Monday, 15 December 2014

False Flag Sydney.

The false flag world tour has comes to Sydney....days after new control laws came in.   heheh, eat it up people - like a nice little xmas chocolate.

The siege is at the Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Sydney.....on the day the unpopular PM announces the new budget. 

Sidenote: Erry in the urban dictionary means "Being one of a group or series taken collectively."

Terror drills have been done in this exact area before.

Nice 777 on the News Overlay:

Funnily enough the whole area is sectioned off, all workers have been evacuated....except for the Channel 7 media station........just opposite the Cafe!

All happening right near the area where they filmed the scenes in the matrix of "the women in red" and "how things really work."

Nothing occult to see here.

Nice capstone missing behind the zionist puppet.

Nice shot for the media, "We are going to sniper the baddies from across the road on the pavement,"  - which has been done in no hostage scene ever.

Nice play on light and dark:

As the person on the right is taller / elevated, one can clearly see the reference to Binah - Kether from the Qabalah Tree of Life.   Which is the path of the Magician. That the person in white has his hand on the rail above could also link to the myth of Kether touching the viel Ain Soph.

Look at Hyde park where the workers are being herded to as there is a complete transport and area shutdown....there's a Saturn Hexagon fountain, some Sun God Apolllo gig, some other kinds of man/beast creatures, there's  22 meter Obelisk on other side of park...and one of monument was put in place by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

One of Sky News main studio 'auto cue readers' aka a presenter, Lorna Dunkley, just happens to be there in Sydney reporting 'live' from the scene  wow what a coincidence huh!

Also it came out later in the day that the scooby doo cartoon character baddy has set fire to his ex-wife and was into black magic.

That'll teach me to plug in when going for a p at night, but at least it breaks up the Earth Hoax articles, and I got to let the cat out.  Back to sleep for me.....and the waking masses.