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Earth Hoax? - Part 2 of 2. The Global-Ball-Bull?

"Common sense is just natural honesty. It is an intuitive grasp of realities and it is probably the most powerful educating force that there is and yet we don’t dare to trust it because common sense may teach us to go in the opposite direction from which we are heading."
- Manly P. Hallsun

Personally, this is one of the most ground breaking (excuse the pun) blogs I've done as it breaks through a long term dream puzzle that's been going on for years, in which the same symbolism has been repeated in different ways.    This to me is not just information, text and image, it's something linked to an inner story, something I've had snychronistic clues towards for a long time.

Please ensure you've read Part 1 first, and are clear with your own views upon it, or it's a complete waste of time reading on.   Solid foundation is required.  One scientist I spoke to about part 1 lost his centre completely, insulted me, and walked off in a type of huff a 4 year old western girl would be proud of, so I dread to think what this Part 2 will do to some people.

Again, if you seek to judge before taking in all the information, you are just witnessing your own dogma and/or mind control (not that people seem to mind that these fact, it seems to be all the rage).

Obviously I'm well aware that it probably won't be until near the end of this article, or even hours later when some new curiosity may slowly begin to rise within you.
It's unfortunately a long-ish article as there are so many serpents to hack at, but it's still only 10% or so what I've researched -  so it's really just a quick summary.

Here we go.....buckle up, and yes, I'm being serious.

A few pockets of humans in this reality construct believe we are not on a ball-earth, not on a spherical earth.

So let's look at this as sensibly as we can in nine sections.

1. Curvature

First, lets look into curvature, obviously quite important regarding relevance to a ball-earth.

The ball-earth is said by all to have a circumference of 40,0075 km and a radius of 6,371 km.   So then, from any one point on the ball-earth to the opposite point (e.g England to Australia type gig), one would follow a constant arc for 20,0037 km that climbed 3,185 km up to its crest and then down 3,184km to the destination.   Pretty simple stuff.

Using spherical trigonometry backed up by many mathematicians (and the famous space author Asimov), we can deduce that the ball-earth's supposed curvature is 8 inches to the mile.  But this would vary inversely as to the square of the distance.  So the first mile establishes line of sight (0 curvature), the second mile must then descend 8 inches, the third mile 32 inches, the fourth mile 6 feet, the fifth mile 10 feet 8 inches, and by the sixth mile should already be 16 feet 8 inches below the line of sight.  (So 1 squared is 1 = 8 inches, 2 squared is 4 = 32 inches, 3 squared is 9 = 72 inches, 4 squared is 16 equals 128 inches etc).

Sidenote: Don't be tempted with any gatekeeper's bad maths regarding curvature.

Strangely, the book “The Lighthouses of the World” has the Dunkerque Lighthouse in France being visible from 28 miles away.  This should be below the horizon on a ball-earth.

Among many experiments that all yielded that same results,  the famous Bedford Level Experiment in 1870 took place over a 20 mile straight canal, with no locks or gates.   The result was that the 20 miles was completely flat, all exactly line of sight.  Water didn't curve with the planet, nor did the sides of the canal, or anything.

Expected above.  Result below.

Many will around now bring up the disappearance of a ship as it sails 'over the horizon,' with the hull vanishing first. This is to with vanishing point angles,

There are many reports of half sunken ships restored by looking at them through telescopes.  It is an optical illusion to do with water, like a mirage, like heat on a road.   This is explained in depth in a later video.

From Zetetic Cosmogony by Thomas Winship we read:

Also, if the ship hull really was disappearing over the curvature of the earth, then when a hot air balloon is going away from oneself, one would surely start to see the bottom of it as it slanted away - slowly starting to go over the curvature.  It doesn't, never has, never will.  Out of the half million images of balloons online, please show me one of a hot air balloon slanting away from oneself in the distance.

You are on a sphere are you not?   It is convex so it needs to act convex does it not?  How could you believe in the hull disappearance gig but be ok with horizontal balloons on the horizon?   Has an elephant just come into the living room, or started hovering in the garden?

2. Horizon

So, if we live on a giant ball, when one rises in altitude, the horizon should naturally fall away and move nearer to the observer.

