Friday, 27 June 2014

Google, Transhumanism, and the rise of the robots....

I've not written much on Transhumanism recently, but I saw this short speculative fiction film, and realised it was near exact to some scenes in my book, Kailin (which was really one big message against transhumanism).

So, due to much of what I wrote in Kailin coming true, or at least some things heading on the same trajectory, I thought it time for an update on what is going on objectively in today's world regarding the transhuman agenda.

To ease in slowly, the UK are changing laws ready for driverless cars,  google want to collecting health information data with gadgetry, and Intel have made a robot from 3d-printed parts.

But Google are really going for it - they've bought an AI company for 400m, and a military robot company too - not a good mix.....especially when we know how much power and control Google have.

"In December of last year, Google bought the robotic engineering company Boston Dynamics, the Pentagon funded entity that has developed cutting edge semi-autonomous robots such as BigDog, Cheetah, WildCat and Atlas, with, critics claim, the intention of seeing them deployed on future battlefields."

Funnily enough, this week, someone at Google's IO conference stood up protesting about this very thing.


Scarily, scientists recently stated they have now created true AI, passing The Turing Test for the first time, and last week, a robotic hand was reported to have been using true AI.

The robot revolution is here now according to this dude at MIT review.

Could it get worse?

Well, some are saying robots will replace Doctors and Lawyers!   The ones I know are not far off being robots anyway ;-)

.....and we are told new 'terminator robots' are for humanitarian purposes.  "Humans, please go forward to the refugee camp, or I will mow you all down with my machine gun arm."

Two weeks ago, the most toxic man on the planet for me, Ray Kurzweil, said we will be able to fall in love with robots within 15 years!

Well some say robots are soon to become very emotional and social, and facebook this week did secret trials on playing with users emotions!

Sound crazy?    How many of today's children brought up in an online world will be up for some of these when they are older?

So in 2020 or so, will the terminator Google robots go and see the stripper robots after a hard days work - killing some farmers in a country that resists western banking interests?

I'm on the fence whether it is funny or madness.

And as ever, the Japanese are in on the act too, and sit at the forefront of robot tech...."hoping robots will be as common as laptops."

Bladerunner crews could be the answer.....and that movie is looking more and more visionary as the months pass by.