Monday, 7 July 2014

Peadophiles run Britain.

In 2007 I wrote about MPs involved in child abuse....and I gained some strange looks.....but now things are slowly opening up.

This week the UK Home Office Department admitted more than 100 files relating to allegations of child abuse by politicians have been lost or destroyed - with former Tory party chairman, Lord Tebbit, stating last week, "The Thatcher government may have orchestrated an Establishment cover-up of child abuse by senior politicians."

Also this week a whistleblower has stated up to 40 MPs in Westminster are complicit in a Westminster paedophile ring, and a Police enquiry has stated it knows of 10 complicit MPs in Westminster.

But the big "mainstream" paedophile stories the past year have been of TV entertainer Jimmy Savile,  PR Media Mogul Max Clifford,   BBC presenter Stuart Hall, and TV entertainer Rolf Harris.

Savile was the worst, using Satanic methods, and abusing hundreds, dead or alive.    But the thing is just how close he was to politicians and royalty, especially Prince Charles.

A young Blair- surely not?  And did Blair protect Savile with using a D-Notice when PM?

Royals?  Surely not?   What would all the home county Royal lovers think?

For me, the Save the Children, Childline, and Children In Need charities do two things:
1. Weed out those reporting abuse by important people.
2. Allow the ring's filter process to find vulnerable children they can take away.

Here is Savile hanging out with the President (since 1970) of Save the Children.

Either she and MI5 are both completely stupid, or she and her family are part of the ring - there are no other options.


One doesn't have to do too much research either to work out Cyril Smith, Kenneth Clarke, Harvey Proctor, and Leon Brittain, were all paedophiles too.

Some further research lends itself to pointing fingers at Cliff Richard and Prince Andrew too.

The BBC now have more than 150 allegations of sexual abuse against 81 BBC employees in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal.

Mentioning the BBC, one can also look into Nick Ross, and the "state murder" of Jill Dando - who was researching the Westminster paedophile ring at the time of her death.

If you are still unsure of all this, start with Elm Guest House in London - a brothel of boys for people in high places throughout the 70's and 80's.

Here is Bill Maloney's radio interview today - really at the cutting edge of exposing all of this - and some information in here is really shocking.

The questions I have are:

Why is the Queen so quiet?   Her honours list is starting to look like a sex offenders list.
Do Satanic paedophile rings really run Britain?
Why has the BBC not been completely shut down until a public enquiry is complete?
Why do people still pay their TV licence?
Why are there no pichforks at Westminster?
Why are the ferries and airports not packed with people trying to escape.

The answer to all of these questions is this.....

Note:  The enquiry being launched will have nobody needing to be under oath.
Note:  The enquiry being launched is not a public enquiry.
Note:  The enquiry being launched will be led by an NSPCC executive and ex Government civil servant......yeah, great.

Obviously nothing more than a fake investigation.

Funny old world - everything "in the system" seems back to front, upside-down, and twisted.......heheh.....silly old system - says alot about the people who love it, support it, and pay for it I guess.


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