Why is it then, that non-NASA cameras have been launched up as high as 121,000 feet and all the way up the horizon is flat and rises to the eye of the camera.   Rising in a balloon too, the horizon stays where it is.  It shouldn't, it should move down.    The Balloonist is at the highest part of the whole sphere from where he's observing, the sphere should behave so, it doesn't - it behaves as though it is flat.   Why?

Look at an artists impression, or read any fiction with a scifi orbital - the concave inverse of a ball-world, what do we see in our minds?

Yep, concave worlds do concave things in people's minds, but humans here live on a convex world ......that acts flat?   This scientist has his knickers all twisted up - he might be becoming a conspiracy theorist, and it won't go down well with the in-laws or those in the office.

3. Circumnavigation

So what does a non ball-earth look like to those who go with what they see, and not what they are told by upstanding organisations like NASA, education bodies, governments, media, google, and mainstream funded science?

It has the North Pole in the middle, and Antarctica ALL around the outside, and a smaller similar sized sun and moon rotating above it.    Don't worry, I know exactly all the things (and probably more) that you're logical mind is bringing up - it will all be dealt with.

Most will leave the!

Others will immediately think, "But what about all the boats and planes that have circumnavigated the globe you nutcase."    Sidenote:  When anyone circumnavigates the globe, whether on a pedalo, canoe, pea-pod, or jet, it always makes a big media story.

No vessel has ever circumnavigated the earth in a north south direction.  The west east gig is easily done on a flat plane, and note: A nutcase is quite useful, I call them "almond shells" and they keep my store of magnesium for longer :-)

Also for anyone seriously claiming the Coriolis effect (hemisphere plug hole drainage myth). This is not true, and holds as much weight as saying your Lady-Ga-Ga CD will spin in a different direction depending on what hemisphere you're in.

4. Antarctica

We should now look into Antarctica, for surely this cannot surround the whole edge of a flat earth? We would know!

Antarctica, the only Continent with no human natives,  has a whole host of strangeness and conspiracy entwined into its history (I am not saying this short list is all necessarily true, I am saying that there's much information about each of these  - and as they say, where there is smoke, there's usually some fire.
  • Many boats and planes having gone missing.   
  • Boats getting lost in "strong currents" in the southern oceans near Antarctica.
  • Operation High Jump.
  • Stranded U-boats.
  • The Thule Societies links to Antarctica, and ancient Tibetan and Indian text.
  • A mass of military bases, including the Murdoch base.  (bonus appetiser
  • Boats getting lost and stating their instruments didn't work, or didn't match with their locations. (Journals from Lieutenant Wilkes,  Captain James Weddell, or Rev. Thomas Milner to get started )
  • The Nazi's (who were very much into the occult) sending many expeditions there, and even setting up bases.  New Schwabenland being one.
  • The weather being massively different and more brutal than the Arctic - an unrivalled difference to any other "ball-earth" opposites.
  • Massive amount of "science work" going on there.
But that can all be homework or for chatting over xmas dinner with the in-laws , let's stick to what is super relevant.

There are only three places from land on earth that one can get to Antarctica,  Oz, South Africa, or South America.  Lets do this with balls, and with no balls.

 You see, nobody is ever going to go to Antarctica due south from say, Hawaii, Alaska, or India.    Obviously one would need to go to one of the three red areas to get the permits and paperwork, and this is where all the experts, trips, access, safety, medical, provisions, hooky North Face gear, and admin are located....logically.

If one strays from the designated arrival places in Antarctica, one tends to find hundreds upon hundreds, if not thousands of miles of Ice-walls.

From the website of the International Association Antarctica Tour Operators ((IAATO, who have the whole gig sewn up real tight), it states exactly where tourist cruises depart from, and it's as I said, natrually, they are the three red areas.

So then, those who are debunking a ball earth also confirm that commercial boats don't tend to travel much in the Southern Ocean, or are intercepted if too near to the ice (we will come to this).      They also claim Measurements in the "Australian Handbook, Almanack, Shippers’ and Importers’ Directory” are wrong.

