Thursday, 4 December 2014

Earth Hoax Part 3: NASA's Cartoon Spaceship to Pluto.

From writing the Earth Hoax Part 1 and Part 2 recently (which are prerequisites to this article), I now have some big questions about many of NASA's other images and stories, and for good reason.

So lets have a delve into something else in our solar system, something really far away, something that NASA are now playing with, Pluto.

Ok, they tell us Pluto is between 4.4 Billion km to 7.4 Billion km from the central Sun - depending on Pluto's location in its 248 year 17,096 kmh journey "around the sun".

The above distances are similar from Earth to Pluto, as what's a cool 150 million kilometres or so within billions of kilometres?

Pluto was labelled a planet for a while, but then they said they were wrong, and re-labelled it a dwarf planet.   They say its the 10th biggest 'known body' in the solar system, made of rock and ice, and is about 1/6 the size of our moon.   They also somehow know it's mass, surface gravity, density, temperature, and atmospheric pressure.   They can't tell you how they know his, but they do, they are just so clever at NASA.

Moving on, this is taken from a decent earth telescope, I have no problem with this, save for finding a large-ish 10"-12" telescope and the time it takes to figure out where Pluto is in the sky amongst a cluster of stars.  This is real and tangible.

And here is a NASA video of Pluto........heheh, made by a 9 year old in his first computer graphics class?

They say the model above is from these photos Hubble took.....from billions of kilometres away....heheh.

So lets get this straight - Hubble is in Earth's orbit so fast it does a full orbit every 97 minutes, and can take a decent photo of something billions of kilometres away, travelling at 17,000 kmh?    Are we really supposed to buy this?  

So them, who took this photo below?    (And added a little arc at the top right to create a strange surface curve that isn't constant....heheh...tilt your head to the left, it's all skewed).

But they tell us Hubble  is so much more advanced than any other telescope on earth looking out to space, because of it's WFC3, Cosmic Origins Spectrograph, Near Infrared Camera, and Multi-Object Spectrometer (NICMOS, Fine Guidance Sensors (FGS)....heheh.    My favourite is the "Cosmic Origins Spectrograph."   heheh.

They say it takes much better photos than anything else on earth as it is 353 miles nearer (above the surface of the earth).   So out of 200 million miles, 300 miles makes a massive difference for photography?   Heheh.

If Hubble really was 353 miles above the earth, it would be in space, as they tell us it is!   - So then....heheh...... how does it deal with earth flying at 60,000 mph or so around the sun?    Heheh.  That is one fast telescope to keep up with the earth, and pin point a focused zoom billions of km away, on something that is moving really fast.

NASA even have a hubble image of what Pluto's 5th moon looks like.......If this was true (as people think it is, why are there NO DECENT photos of earth from space from recent years?   "Hey hubble, your amazing, you can take photos of things that move ten times the speed of sound from a zillion miles away, so, can you turn the fuck around and take some snaps of the earth you circle every 90 odd minutes?"     heheh.

Are we really to believe the above is a photo?    Look at the clarity, err, and no stars in the background....heheh.

Below the NASA creative department went into overdrive and this is a "artist impression" of Pluto.

Don't mock, NASA are highly technical, really advanced, and this is how they tell us they beam back photos......with yellow arrows....heheh.

I really must be on the wrong planet, everyone is asleep.  This is some test or joke or something.   Everyone's going to come out from behind the sofa in  minute.

Now for the main course.

NASA have a project called New Horizons, where they sent a space ship to Pluto in 2006,  and it arrives there next year!  

They have plenty of artists impressions of the spaceship from the photoshop department.


I did actually find three "real" photos of it.  The top one has some analog controllers measurements behind it on the wall - heheh - this stuff was replaced with SCADA laptops over 15 years ago.
It all looks very studio like, and whats with the masks?   "Oh don't breath near the camera lens, as it will be able to zoom in thousands of kilometres, and also fly through all the debris and meteorites in the keipler belt....heheh.

NASA tells us here that "There may be are hundreds of thousands of icy bodies larger than 100 km (62 miles) and an estimated trillion or more comets within the Kuiper Belt. The Oort Cloud may contain more than a trillion icy bodies."

That gold tin foil is hiding the egg boxes and sellotape.

Check out the NASA creative video department....heheh.

In 2007 they tell us it flew near Jupiter and its moons, and took some nice snaps, and beamed them back....hehe.
Nobody knows what camera was used, who pressed click, who set the shutter speed, or how the photos got back a zillion miles....hehe.

Painting, photoshop, or....hehe....what everyone believes - an official NASA photo taken from space?

Where are the stars?

So in 2015 from mid Jan, unti when it is closest to Pluto in mid June we will get lots of CGI images....hehe.........beamed a zillion miles through a project that cost billions....heheh.....all for some snaps of ice and rock.....whilst a little car sized tin foil satellite dish sails through an area of meteorites......heheh....really done on photoshop in keep the mega lie going......heheh.

NASA are a joke, they make errors, but still people believe these are real satellite photos (dark side of the moon snaps in 2010).

One could look at the CGI of the Mars Curiosity Rover this month - it's really very funny.

This is supposed to be a PHOTO from Mars:

Err, notice how Mars glows orange-red through a decent 'real' telescope.

Then notice this fake NASA photo.....still glowing orange-red.

Then notice a sandy-brown Mars with a blue sky (this is official NASA photo from Mars in December 2014).

Oops....."get out of the shot, this is supposed to be Mars."

Someone is taking you for a ride!

One must really start to question all space activity!

Also note the controlled new age sites pumping out nonsense about NASA and aliens, and spiritual astronauts.

"But why would they lie?" Part 1 of 3 below can help with that answer.

President Lyndon Johnson:
"Control of space means control of the world.  There is something more important than the
ultimate weapon. And that's the ultimate position."

Outer Space as we know it is the new comedy :-)   Seriously though, all of your children are being mind controlled at school - and that kind of sucks.

They are better off at home playing lego.

One can go even deeper in Part 4.