Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Robin Williams, and hidden in plain sight.

People on social media are such a paradox......"stop bombing gaza,  stop Obama,  911 was an inside job,  stop zionism"  ......then the very same people then have an emotional meltdown when a (self proclaimed) 'Honorary Jew' who supported Obama, the bombing of Gaza, and the 911 official story, dies........ simply because he made a living pretending to be someone else.     

So a millionaire coke head with artistic talent kills himself - then gains the worlds emotional energy? How many innocent children have been killed today by the regime William's supported.

Let us have some context please.

Also BBC Three viewers were shocked by an "uncanny coincidence" last night when news of Robin Williams' apparent suicide came in just as a Family Guy episode centring around Robin Williams and a failed suicide attempt finished.  The episode also has God accused of hating the Mrs. Doubtfire.  I don't believe in coincidences, let alone those that are a billion to 1. Remember Family Guy killing Brian in Fast and Furious just before Paul Walker?
Family Guy even predicted the Boston Bombings (which was a false flag).

Also, years ago, Robin Williams and De Niro visited Belushi on the day/night of his death....have a look at Belushi's headstone (Skull and Bones is explained in my first free ebook).  It is well known in Hollywood circles these three liked the odd session on satans dandruff (coke).   Note:  Belushi died at 33.   Note:  There is a difference between clinical depression and a thirty year coke and booze habit.

These thoughts do not mean Mork and Mindy wasn't great creativity - but watch out for when the global media want you to give emotional energy - ala Diana, Maddie, etc.

Some things are just hidden in plain sight.

Also on the IGN forums someone predicted his death 3 days before it happened.  The username is DigInTheCrates which is an annegram for C The Star Dieing or Die the Star Cing.  Very odd.

Also it happened on the 11th, in the ray of a Supermoon,  and asphyxiation was the same way David Carradine of "Kill Bill" fame went (though later they changed Williams' suicide method to hanging).

Did anyone ever ask why the movie 'Good Morning Vietnam' forgot to include anything about Agent Orange or the gulf of Tonkin?  For one could be left from this movie thinking it was heroes doing their job for the good old US of A.

One could go a step further too.  The Sun Tarot Card has 4 sunflowers (the 4 worlds of Qabalah - with the robe of Binah in Atziluth running between one of them - Binah is sorrow and the number 3).

Ok - now look at his home today...same symbolism - same colour - and triangle for 3.  Binah in this colour is a high vibration and "out of this world" - just like Mork!   

The four QBL worlds can be placed on "one Tree of Life" - in this case Mork above is in the Abyss (between Atziluth and Briah) - pretty much the place in the afterlife for souls who do things like "drug fueled suicide."

Let us remember that Willaims starred in The Fisher King and on the promotion he looks like The Fool (0), especially with the flaming sword (that runs to the top of the Tree of Life where The Fool path resides, and the  Grail is above him (Ayin and Kether).

Now let us note the director was Gilliam, who also made Dr Parnassus (the Heath Ledger ritual movie -  based around The Joker (0) archetpye from Ledger's method acting as the evil Joker.).

Williams was also  in a movie with 9-11 symbolism.


We talked recently about the BBC and it's links to child abuse.   "You're crazy" some said.

Well have a look at the statue on their Broadcasting House in Central London.

According to the sculptor, this is supposedly the magician and control freak Prospero and his invisible enforcer Ariel.

On the same building one can also find these:


Then we find out the sculptor Eric Gill was himself a child abuser!

There should be  a new charity;  "Save the BBC license payers."

Enough of the serious stuff, it's hot this summer - so let us have a nice cold drink :-)

Anyone for some Fluro-Water!  Chemicals and poison fluoride masquerading as natural juice?   I love how on the back it states "Contains No Juice."

Ok then - we could go for a nice increasingly popular energy drink, with crazy levels of caffeine, sugar, and sweeteners, that openly tell the consumer how bad they are and where they come from.

Things are now in plain sight, and people are too asleep to notice, just like this jumper sold at the 911 memorial in NY (read the very illuminati text).