This is one quote from scores one could pluck from:

“From near Cape Horn, Chile to Port Philip in Melbourne, Australia the distance is 9,000 miles.  These two places are 143 degrees of longitude from
each other.  Therefore the whole extent of the Earth?s circumference is a mere arithmetical question.  If 143 degrees make 9,000 miles, what will be the
distance made by the whole 360 degrees into which the surface is divided?  The answer is, 22,657 miles; or, 8357 miles more than the theory of rotundity would
permit.  It must be borne in mind, however, that the above distances are nautical measure, which, reduced to statute miles, gives the actual distance round the
Southern region at a given latitude as 26,433 statute miles; or nearly 1,500 miles more than the largest circumference ever assigned to the Earth at the equator.” 
-Dr. Samuel Rowbotham

Did you know commercial airlines don't fly over the antarcti?   Surely these routes would be much quicker (if we were on a ball earth).

They say the ETOPs regulations mean planes have to be near an emergency how many airports exist in the south pacific?   hehe (even though man can walk on the moon and send spaceships to mars, flying over some snow is far too dangerous.....heheh).
They say this is the routes for commercial planes.....

But do some plane searches between Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, South Africa, and Oz, you will be astounded at what you will find!  All with stop overs, and if you find a direct flight (very rare) the duration in the air doesn't add up!

From wiki Polar Route:   "Although direct flights between South Africa and New Zealand would overfly Antarctica, there never have been direct flights between those countries."

Also on Antarctica exists the Rockefellar Mountains and Rockefeller Plataea, nothing to see here, move along.


In 1959, the Antarctica Treaty System  was signed by twelve countries, and since then some other countries have been added.

Now take some deep breaths before you look at the the room they meet up in!

All in the shape of a pyramid with the capstone cut off!   I spilt my tea when I saw this (out of my nose), and some even dropped onto the spacebar. Iwasn'tveryhappy.

So what does this treaty do?   What does it actually protect?    Surely no military activity involved?

Note; in this video I don't agree with his rare theological comments, but the imagery is super relevant.


So then, if I had tons of money, a few boats, a crew of hearty shipmates, some dodgy knock off North Face gear, and wanted to just pop to Antarctica for mooch about, and make some penguin burgers?   No chance!

All Tours are wrapped up by the "self regulated"  IAATO, who have who have different levels of membership (for some reason).   You can't just rock up in a boat and go penguin hunting on skies, in fact you can't even hardly fart or breath!

Their website even tells you what to DO when there.    Basically, look at some penguins, take photos of snow, sleep in the cold in an expensive sleeping bag, then piss off.

   They even tell us in their PDF guide that much is off limits.

Only recently was it reported that Russia and China blocked an EU-Australian plan to create a marine reserve covering at least one million square kilometres in the eastern Antarctic.  Is this PR bullshit or real?  Who knows, but the article also states there are over 70 research stations there?

Sidenote: Bit of a jump at this stage would be to link the IAATO to Masonry, but IAATO's Executive Director works from Edinburgh.

Recently Prince Harry was all over the mainstream media as he was in Antarctica.  With all his money, he supposedly took his PR agents and Tarquin mates, and went for a little hike.  It was too extreme and too cold, they all got frostbite, but luckily made it back safe.   What do you think this staged media theatre puts into the subconscious?  "Don't even try going there, it's too harsh for humans."

Natural photos or choreographed?    You decide.

"Yes, the minions believe I'm there.  See you in an hour at Windsor, bring the coke."

"Tarquin, no look here, that's with tax, and my family doesn't do tax." 

"Follow me, the studio closes soon, and we'll go for lunch in Mayfair."

But many children have this on their walls......from surprise surprise, National Geographic - who repeat that men built the pyramids with ropes, and village farmers built the maya temples and pyramids.

Oh, and if you really think this is a satellite image like NASA, the ATS, and IAATO do, then you really need to go and speak to some painters.....on your way to the mental hospital. 

This section had to be long, sorry, because if one can get their head around some truths in Antarctica, one holds a key to the bigger hoax, but don't worry, the best is yet to come.

5.  Sun, Moon, Eclipse, and Stars.

Some would say that the sunrise and sunset prove we are on a big sphere.      These videos (1 and 2)  can help with this argument.   Ever been to an air show?  A low flying jet has a rising and setting on both horizons as it appears and goes - but in reality remains at the same altitude.

The theory here is that the moon and sun are around the same size, each around 30 miles wide, and somewhere within a few thousand kilometres altitude.

