Thursday, 2 October 2014

October Tipping-Point Betting Market.

There's some grains of information that when pieced together could look like a half baked jigsaw  of a possible tipping point event this October (not again yaaaawn).  Heheh, sorry, but someone has to do the grunt work and blog it   ;-)  

Ok - lets list a few....(I'll try and remain professional)....

1.  Astrology for October.

Some serious crazy astrology is going on this October (it's not normal to have this much fiery rebellious punch crammed into one month).

    • A fiery Grand Trine of Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Leo, and Mars in Sagittarius, from 1st to around 13th October    (Meaning something could pop like a volcano individually and/or collectively).

    • Lunar eclipse in Aries.    October 8    (4th house - unconscious emotions and shadow). Eclipses come in twos, and this is a fiery one, so this starts a fortnight of craziness - don't make life decisions in these two weeks....ever......unless you can pull the eclipse down and use it (not for kids......or really, anyone).
    • Solar eclipse in Scorpio – October 23   (4th house again, and completion of the two week eclipse window).

2.  Nostradamus. 

(heheh....bare with me).

In Nostradamus' Epistle to Henri II he said the earth will "be plunged into the perpetual blackness of space"  in an October after a Solar Eclipse.   Note: the next Solar Eclipse in an October is in 2022.

3. The Georgia Guidestones.

Thse cryptic, esoteric, and elitist Georgia Guidestones (source1, source2) in America have had their "2014 capstone" decoded to point to this October.

(text version of the decoding)

*** is The Wayki Wayki betting market for tipping point events this October:

  • Nothing happens.  6/4
  • Chinese drone-humans whose minds are long lost to communist indoctrination bust into Hong Kong fuey, and go all mega-communist with bullets.   2/1
  • ISIS False Flag event in the middle east. 2/1   (special offer: If on 3rd October, you get double winnings).
  • ISIS False Flag event in the west.  5/2            (special offer: If on 3rd October, you get double winnings).
  • Chinese dudes in mainland Chinese cities get noodle of what's going on in HK, and perform massive protests that the Chinese Brainwashing raygun can't work on.  6/1
  • Stock Market Index's crash over 30%.  10/1
  • Patrick Geryl's October 21-22 Super Sunspot (Xflare 10+) theory coming to fruition and spanking some electrics to dust.   300/1
  • Anyone who's ever said anything against the corrupt system, the official fairytales of 911 or 77, or the McCann elite ritual crew gets banned from the internet.  5000/1.
  • The Ebola man made bioweapon hits 1 million people 10,000/1
  • These dudes in their white eggs above Hong Kong (from actual live BBC footage)  show themselves and take away all ruling pyscopaths to a planet named Torturouskarma. 2,000,000/1
  • English people rising up against the terrorist hypocrite psychopath David Cameron. 50,000,000/1 (note: we are not taking bets on English people moaning whilst mowing the lawn - this is not deemed a tipping point event).
  • New Age positivity and ignorance of objective truth creates a wave of unconditional love and heals all the worlds pain. 40 trillion/1.
  • Orca wales come onto land and eat all the evil humans, telling us they themselves are dormant ascension agents from Sirius.  41 trillion/1.

note1: these odds are live and subject to change. only opening prices listed thus far as of 1st October.
note2: those on google glass can download latest odds by blinking 4 times then closing their eyes for 10 seconds.......while crossing a road.


Ps.  If you're doing research sometimes, beware the trolls you may encounter...