Friday, 18 July 2014

The Malaysia Airlines Ukraine gig.

Lets simply list a few questions on the Western (NATO, Zionism, Central Banks) media's official story, and then a short conclusion looking at the big picture.

1)   How does BUK surface-to-air missile (as stated was used by the Ukrainian interior ministry).......

........blow up metal to smouldering dust and flames, but human skin, books with paper pages, cotton suitcases, and passports all remain ok?

Maybe they should build planes out of what they make the passports out of!

2)  Why were journalists allowed in to photograph smouldering rubble and dead bodies in what looks like a very setup-set?    One, Two, Three.    Dead bodies would not be left to be photographed - they do this for impact on the media viewers.    I still cannot rule out mannequins.

3)  Is it normal for a commercial plane to fly over a warzone?   I would of guessed judging by strict insurance policies its a big no no, so why was the plane (if there was one) diverted over a war zone?

3)  I wrote 5 or so years ago about AIDS being man made and put into San Fran and NY during free vaccination programmes for gay white men, and apparently 108 of the world's most renowned Aids scientists and AIDS activists heading to the Australian conference were on board.  Confirmed by Australian authorities.   Maybe some of them knew the cure?

4a)  Is there some elite agenda against Malaysia?   Especially after their war tribunals which found Blair, Bush et al guilty of war crimes re: Iraq. Also the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (KLWCC) against the State of Israel can't make them too popular.

4b) What has happened to Malaysia Airline jets this year?

March 8, 2014 - Fight MH370, carrying 12 Malaysian crew members and 227 passengers, went missing on a flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport.
The Boeing 777 has still yet to be found, despite months of extensive searches in the southern Indian Ocean where it was believed to have crashed. The next phase of the search is expected to start in August and take a year, covering some 60,000 sq km at a cost of AU$60 million ($56 million) or more.
March 24, 2014 - Flight MH066, travelling from Kuala Lumper to Incheon, South Korea, was forced to make an emergency landing in Hong Kong after its main electricity generator failed.
Passengers onboard the flight later revealed they were told to prepare for an emergency water landing. However, the plane landed safely in Hong Kong in the early hours of the morning.
April 21, 2014 - Flight MH192, carrying 166 people, was forced to turn back to Kuala Lumpur while flying to India after a tyre burst and the right-hand landing gear malfunctioned.  Police later confirmed an investigation had begun into whether the flight had been interfered with before take-off.
April 24, 2014 - A plane belonging to Firefly Airlines (a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines) was forced to return to Penang after suffering problems with its landing gear.
A statement on the company's website said: 'This was because the aircraft's landing gear was unable to retract after being airborne. As safety is of utmost priority to Firefly Airlines, the aircraft was required to turn back to Penang.'
July 17, 2014 - Flight MH17 was shot down on the Russian-Ukraine border, killing all 298 people on board.

5) Why lots of 7's going on:  Boeing 777 mh17 17/07/2014  (2014=7).   (777 is an occult number).  And other numerology and symbolism.

6)  Why was the Whitehouse placed on lockdown minutes after this plane crash?    It was like some episode of 24.  This creates  more fear in the public and makes them more easy to control and more gullible.

Early Conclusions.

The "Western-Zionist-NATO-Media and Central Bank controlling gangbangers" want to Unite Europe and NATO against Russia.   In the next month or two we will probably see NATO troops try and take back Crimea (the last non NATO base near the Mediterranean).

Obviously they want to Frame Russia early in the media.  The Zionist NY Times has even released a wiretap of some rebels shooting down the plane....hehe - so they can wiretap thousands of rebels all across the countryside covering hundreds of miles?

US senator John McCain vowed there will be 'hell to pay' if missile was fired by rebels or Russian backers (dailymail).

But why do they seek conflict with Russia?

Could be from a few possible reason........

1)  Russian and the BRICS nations have just set up a massive bank to rival the western powers.

2)  Putin is in on it all, and is part of the western zionist elite, and is helping the agenda towards a one world goverment and currency - and is playing the protagonist.

2) This movie from a few years ago seems to be playing out and becoming more relevant.


Funny though, how the MSM froths over the Ukraine tragedy, but beams with pride as Gaza is pulverised and splattered into rubble, and this Airline story provides great distraction as Israeli ground troops enter Gaza and also destroy a Hospital.

Earth - things are starting to bubble.