Friday, 19 September 2014

Scottish Vote Rigged, plus the (unrelated) Transhuman tiptoe.

So, Scotland saying No to independence is believed as normal, but here are some clues to the result:

1)   The ten reported cases of Electoral Fraud being investigated.  If they found ten, how many didn't they find?

2)   No exit poll.  No proper international observing.  No recount.  Counting all done at night.

3)   The media reported a historic turnout in all regions of Scotland, mainly in the areas which gave a No vote.

4)   It took all night to count just 3.5 million votes?    (Other countries count tens of millions in a few hours).

5)   'The Powers That Be' were clever, they let Glasgow and other "high unemployment" areas win their YES campaigns, and ramped up the NO votes in the more middle class areas.....this also calms any potential for trouble.

6)  Scottish BBC obviously did some subconscious bombs towards No (even sparking protests), and STV is a PLC which floats on the FTSE Fledging Index, which is a major UK stock Index that's based in....drumroll....London.

7)  Nobody really votes to be a part of Westminster over independence, unless one is a coward in fear of "having a little less money while the new nation finds its feet.".....I hope these cowards can look their grandchildren in the eye because Cameron and co now have the permission of the Scots to destroy their poor.   "Sorry grandson, I was scared of having less money, so I voted for Nuclear Submarines, poverty, and London Elite control from a bunch of Etonian Banking pawns."

8)  Oil - Max Kieser (independent economy dude) recently said that the UK can borrow cheaply using the giant Scottish oil reserves as collateral, If Scotland left, the collateral (oil reserves) would no longer be available, so the cost of borrowing money for the UK would skyrocket.

9) Last but certainly not least:

"It's not the votes that count, it's who counts the votes." -- Josef Stalin  --

But why would they rig the vote some have asked me. A) To ensure they and their oil never escape the London control, and quash once and for all the whispers of independence.  Or a less probable B) Get devolution slowly into the consciousness so in a few years Wales, NI, and Scotland all become Regions of the EU.   Also a C) is involved;  Stop Scottish UK MPs in Westminster gaining more power than the Etonian English lot, through a devolution package.


Let's have a Comedy Break to cheer us up.

The UN have their International Day of Peace in a couple of days....hehe.......that's like having a "Whore's Day of Virginity" or a "KluKluxKlan Day of Racial Acceptance."

So, In Australia 800 pre-crime cops raided and arrested a few Muslims.......they said it was about "planning some random beheadings in public"..........all based upon.....ONE phone call.......then released most of those arrested later in the day after the worlds press plastered Terror Fear all over their front pages.

....Note this was the same week Aussie sent 600 troops to fight IS.. and Snowdon, Assange and Greenwald appeared on TV in NZ to accuse their government of mass surveillance.   Now the Aussies and Kiwis are thankful for being spied on and sent to fight bogus wars..,,,,,,heheh.....nearly as silly as the No voting Scots.

Transhuman Tiptoe

Crazy news, false flags, geopolitics, and current memes are moving so fast it's hard to deeply contemplate each one, but "wearable tech" and The Transhuman Agenda is progressing almost weekly now, and needs to be acknowledged.

Recently Time Magazine promoted wearable tech, which was well explored by the following utuber.

The following updates around Transhumanism are each DEFCON RED ALERTS, and each were foreseen in my "conceptual fiction" offering over a year ago.  Each below deserve their own blog, but I simply just don't have the time, but know that the era of biometric ID is here.

Barclays are currently developing the use of Human Veins for ID.

Google Glass now has an app to detect people's emotions!

Get some of these up in your place of work or home soon ;-)

Scientist have made "monkeys smarter" using a Brain Chip.

The FBI have just launched a new Facial Recognition System.

Google are looking to "cure death" in a $1bn project - hiding again behind "we want to cure cancer."

CNN are promoting Cyborgs in a loaded article hidden behind helping someone, and also make out Transhumanism is nature based.

Think of how things will look in 20 years if this trajectory continues....maybe good to buy one of these Anti-Routers or the new Cyborg Unplug.....or simply just say.....