Monday, 23 February 2015

Earth Hoax Part 5: Flat Earth Clues.

Out of the thousands of people who've read my earth hoax blogs, still nobody has debunked them.

One soul hid behind Einstein but couldn't explain why the moon and satellites don't fall into the earth, or how the shuttle can dock with the (illusory) space station at 64,000mph, or why the earth doesn't fall into the sun (all in his strange heliocentric 'relativity' model he holds so dear.....a model pummelled into him when he was a boy at school).

I was going to write about some more insights into the flat earth conspiracy, but I found this dude already had many of them covered :-)   Quite reassuring to see I'm not alone in these thoughts and connections.  :-)

Parts three to eight you will find on youtube, and each well worth a watch.

You see, ones world view, ones view of where they are, what reality one is in - matters, it shapes much, it shapes everything.  Ask yourself where you obtained your worldview, your view of the reality where you experience.

Not enough curious spy's out there, because people would be crying if their fake world view was shattered.