The moon is an enigma for sure.  They tell us it is reflecting sunlight, but the moon acts different with plants and is silvery-blue.  It 'feels' completely different to sunlight.

Others will point to the lunar eclipse, stating that the earth's shadow on the moon is circular, therefore the earth is a spshere and the sun is zillions of miles away.

"According to the globular theory, a lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, earth, and moon are in a direct line; but it is on record that since about the fifteenth century over fifty eclipses have occurred while both sun and moon have been visible above the horizon.” -F.H. Cook, The Terrestrial Plane.

Do you know that NASA nor anyone else has ever provided a really decent working example of how lunar eclipses work?  A few cartoon images online?   Google images' "how a lunar eclipse happens" - I dare you - see the crap you get.    Why has a satellite not filmed it?  Or Hubble?

Are there optical illusions at work?

Many people laughing at this article would mention that the far south cannot see the North Star, Polaris, so we must be a sphere.   The answer to this is that the celestial dome of stars is actually nearer to us than the billion zillion gillion light years away we are told they are.    Do you know that people in the southern hemisphere near (but below) the equator can see the north star, this should not be possible if we were on a ball-earth.  People at the equator can see both pole stars -  again - shouldn't be possible.

Stars nearer?   How can you claim something so crazy?    Explain the disappearing stars at altitude away then?

Personally, I agree with Stellarium (free astronomy software) - there are two wheels in the sky, one nearer the north pole, and one nearer antarctica.   The flat earthers claiming Sigma Octantis (southern star) is actually Polaris (northern pole star) from a different distance and location are wrong in my opinion.   Polaris is one of the key flags ball-earth people wave - but it's easily explained.

This section has blown wide open the whole "outer space" gig, and this is where we must venture next.


6. NASA and Space

First, lets have some relevant information mixed with some comedy, as I can see many of you frowning, and can feel some of you sending me dodgy thought forms  -  careful - I know a way to mirror them back  ;-)

Obviously anyone with half a brain has debunked the moon landings, even Buzz Aldrin debunked it, and he was on it!     It has Kubrick stamped all over it for sure, and the USA got a lot of money, and united and distracted the people all kicking off about Vietnam and social rights.

Does anyone know about how the Hubble telescope sends emails millions of miles?   Nope, nor does anyone on the whole internet.  This sort of crap doesn't count.

What I want to know about Hubble is how much of the few billion was spent on tin foil?

Also, with Hubble at 17,000 mph, and the Earth spinning at 1000mph, the earth looks very stationary in their snaps.   Call me crazy or a realist, but when I go 50mph in my car the trees nearby are a green blur, and objects further away slowly move.   Even a fast shutter speed camera would present "motion."  

They even mock you, Hubble took a photo NASA named "Starry Sea Serpent," supposedly about 99 zillion gillion trillion momizolizillion miles high.  In reality it was probably a few thousand pixels in Photoshop.
What about the International Space Station?   The official line say it's orbiting at 17,150 mph, 5 miles a second, and that it orbits the 1000 mph spinning earth once ever 92 minutes!   I have massive questions over their "live webcam streams."  Link1, Link2.

Anyway, so a space station travelling at 17,150mph is simple to dock with it is stated, and also when docked with by the Space Shuttle, someone can even take a photo of it all happening, with a "non spinning earth" in the background.

These pics are from the sites of Boeing, Wikipedia, or NASA....all claimed to be official.

Anyone else getting flashbacks to the Bond movie, Moonraker?   Note: Movie technology:

Check out the Space Shuttle Atlantis' Control Deck.  It has less buttons and knobs than a small plane.
I swear this is the old joystick one used to use on a commadore 64 for track and field?   Some NASA dude probably picked it up at a garden sale.

NASA went all gold foil - it was so high tech they couldn't even tell anyone about

Love this one, stars disappeared again, who was the photographer?  Earth looks still?  And someone forgot to close the cargo doors. 

Look a the fish eye on this one, it even warped the hatch on the left....heheh.

So, the Space Shuttle....heheh. (I'm really losing my centre with this section as it's so funny)...this thing used to orbit at super speed and re-enter a spinning atmosphere at super speed?    Have you ever had real proof?  Have you done the maths?   No, it's soooo far advanced it's only for clever people at NASA.   (National Agency of Space Actors).

