Friday, 27 February 2015

IS theatre overload.

Let us get a few things straight first, IS probably doesn't even exist, it's probably all made up by MI5, Mossad, and the CIA, but a small part of me is open to the idea that these three funded and created a few thousand strong makeshift army, and then got photoshop and hollywood on the case.    Also, if NATO really wanted rid of a few thousand dudes, it wouldn't be too hard.   This is all about control, fear, mind control, prejudice, and the stock/currency markets, and oil.


Over the past week or so mainstream news has gone belly-mental in getting the masses to believe people are being lured to Syria to fight for IS.     CNN led the way with some very humorous claims.....that people actually believe.

But the symbolism is here for those with eyes to see.  Nutella is representation of Egyptian goddess NUT that gave birth to ISIS.    Cats were also worshipped in Egypt and One eye Yellow moji represents Sun God RA (or Horus).   

Symbolism?  Are you crazy?   Not to digress too much but here is katy perry standing on an unfinished pyramid with the wings of ISIS singing the words..."Are you ready for the Perfect Storm" a month before middle east ISIS was born to the world.    Nothing to see here, move along....

One story pumped into the news outlets on repeat was about 3 London school girls who have ran off to the Syrian border to fight for IS (and eat Nutella and stroke cats) .   One even took a photo of herself with a studio....just messing around in her bedroom....cough.

Cameron got on the case, telling airlines not to let some Muslims fly to Syria, and telling schools to clamp down on any Mulsim'ism.

Then the BBC did a big hitting article, written by the Institute of Strategic Dialog Think Tank.
A think tank full of western bankers, financiers, barristers, politicians, and corporate CEOs.     One should really read the profile of these people.

The article basically makes out the Internet needs to be policed, and that the west is free and just.

I personally don't know of anything more radical than the current flavour of fascist capitalism in England, but it seems in England that anyone in any other walk of life with any other views is an extremist.    The people who work for the IoSD are the extremists.....greedy power hungry ones who are paid to shape minds in think tanks.....they are succeeding.

Also the media then painted this guy to be a hero, a guy who has never been in the armed services who decided to go to Iraq to join a christian anti ISIS force as a soldier.  He apparently won't come home until IS are defeated.     Who believes this crap?  Millions it seems.


As if we hadn't had enough IS fear porn, they then came out and said Jihad-John (the fake beheader actor/asset) was a Mohammed Emwaz.  A nice quiet guy who had a degree in computer science from the University of Westminster.   This dude was known to MI5 for years, and was/is obviously an asset.  

So Poor Mohammed Emwazi. One day he’s your average ‘gentle’ young man, nose buried in his computer studies books, looking for a job and looking for love. The next he’s being harassed by the security services, and the next......errr  a)  He runs off to kill people   b) he decides to work for the intelligence agency harassing him.     I'm with 'b,'' and if you're with 'a' you're a bit dim......but 'b' is what is being pushed everywhere....relentlessly.

Don't believe MI5 ever lie in the press about their assets?   Well watch the recent movie about Alan Turing - MI5 covered this up for 50 years, and lied to the country via the press hundreds of times......"to protect the nations interests."

It's all crap, theatre, just like NASA, all images on a screen to bend minds.