Thursday, 21 August 2014

Headless-beheading-lost-my-head mind control....

This week the corporate Zionist media went for a fake "beheading of a western journalist" by "Jihadists"......going for maximum impact to gain maximum support.....heheh.....they even had the executioner (with a pen knife) hosting an East London accent to bring in the A) James Bond villain subconscious gig, and B) Oh my God, evil could be next door mowing the lawn.

It's so fake, and even makes these look super real.....heheh.

THIS VIDEO WILL SOON BE TAKEN DOWN TOO (blogger won't embed it)

In recent years Foley has spent time deep within conflict zones of Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.....saying he was a mere freelance reporter for    Stinks of an agent for CIA, Blackwater, or Halliburton to me.   He has only a few articles, simply written, and all short.  Looks like a cover, especially when we can see how deep within the military he has been.  The guy in the video might not even be Foley!

Probably has a new name and is drinking Mojitos in Mexico today.


Note: Anyone else notice how years ago they first they said "muslims terrorists,"  then "Islamist extremists,"   and now "Jihadists"........heheh.....all to get you to support western corporate, military, political, and banking advances in the middle east.....heheh.

Mainstream news is the new comedy drama, but in more serious terms this is the perfect pretext for another 911 type of false flag.

Apparently ISIS are coming to get us all in the west soon too!!! Arggh....get them - they are's like an old scooby doo episode....without the short skirts.

......Funny though when one realises ISIS is a zionist gig anyway (CIA/Mossad/NATO//UK).....just do ten minutes research and see what you find, or read this great essay.

And here is an Excert from "The Complete History of Israels's Intelligence."

If we look at history we see a pattern........hehe....nope, today's BBC knows what's going on.

Again, the parents came across as crisis actors - no emotion, and a pure pro-America speech, with quotes such as, "how long we going to put up with this evil."

Check out this one - how long did it take them to remember this American Hero script?  And 3.01 is a little wierd......he even looks quite happy.

The people believing all this stuff deserve to pay for the politicians, media, and military.....for they have lost the power of thought, and are droning around in a lego-land coma-induced reality.

But things are going to change one way or another........and this information is wise to be aware of for the headless-lost-my-head-mind-controlled masses.


But millions of Americans care not, and are instead tipping ice buckets of water over themselves in drone like fashion, even while California is in a massive drought.  Maybe there is some symbolism in this because the ice water isn't seeming to "wake anyone up" at all?