Ask a scientist how the shuttle (going 64,000mph around the sun too they say) slowly releases / ejects a satellite from it's cargo hold - and how is it that the satellite doesn't fly away as the shuttle is moving so fast?  I just got the answers "It's all relative."  Well I know what happens when I throw an orange out of my moving car - it gets left behind.

Funny how one can only find a couple or so re-entry videos on the whole internet!

One is an animated simulator with graphics no better than my old Spectrum 48k!

The other makes some English Soap opera look like it has good actors - you just have to see this.

Who is doing the filming in G force!  The dude says "Mach 4!!"  That's 2880 mph!!  Do you think you could be having a chat and moving your head about?    Gossipping about the what colour the fiery heat is under ones arse...."Oh I think it may be an orange" is doing the filming?     It is also night time - how convenient.

Ah, there is another, anyone see this re-entry NASA video from this very week (December 2014)?  I've seen better effects in a movie from ten years ago.

Why have NASA never filmed a rocket or 'spaceship' leaving earth until in space?   Ask yourself this.

Check out the acting in this one - this is another personal favourite. Pure comedy.

Funny how the shuttles all got decommissioned at the same time the internet video speeds came about in 2011....and replaced   Obviously the central bankers wanted the cash as the mind control was already done, and now there are cheaper ways to continue the hoax via Google Earth etc.

What did the shuttle missions ever do?  What did they ever come back with?   Is anyone's life better for their missions?     "Oh, they repaired the telescope."  It's all bollocks.

Even the Challenger Shuttle they blew up in 86, - who really believes that an O-ring seal on a solid rocket booster failed as it was cold?  Do you know how cold it is in space?   Why not make the rocket booster seal out of the same stuff they make the shuttle's seals out of?  

We could go into the 2003 Shuttle Columbia disintegration upon reentry, but it's too easy, you get the picture.

This is all another 911, 77, Sandy Hook, Princess Diana, JFK, Boston Marathon, ISIS, you name it - false flag to mind control you, and people drink it up like stupid mind controlled robots.


Only last week they told you in all the world wide media (can't say global media anymore....heheh) that the EU Philae space ship landed 300 million miles away, on a Comet that was travelling at 34,000mph, and emailed some photos back..  (I am rolling on the floor now in absolute bits)......Imagine in England all those suited types on the train to London during rush hour looking at this news on their tablets and imacs....and all believing it.  Now that is some serious comedy.

Who took this photo?   And who emailed it?    Their answers are so funny.

Sidenote:  Philae in Greek or Pilak in ancient Egyptian, meaning ‘the end,’ defined the southern most limit of Egypt. It was begun by Ptolemy II and completed by the Roman Emperors.   The Temple was dedicated to the goddess Isis, the wife of Osiris and mother of Horus.

Look at a BBC article from only last week (was the third news story on the main site).  They want to land a "robotic probe" on the moon in ten years, to be £500m funded by the public in, err, survey it.   Lots of "smart science type people" are already donating in their droves.  

"I really hope that it has the same effect as Rosetta that so gripped the world”   Prof Monica Grady, Open University.  

You believe these other machines are real too?

NASA's wonderful flying machines part 1.
NASA's wonderful flying machines part 2.

I personally don't believe any human or anything has ever left earth and gone above 100km in the sky, I have not seen enough evidence to sway me.  If someone can send me some real evidence then please do - but repeating NASA, National Geographic, or CNN footage just isn't going to work for me anymore.   "Oh but I see satellites at night!"   "What?  The ones the size of a phone booth that you believe are really 150 to 250 miles away?   Do you have those new eye implants already?"

The NASA logo some could say has a serpent tongue going through it, and flat earth symbol symbolism.

The USA National Aeronautics and Space Administration logo adds in a sun and moon moving in the same orbit.

Don't forget, you are here, in the arse-end of nowhere, with a crappy tiny sun that just about makes 1 pixel, and when your kids are 7, we are going to sledgehammer this into their brains.

7. Sacred Texts.

Many ancient myth and text have spoken of the earth not being a ball millenia ago, from China, Central America, Bhutan, and the Iroquois to name but a few.

Of several Qur'an verses, Iraqi astronomer Fadhel Al-Sa'd declared that the earth is flat, and that the sun is much smaller than the Earth and revolves around it.

