Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Non-Joiners

"What are you doing up the mountain?"
"Don't you get bored?"

 I often here these comments.  It translates to "Come and join western society - it's so great."

Is it?   Looks like it's crumbling to me:

  • The Economy is going mad, with a trillion euros of funny money just injected to devalue the Euro (to fight off deflation - which the economic model cannot allow due to some strange perpetual growth engine at the heart of the toxic model).    Many are saying larger wobbles are nearing.  Someone knows something as near 40 odd young bankers have died the past few months in strange circumstances.  
  • Europe and the USA keep imposing economic sanctions on Russia in a currency war, but they tell the TV lovers it's due to Russia being bad so everyone supports it.
  • Millions of middle-class-city-hipsters have this strange mindset.

My strong advice over the coming years (and I come from a dos, w95, w98, wNT, w2000, wXP professional background) for the laptop and pc crews is to use windows 7 (I know it's support is now dead but so what) and install "classic shell" on top,,,,or you will be turned into a mutant who can only use locked down apps on a locked down box where everything else is online and owned by Apple, Microsoft, or Google.      This meme is ramping up so much there is even a Tranhumanism Political party running for the American Presidency!  Lucky the Bladerunner crew are returning huh?

Spanish artist Luis Quiles has today's Western Society nailed pretty good...

Only recently a Gestor (a Spanish type of accountant/lawyer mix) had a go at me as I don't pay tax or have a national security number - I quote, "You have to pay tax, all the rest of us do." and "What are you going to do, just sit up a mountain?"      Note she has not worked out that tax in Spain ends up with the ECB and IMF suits.

So when people ask me what I do up the mountain or whether I get bored up there.....(translating to "please join our toxic society that is dying") - I'll just refer them to this piece of wisdom from Alan Watt about the Non-Joiners.