Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Increase in Food Rigidity Preaching.

Food awareness and education is slowly transmuting into cults of rigidity preaching and something needs to be said.

I think I'm half suitable to write this as I've done scores of different fasts, in which I've spent 10 days in a row on water,  55 days in a row on just two liquid drinks a day, done some brutal and softer cleanses, and was vegan for some years.

Most of the above was for a reason -  meditation/inner work, or preparing for plant medicines, or seeking insight/downloads for a creative project, or within an alchemical / hermetic silent retreat, but what I see now are many people who simply "eat healthily" and think they are enlightened or spiritually evolved.  It's even becoming a little culty and preachy, and many are starting to hold disdain for those who may eat meat, fish, bread, or heaven forbid, the killer that is ....white rice.

A friend wisely said, "I view it as 'vicarious enlightenment'.  They somehow believe that if they eat the right foods, wear the right woven fabrics, do everything in that mawkish ethically 'correct' way then they will absorb enlightenment....without any sincere effort. They'd be better off doing nothing than doing that."

To create some perspective, look at these two types of people that exist in the world.

1)  I was once with a hermetic master/guide for 100 days, he chain smoked and gave little any attention to what he ate (unless in a silent process), but he was extremely tapped in and evolved.  He could astral travel on a whim, meditate in the void for hours, and channel in a way I've never witnessed before, or will again.

2) There are many sporty and athletic types sponsored by big corporations, and/or part of a dodgy businesses like boxing or the Olympics, and they eat super healthy.  Are these people enlightened and evolved, or are they obsessive, rigid, egoistic, obsessive, and competitive?

The final straw was this week someone on social media stating 'how bad bread is.'    Now, it's hardly crack-cocaine is it, and I've eaten wholemeal bread from the local bakery, and didn't die or become unfit, or even have trouble in the loo.   Also, much of the planet lives on less than $1 a day, so it's slightly obnoxious and tossy to look down upon anyone eating bread when one is importing packet 'organic' food from other countries at high prices.   Is it not a little obnoxious, egoistic, self righteous, and tossy to post expensive organic meals online regularly, that half the world cannot afford or ever hope to eat.

"Hi, look what we spent five hours making today, vegan cake."

"Hi, this is our only meal today, and it's the same as yesterday.   But we are all one and all is love as you above also keep posting."

Organic food in a packet that has been flown overseas - for sure a paradox....a similar paradox to High Class Hooker.


I don't really get why the "you should eat A B C" gangs are really pushing it so much?
Many people travel in cars, and there is no crusade to get them cycling or walking;  "You are toxic, buying oil, and buying cars from mega corps, sitting in metal!  You should walk - so much better for you!"
Also some people fly from England to France, but there is no gang of people shouting at them to use a pedalo across the channel?   "The air quality is so much better on the pedalo, and its better for your legs."  

One can look at the raw food communities - yes, eating raw is pretty good for you - but to have gatherings only for raw food eaters?    Is there a marmite only eaters festival?  Or a Steak on Saturdays festival?     If I was into raw food but liked roast potatoes too - how would it go down at the festival?   "Hi leader guru dude,"  "On you're knees when you approach me!"   "Err, ok, sorry..... I'm being narcissistic and gluttonous too by spending all day making a meal and talking about it as I make it,  but I'm also going to rustle up some roast spuds on the side, is that ok?"  "Get out of here you filth and don't ever come back!"

The raw food crews even have their own online communities  - this one has each member stating their favourite raw food dish, with a brief summary of themselves which they use to network/friend/date/marry/mate. wrote this shocking statement (if I see anyone is laughing or smirking you will have a profile created on the above site saying you are single).

"Myth: The raw food community loves me and cares for me.
Fact: The raw food community is largely comprised of people who want to feel normal but have self esteem issues or eating disorders. They want validation that they are in fact not “weird” and that they are making the right choice. The best way to do that is to group together with other people who also eat the same diet. The moment you stop eating raw, the vast majority of raw foodists will want nothing to do with you. Although it is humorous, the truth is that many raw foodists believe that “non raw” human’s simply smell bad and are unenlightened. "


Also, if one is cleansing "all the time" - no energy can build up.

So, if one of these food preachers spent a day in the Japanese mountains with a zen master, and at the end of the day was invited into the home, and the wife bought out some cooked fish, what would the person say?  "Err, i don't eat fish?"