The Bible has many sections about a non ball-earth, including:

In Genesis God created the Earth before creating the Sun.

Jeremiah 16:19:
O LORD, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit.

Daniel 4:10-11.  [The King] “saw a tree of great height at the centre of the earth...reaching with its top to the sky and visible to the earth's farthest bounds.

Revelation 7:1:
And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree.

Also read the quotes at the bottom of this 'concave theory' image.

The book of Genesis also describes this image one could say, and remember it states the earth was created before the sun.

Interesting too to see the word  'Dome' used nine times in Genesis 1 in the Jewish Version, strangely not mentioned in the butchered King James version.  It gives a different read I would say.

The Book of Enoch and other Theology also support the flat earth.

8. Symbolism  

So, what symbolism lends itself to this?

UN logo.

Movies The Truman Show and Dark City spring to mind.

Goddess Nuit symbolism from very ancient Egypt.

Google's Earth Day Logo.

Alchemical symbolism with the sun and moon the same size, and the Freemasonic compass and ruler (the famous squaring of the circle), with a G for God (Intelligent Design).  All in all this is very much a Masonic secret.  This is gone into deeper in a video below.

NASA's links to Masonry;

My many dreams of 2 O O,  or Circle Circle, or Sphere Sphere,  in which the two circles, or footballs (two OO), or two eggs, or two bicycle wheels etc crack or flatten or puncture.  Beth, the Hebrew letter with a value of 2, also means House. House of God.  A thought made structure.  It relates to Chokmah in the Qabalah, meaning Wisdom, God, and Creation.  Beth is also the very first letter in the bible.  Interesting huh?


This alchemical image also takes on new meaning.

9. Conclusion

There's more bull than ball in global it seems.

When I've discussed some of the above with 'smart people of  scientific persuassion,'  they keep using talismanic words gravity, relativity, or refraction, but can't really explain each of them, or their shortcomings.

A couple of documentaries on this issue really stands out.    


This one below contains some amazing information and puts some cherries on top (if one can overlook the overuse of scripture).   

Another few that are entertaining as well informative are; The Earth is FlatTop 10 Reasons, Reasons why they say the earth is a ball, and Proof, NASA lies.

Scientists all came through universities, so they are passive, they learnt by remembering what they were told to remember.  Most Scientists work 40 hours a week and unknowingly feed an agenda due to the need for pay for their mortgages from banks,  cars from showrooms, and food  from supermarkets.  Clever people?   Someone to listen to?

Large respect to Eric Dubay from The Atlantean Conspiracy, who during my research kindly sent me a copy of his new book to preview - he covers a ton of information and amazing images in near 300 pages, collaborating years of intense research.      He also made the amazing video just below the book cover.

" I would say, however, that what is currently deemed "science" like Einsteins theory of relativity and Newton's supposed "law of gravity," are what's truly dubious. Heliocentrists cannot show us a single object massive enough that by virtue of its mass alone, causes other smaller masses to stick to or orbit it as they claim happens with the Sun, Moon, Earth, Stars and Planets. If you cannot give me a single practical example of "gravity" smaller than the Earth or the Sun, then it is merely heresay, not science! Other than magnets, there are no objects they can point to to prove their supposed "gravity" that's strong enough to hold people, buildings and the oceans stuck to the underside of a spinning ball-Earth, but weak enough to allow little bugs, birds, and helium balloons to fly away with ease. If there was a magical magnetism that held our feet firm to the underside of a spinning ball, we would feel this magical force every time we lifted our leg, and the force would increase like a magnet the closer our foot was to the ground. "  Eric Dubay

Many of the Illuminati Playing Cards have come true, and it's interesting to see these cards exist in the pack too.

You can all stay with NASA, Google, Hollywood, Governments, Masons, mainstream science,  education think tanks, dogma, and Satanic Serpent Cults.......... I'm hanging back with the ancients........

........because Heliocentric-Ball-Earthers made in the random image of a monkey on a random rock flying through random space created by a big bang with some dodgy theory of gravity-magic is THE ULTIMATE CONSPIRACY THEORY, THE ULTIMATE CON ......and I, as ever, prefer to nudge myself quietly to the side of truth, even if I'm the only one.......again.

wayki wayki.

One can go deeper in Part 3 and Part 4.


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