Saturday, 24 May 2014

UCSB Shootings - Hollywood at it again!

So, a mass shooting occurred near LA last night, allegedly by the son of the assistant director of The Hunger Games.

Could this be another of Hollywood's dark occult sacrifice / mind control gigs?   (new to you? really? surely not?)

Let us look into it.

3 days ago there was an Orwellian style lock down in the area.....a dry run?

It appears the police didn't turn up until very late into the rampage for some reason.  From the BBC website:   Suzanna Standring wrote: "My son was there last night. The car driven by the gunman finally crashed right outside his apartment. The emergency alert from the authorities didn't come until 45 minutes after it was all over."

And the video the murderer made before his rampage certainly sounds like dark occultism at around 5.36.

**Youtube have just taken the video down as I was about to paste it.....but I have a sneaky copy here - not sure how long it will last though...(play in VLC).

The video is mainly about seeking retribution due to feeling desires of the flesh (a dark occult notion).  The video blamed these desires upon "spoilt slutty blondes."

It is also known the accused was in psychiatric care recently (where he probably met his handler/s -  - if history is repeating itself).

He is also said to have created a manifesto of "his twisted and evil world."

Early Reports stated 6 died in 6 minutes, and some witnesses stated two people were in the car and two shots were heard.

Look at how recently his "crazy" youtube videos were uploaded, and how an online forum recently made out he would be a serial convinient.

Does he look tough enough to stab to death three students?   And why kill males too?

Let's draw some lines between the murder scenes and see what we get.....just by chance...

One could also look into the fake death of Elliot, or the terrible actress from the local agency.

Elliot, the 'killer,' comes from Elijah which means 'God is Yahweh.'
He lived in apartments called Capri which originated from Latin and it means Goat (Baphomet?).

And his dad made movie 'Oh my God' (ridiculing religion particularly Islam) in 2009.

And not let us forget in 2001 the same story with the same the same location.......David Attias son of Director Dan Attias kills 4 on Isla Vista Campus in 2001.  Witnesses reported seeing him yelling  "I am the angel of death" as he mowed people down.

We could also look at the roads vehicle, and a local store (store2) within the events.

Let us note that Hollywood created, and are the 'controlling umbrella' for;  Lady Gaga, Britney spears, and Miley Cyprus - each playing the spoilt, sluttly, blonde archetype that the western world's young girls adorn.  These three have each shown much evidence for having mind control handlers. (This may take some of your own research to join these dots as I have not the time to provide links, but start with project monarch).

It's not as if The Hunger Games his dad worked on passed by without being loaded with satanic ritual and occult symbolism.  They were also certified for young children to view which was very strange.

"This sadistic story with pornographic overtones depicts teens who are tortured and killed in rituals like those the Illuminati use to trauma brainwash their own children. In occult, gender-bending fashion, a young woman performs the pugilistic feats required to defend her family."

The Hunger games has some strange energy surrounding it;  The Sandy Hook lies and killings took place in the author's home town, and Philip Hoffman, and actor in the movies, died suddenly from a "drug overdose."

Hunger Games occult symbolism can be explored here, here, and here.

His dad below - nice looking fella don't you think?

Hi step-mother is also a star of the french version of the toxic Real-Housewives.   She also played a  witch in a movie were dracula summons Satan, and a more recent movie called Djinn (a word for dark energy spirits from Islamic tradition).

One of the deceased (rip) also has a photo of her all around world wide media today....what is she doing with her hands...


So we have a story of a young man who was of such a rich family he could pay for sex if he wanted to, and was stable enough to go through college for years.  He had a father who helped direct a worldwide flagship Hollywood movie which is toxic for youngsters and full of occult, NWO, and Nazi symbolism.  Add to this a secret(ish) Hollywood cult who are into the occult, having sex with children, and also mind controlling them.

Make your own minds up, but for me, this is a sacrificial ritual from those high up the Hollywood ladder behind The Hunger Games, and way of taking guns off the people before their economy implodes.

One big lame hoax.

"You know, it's interesting, how easy it seems to unmask hoaxes and false flags, when they try to set this up, they dont seem to try so hard. and the reason i think is a simple one. this fantasy world that is being promoted normally IS the world people want to live in. a world where you can trust your politicians and your television. where you dont have to work too hard to find truth, other people offer it up to you. you just live your little life and all these big events happen in the distant and you watch it all unfold safely behind you television screen while you eat popcorn on the couch. For many people, that seems like a sweet world to live in. so they buy into the fantasy."  utube comment.