Saturday, 26 April 2014

The law of polarity and it's extremes.

Lets take the law of polarity from century-old Hermetic book, 'The Kybalion' a step further.

The basic principle is that opposites such as love and hate are not actually opposites but a state of polarity along one line of the same thing - in this example a specific emotional feeling.

The range of vibration along polarity is a long one, where does cold start?  Where does dislike start?  When does like become love?  Polar opposites are two degrees of the same thing.

Everything has poles, a pair of opposites.  Opposites are the same, and are only different in degree of vibration.

This principle of polarity can also be applied to things like;

Love       -   Hate
Brave      -   Cowardice
Hot         -   Freezing
Active       -   Lazy
Light        -   Dark
Harmony -   Chaos

Nice and simple.

But we can also apply it to humans actions and memes in toady's world;

Romance     -     Domestic abuse
Sharing        -     Greed
How things feel -  How things look
Decisions from intuition -  Fear based decisions made in the mind.
Truth     -      Ignorance
Understanding   -     Judgement
Individual thought    -   Group think
Allowance     -       Control
Caring for animals   -  Munching on GM animals at McDonald's.
Giving energy to ones passions    -  Working for capitalistic authority
Amicability     -    Vengeance
Playing football in the garden with the kids  -  Spending £50 to watch Chelsea or Man City.
Creativity  - Watching Soaps on TV.
Time alone in nature - Time in groups in cities.

In the above short list, at the extremes, lets say the 10% at either end, something happens.
At the toxic end, astral parasites are invoked / attracted, and at the more compassionate and softer end, helping energy is invoked / attracted.
This cannot be seen, and one would need to be at a seriously high vibration and/or with much training or dedication into inner-sight in the inner worlds - but it goes on whether one knows it or not.

These 10% extremes are when stuff happens - water starts to boil or freeze, making love or breaking up, dawn or twilight etc.

At the toxic end of these polarities, astral parasites will attempt to entice the human to stay locked into that 10% - for then it can feed on a host.  Tricks, temptations, and more dark thoughts will present themselves.

At the more compassionate and softer end of these polarities, astral helping energies will come - and help, create opportunities, harmonious flow, fortune, synchronicities.

The funny thing is, probably most of the humans on the planet are locked into the 10% on the toxic end within many polarities - and that means we live in one ghouled up world - this isn't negative- it just is - humans as a species just don't act, think, and feel in a destructive way and "get away with it" in the invisible.

On top of this, if a group of humans all ghouled up work within a group, e.g a toxic finance or multi-national corporation, then that whole group itself invokes with much more clout - like some mega ritual that nobody even knows about, believes, or sees.

Pledge to avoid this fate. Turn your back on the demons that plague mankind. You are this-close to Salvation. Take the necessary steps. You will not be travelling alone.

"Please don't think that I am talking harshly; I am not. But neither am I going to be sentimental or emotional in order to rouse you to action. In fact, I am not interested in rousing you to action; you will rouse yourself to action when you understand. I am interested in showing you what is happening in the world. I want to awaken you to the cruelty, to the appalling oppression, exploitation, that is about you. Religion, politics, society are exploiting you, and you are being conditioned by them; you are being forced in a particular direction. You are not human beings; you are mere cogs in a machine. You suffer patiently, submitting to the cruelties of environment, when you, individually, have the possibilities of changing them."
- Jiddu Krishnamurti