So, if one of these food preachers spent time in a Nepalese mountain village, and a cow was sacrificed for a Hindu festival of gratitude, the person would say, "I don't eat meat."

Do you know how rude and disrespectful the above two examples would be?   One has to be flexible and not so rigid, to be respectful and not narcissistic.  To sacrifice oneself for the whole.   Not to create limiting walls around oneself for the sake of a label.

A few years back, I had been vegan and hadn't touched alcohol for a few years......and it was great, but I realised I was becoming a little rigid and was isolating myself I went an ate a whole chicken, and washed it down with a bottle of white song or dance, I just went and did it......and do you know what?     I felt ok in the morning, I was still the same person, meditation didn't suffer, and I didn't die.....and I learnt about flexibility and rigidity, and self imposed limits.

Stuart Wilde once said something like, "If you've been on a strict vegan diet for years, go for a big mac and wash it down with a pint of vodka - to prove to yourself that you are flexible, and then go back to being a vegan the next day."


Some of the preachy food "enlightened" people still live with their parents.
Some of the preachy food "enlightened" people still work for a boss for 30 hours a week.
Some of the preachy food "enlightened" people ingest toxic people, toxic information, and toxic TV.
Some of the preachy food "enlightened" people are not sure how they will survive financially through the next months.

If I was in one of the above groups, food would be down the list of my priorities, and that's a bold and arguable statement.....but this line backs it up:

Living in freedom and eating a bit of this and that (sometimes) is a much higher vibration than not living in freedom and eating with extreme fuss.

Is it not a little gay also?   A grown man being super finicky with food (unless in a process or healing?)  "Oh Sharon, I know it's our first date, but I just don't eat wheat, or fish, or meat, or glutton, or sugar, or dairy, no matter what, fact, we cannot be together if our food tastes are not the same, even though the chemical attraction is off the charts and our auras just want to merge."    

If these people like "food" so much (gluttony? service to self?) - then why not go and quietly grow some, and provide some for other people?  Or write a book about food?

It's actually the rigiditiy and anal-ness that will do the damage to ones health and relationships - not something that is a tiny bit bad for you.  If one is healthy one can easily get rid of some occasional toxins anyway.   But if one is too focused on cleansing for no actual reason, then surely that is fear based?    Surely something slightly toxic will then come and knock them sideways.
One has the options to live a little more middle way (well, a third across), and do a two or three day cleanse just before new moon - there are many options, and it's different for everyone.....why? Because we are all different.

"But I thought we were all one, what do you mean different?"

Keep up at the back.


So, if one of the food cult crew was with a lovely partner in a log cabin, after a perfect day with the log fire on, and out came Sharon with some fine red wine and local cheese next to the log fire - one would say no?

So, if one of the food cult crews was with a lovely partner on an exotic beach, and out came some fine white wine and fish - one would say no?

If you say no,  are you missing out on an exquisite earth experience through rigidity?   You will not die - it could be a one off, what is there to be afraid of?  It's not like taking three E's and a gram of ketamine, and washing it down with vodka.  Are people afraid of going back to their old ways completely?     Is it that many have become to identify themselves with what they eat?   Are many people now lost in self defining labels?   If so, that is far from healthy or enlightened.

"Some people are so afraid to die, that they never begin to live." Henry Van Dyke.

I had some 'friends' who wouldn't eat some family produced local Mangoes I offered them - as I couldn't prove whether their thick skins had been sprayed or not whilst they were growing - then they continued to talk about food for some hours (not sure how long, as I luckily fell asleep before hanging myself).   It is positive to eat healthy - but when it becomes a grown man's main talking point and life "thing" - it becomes kinda rigid. Similar say, to the energy signature as a gym person.

Another friend came out with this great wisdom;

"Usually the food pickiness/obsession is going with an obsession about bowel movements -- lower chakra issues, and such people are generally the worst control freaks."  ummshams


Most issues within a person are caused by negitive emotions, thoughts, and evironments, not by food (but regular toxic food can create a decent foundation for the above three).

"When you die," says the Koran, "God will call upon you to account for all the permitted pleasures you did not enjoy while on earth."

The Talmud offers a similar idea: "A person will be called upon to account, on Judgement Day, for all the permitted pleasures he might have enjoyed but did not."

Are there any such pleasures in your life?

A wise man once said to me, "don't spend longer preparing your food than eating it."

I wrote a conceptual story once based in the future, about the holistic world having a revolution, taking control, and then getting too can read it if you like..."Holistic Revolution Flip."