Saturday, 11 October 2014

Ebola predictive programming (or synchromysticism).

First off, there are so many fear articles about Ebola that I gift you the above picture to use in comment sections.


Anyway, my blog on Ebola being manmade has had thousands of views, but here is something else very interesting.

A Simpson's episode aired on "911" in 1997 had a book cover of a monkey called Curious George with Ebola.

Ok - nothing much to see here one might think - but then one can look at the Simpson's shot of a magazine cover showing 911 and a $ sign (long before it happened).

Ok, many can still write this all off as coincidence (which I don't personally believe in).

So then, when one looks up "Curious George," one finds this episode called Curious George Comes to America and Goes to the Hospital.

In which, a monkey is taken from Africa to an America Hospital by a man in a Yellow Hat called Ted.

The letters TED also stand for Thomas Eric Duncan, the man who actually brought Ebola from Africa to America (according to the mainstream), and the man in yellow could (at a stretch) also link to this:


Also, why is the CDC telling us "Winter is Coming?" from Game of Thrones?

We are also being bombarded with far too much toxic green (ebola) in corporate advertising at the moment.

Others also present a lot of predictive programming.

On March 10, 2014, the World health Organization (known as WHO, and I tore them apart in my first book 6 years ago) recognized the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, so what is going on here?  And here?   (Google won't let me put these videos in this blog).

There are even other recent films with this date too (This reminds me of  the Matrix's film passport with the 911 date).

This is all either predictive programming (the powers that be are bombarding our subconscious so we are ready and prepared for what is coming).    Or it is all synchromysticism (a layer in our reality / the astral knows the energy of a building vortex and places things into the physical as the vortex of an event comes nearer / spins up).

"Synchromysticism - Reality is that which when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away."                Phil K Dick.

The bottom line is there are people in the world that want you watching and listening to this, and not watching and listening to things like this....

...and believing orchestrated theatre like this.......


P.s Funny how western countries are sending lots of troops and 'experts' to Africa and then keep bringing them back once they are infected with the Ebola virus.