Monday, 25 August 2014

da-killer Ice Ice theory....du du du du-dududu du.

 da-killer Ice Ice Sheepy....du du du du-dududu du.

All of you must have noticed a heavily promoted viral craze sweeping the USA and UK - the tipping of a bucket of ice water..... over oneself (??) to raise money for the ALS Association.

Here's a little background before we look into a theory.

The craze is heavily promoted by celebrities (mostly toxic puppets), billionaires (mates of the elite), and the mainstream media (zionism), so this clearly deserves a closer look.

Look at the promotion of this craze:

Eminem and Rihanna on stage...."yo, this is how we flow fuckers, ice over my head...yeeahh, yo yo"   <<   ?  high strangeness ?
Many other celebs at it, seeking attention, but being used to promote the craze.
Little more than a wet t-shirt gig really.

Something really doesn't sit right.

The ALS association itself claims that only 27% of its funds go towards research, and in 2013 these were their top earners....hehe, bucket of ice water over oneself to pay for suited

Jane H. Gilbert – President and CEO – $339,475.00
Daniel M. Reznikov – Chief Financial Officer – $201,260.00
Steve Gibson – Chief Public Policy Officer – $182,862.00
Kimberly Maginnis - Chief of Care Services Officer – $160,646.00
Lance Slaughter - Chief Chapter Relations and Development Officer – $152,692.00
Michelle Keegan – Chief Development Officer – $178,744.00
John Applegate – Association Finance Officer – $118.726.00
David Moses – Director of Planned Giving – $112,509.00
Carrie Munk – Chief Communications and Marketing Officer – $142,875.00
Patrick Wildman – Director of Public Policy – $112,358.00
Kathi Kromer – Director of State Advocacy – $110,661.00

Let's be clear, ALS do testing on animals, use embryonic stem cells from 8 week old phetus', and have really toxic sponsors and partners.

Giving to someone suffering is not suppossed to be fun, financially corrupt, or an extrovert type action - how about promoting the natural cure instead?

It also seems strange this is so big in Californ-I-AY as there is a drought there and also some brewing rumbles.....ho-hum, "Shiela in the office saw me tip ice over myself so that was fun." (??).

Ok  - enough background, let's get down to the fishiness.....

Co-founder of “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” drowned over the weekend off the coast of Massachusetts.

ALS funding goes towards.....get some of this....ISIS Pharmeceuticals!!! source.   And check out their logo!


This women displays how this craze looks like a mass baptism, or cleanse.

Gates' ice gig looked a little ritualistic.

This celebrity I've never heard of gets ritualistic with his ice bucket.

In the 1800's a similar cold water  challenge was used as torture.


Ok - simple stuff, not really worth a blog, but then I saw the following information - and wondered if the Ice Challenge is related and really part of a mass ritual / mass cleansing.

The past few days the MSM has been full of this:

This one below is really a bit of a kicker into why I felt this blog was required:

Also a massive Bioterror drill has just been conducted in NY including 1500 people, and Chicago has some strange warnings too.

Some are even 100% sure it's a coded ritual.

Conclusion:   If the Ice Bucket gig ramps up towards 9th September instead of calming down, I would not spend the 9th September in any major city in the USA or it looks possible another false flag is coming.