in a particular direction. You are not human beings; you are mere cogs in a machine. You suffer patiently, submitting to the cruelties of environment, when you, individually, have the possibilities of changing them."
- Jiddu Krishnamurti


Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Cross........Easter?

Whaaat?  I was just about to go out and do some logistical bits and bobs and found out it's a holiday in Spain for Easter.....on the Thursday?   Whaat.....everyone knows Jesus died on the Friday.....  ;-)

......heheh.....forgetting my logistical delays and lack of hummus until next week, do you know hundreds of millions of Catholics and Christians actually believe that Jesus died on a cross on the Friday, and that the cross represents this and this only.

It's not worth going into the Equinox, Pagan and Babylonian roots of the festival itself, but what if I said the Cross was not originally a Christian Symbol?    What if I said INRI inscribed on the "Catholic Jesus Cross" had a deeper esoteric meaning?

Below are some exerts from the 1924 masterpiece, "The Science of Finite and Infinite Life Containing Practical Hints for Students of Occultism"  by Franz Hartmann.


In its external signification the Christian Cross is a symbol of torture and death. The sight of a cross calls up in the mind of the pious the memory of a historical event said to have taken place in Palestine some two thousand years ago, when a noble, good, and just man, an incarnation of God, is said to have been executed as a criminal upon across.

 The esoteric meaning of the Cross is very ancient, and the Cross has existed as a secret symbol probably thousands of years ago before the Christian era. It is found in the ancient cave-temples of India and Egypt, where it was hewn in stone long before Christianity was known. The philosophical Cross represents, among other things, the principle of matter and that of spirit intersecting each other, forming the quaternary which, when it is inscribed in the square, forms the basis of knowledge for the Occultist. The horizontal line represents the animal principle, for the heads of animals are bowed to the earth. Man is the only being upon the globe who stands erect; the divine principle within him keeps him morally erect, and therefore the perpendicular line is the symbol of his divinity. The cross represents Man, who has acted against the law and thereby  transformed himself into an instrument for his own torture. From the beginning of his existence as a ray of the divine spiritual Sun he represented a perpendicular line, cutting in the direction of the source from which he emanated in the beginning. As the distance from that source increased, and as the ray entered into matter, it deviated from the originally straight line and became broken; creating thereby a division in its own essence and making two parts out of the original Unity; thus establishing a will and imagination of its own, acting not in accordance with the Law, but even in opposition to it. If man follows again the dictates of the Law, he will then be taken from the Cross and resume his former position. “To take up one's Cross”, means to submit one's own desires to the rule of divine Law.

Who can know the practical spiritual signification of the Cross except spiritual man, who by his incarnation in a terrestrial human form has become nailed to the cross of suffering the ills of the flesh and its temptations, nor can he regain his freedom unless the terrestrial man dies the mystic death for him, by nailing his self-will to the cross of the law and dying the mystic death, so that the true man may live.


On the head of the Christian cross there are inscribed [the letters I.N.R.I.., which in its exoteric meaning is said to read “Jesus Nazarenus, Rex Iudeorum”. This means that the light of Divine Wisdom is the king of all knowledge, and must rule over all intellectual speculations, to which not only the Jews, but also our modern philosophers are devoted; but the Rosicrucian meaning of these letters was: In Nobis Regnat Jesus, and this truth will also be realised only by those who are in possession of immortal life: and because in them the true Jesus, the spiritual soul, illumined by the light of Divine Wisdom, has awakened to life and is actually the Lord and ruler of their interior kingdom.

In its practical application the Cross represents the self-recognition of Divine Truth. He whose spiritual perception is open sees the living Cross in its glory. Sublimely stands that Cross upon the mountain of self-knowledge, magnificent is its aspect. Far into heaven shines the light radiating from its centre and illuminating the darkness with its beneficent rays. Rise, oh man, up to your true dignity, so that you may see the meaning of the true Cross. Not the dead wooden Cross, the emblem of ignorance and suffering, nor the glittering cross made of brass, the emblem of vanity, sectarianism and superstition; but the true Cross, made of the pure gold of the light of Wisdom which each true Brother of the Golden and Rosy Cross carries deeply buried within his own heart. This cross is the full-grown Tree of Life and of Knowledge, bearing the fruits of salvation and immortality, the dispenser of Life, the protector against evil. He who knows practically the true mystery of the Cross is acquainted with the highest wisdom; he who is adorned with the true Cross is safe from all danger. Infinite power of the Cross! In thee the Truth is revealed. Buried deep in the darkness of Earth is thy foot, teaching us Patience; high into the light of heaven reaches thy crown, teaching us Faith. Lifted by Hope and extended by Charity are thy arms, light and sunshine surround thee. Link upon link the chain of creation encircles the Cross; worlds within worlds, forms within forms, illusions upon illusions. But in the Centre is the Reality in which is hidden the jewel of priceless value, the Truth. Let the dew of heaven which comes from the true Cross descend into your hearts and penetrate into your soul and body, so that it may crystallize into form. Then will the darkness within your mind disappear, the veil of matter will be rent, and before your spiritual
vision will stand revealed the angel of truth. Truly! no one can be a real Christian unless he practically realises in his soul the meaning of the symbol of the Cross; the self-revelation of Truth.

The present material age is ever ready to reject without examination the symbols of the past whose
meaning it cannot realise because it does not possess the treasures which they represent. Engaged in
the pursuit of material pleasures, it loses sight of divine wisdom and exchanges spiritual wealth for
worthless baubles. Losing sight of his divine destiny, man runs after shadows, closing his eye to the Light  of the World. Ruled by fear, man bows before the Moloch of superstition and ignorance, rushes madly into the arms of a dead and cold agnostic science to perish in its stony embrace; but the wise, whose farseeing perception reached beyond the narrow circle of his material surroundings and beyond the short span of time which includes  one of his lives on  this earth, knows that it is in his  ower to control his future  destiny. He raises the magic wand of his will and  quiets the tempest of the soul.

The forces which were rushing to his destruction obey him and execute his orders, and he walks safely upon the waters under whose calm surface is hidden the abyss of death, while above his head shines that bright constellation formed of Truth, Knowledge, and Power, whose centre is the Law and whose germs can be found in the spiritual self-consciousness of every human being.
Franz Hartmann.


Qabalah also has a "Spiritual Experience" within the central Sephirah of Tipareth which is "The Mysteries of the Crucifixion."   From my humble ploddings through some shamanic fun and games, this experience is the pure force (and linked archetypal images) of the purest root energy (ray) of  "sacrifice for humanities evolution" - the root, not the actions, the energy - the 'capability' built into this fabric of our reality.....and all have access to it in millions of different guises and levels of force.      In Malkuth the Equal Armed Cross shows the Matter (horizontal) and Spirit (vertical), and also represents the four elements.

So really, eating chocolate eggs, munching tons of pigs, drinking lots of wine, and marching ones children down streets in strange uniforms all have nothing to do with The Cross.....funny huh?


ps  Chocolate eggs are hollow - it's a scam.
pps A milk and sugar cocktail for children is not a treat or a gift.

Friday, 11 April 2014

The "What Do You DooOoo" Brigade....

A little bit of fun with some creative-comical-philosophy I voice recorded into my phone the other day.

Download mp3 link.